My Amazon Camping Trip Story that will leave Goosebumps

Entering the mysterious Amazon

I have been camping since I was a child. I love nature because it makes me feel relaxed and calm. Whenever things are not working out for me, camping is something that gives some time to relax and think about what I should be doing. I have been going on camping trips with my family when I was a child. However, my father preferred to take us to safe places to assure that we can experience nature without getting into any kind of danger. However, I have been an adventurous child and on every camping trip, I did something that made my parents think that they will never take me on camping again.

As I grew older I learned about all the dangerous forest around the world but what grabbed my attention was Amazon the deadliest and most exciting forest in the world. Since then I had the desire to visit Amazon but living in a city like New York people will obviously make fun of you that you are never going to make it. No doubt it was going to be the biggest challenge of my life but I was ready for everything. I started training for the jungle 6 months ago to assure that I would be properly prepared. On the fine day of 1st August, I entered the world’s most beautiful rainforest Amazon. The mysteries inside Amazon were going to be explored now by Alison.

Fishing with the eagles

We all know the basics of camping trip like setting the tent, collection firewood and so on…. I hope you know the drill and that is why I am not going to bore you with it. After setting everything I spent the night resting because I needed my energy for the next few days that was going to spend in the jungle. No doubt I came with plenty of food items that were easy to store and lightweight but it was food for an emergency.

So, I started my manhunt because I was looking for a lake or river nearby my location. We all know nothing can taste better than a freshly caught fish, roasted on camping fire. Fortunately, there was stream 10 to 15 footsteps away from where I camped. I located it with the help movement of insects and other small animals.

Using my camping techniques and what I learned in the training sessions, I made my own fishing rod and I must tell you it was amazing. My confidence boosted when I noticed that my rod was moving and I was sure it was going to be a huge fish.

Unfortunately, there was another surprise waiting for me. As soon as I took the fish out of the water, BAM and it was gone. I was sitting there confused that what just happened. When I looked around there was a huge eagle flying away with the fish I caught. After saying a few curse words to that fish thief, I sat there again waiting for another fish because I was getting really hungry. I lost the track of time because this time it took longer for me to catch a fish and it was not as huge as the last one. However, I was not going to take any chances.

I carefully took it out of the water and onto the fire that I adjusted just near where I was sitting. I was not planning on attracting some wild beasts by roasting the fish near my camp. I must say it was simply delicious. Nature has some amazing surprises for us.

Dinner I would never like to have again

The last three days at Amazon were great. I was able to cook great meals by hunting birds, catching fish and even enjoy a little rabbit. It might sound cruel to you but when you are in the jungle the only rule that implies is SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. I was not ready to take any kind of chances. However, the fourth day turned out to be the toughest day of my life. I got a little lost and was unable to find the way back to my camp. It was too dark at night and trying to travel at night can turn out to be a risk when you are in a jungle. The reason is that one step on the tail of a snake and you are dead. So, I stayed on top of a tree. No doubt it was dangerous as well but I had to take my chances. This was not yet the worst part. The real challenge came when I was supposed to have dinner. There was nothing I could eat and the only option available on the tree were some small insects and worms that are not dangerous. It was pure protein and that is what I told myself before swallowing a few worms to calm my hunger pangs down. The slimy texture was ridiculous and do not even get me started on the taste. It was the worst dinner that I ever had in my life and hope I would never have to do such kind of a dinner again.

Hot days that makes it hard to survive

The worst part of surviving in the jungle is the hot days. When I woke up from that uncomfortable tree, it took me at least 2 to 3 hours to find my way back to where I camped. I was glad to see that everything was in perfect condition. However, the temperature was rising and despite being in the rainforest it felt like I was in an over. The worst part was humidity. I cannot take off my clothes because they were protecting me from all the dangerous but the sweat and heat were killing me. The good news is that the warmth did not last long because it was replaced by rain.

Rain a blessing that turned into a nightmare

Rain in the rainforest is the most beautiful scene that you can ever experience in your life. it is marvelous because all the trees are washed by the cold water and do not forget the flowers that are refreshed again. This was my imagination of rain in the Amazon. No doubt I was able to enjoy the rain in beginning but soon it turned into my worst nightmare. You might have been wondering that how it can be possible. LET ME EXPLAIN. After the rainfall, the sun was about to set and all the insects were coming out of their holes and homes because the rainwater was in there. The floor of the rainforest felt like there were less soil and more insects. Despite wearing long boots, it felt like they were under the sole of my feet, it was irritating. The buzzing sound of insects was killing me. Once again it was hard for me to sleep on the floor because despite being in love with camping I have a phobia of insects as well. I spent most of the night wide awake because it was dangerous to sleep and I was not ready to share my bed with some creepy crawlies.

Met a ghost that I wished to be a ghost

The next morning was amazing because the slightly cool breeze and warming sun made the insects go away and everything was looking fresh and beautiful. I packed on my things and thought about changing the spot because it was better for me. So, I got deep into the jungle looking for a safe place. I consider myself lucky because I found a perfectly flat ground enough for my camp. I quickly adjusted the camp, set some firewood and was on my way to explore the surroundings. It was simply amazing because the area was beautiful and there were many flowers around the region. I knew most of them would be poisonous, so I did not touch them. At night I was in my sleeping bag planning to have a decent sleep after almost 3 night but the odds were against me.

I made the worst mistake of not putting the fire off and the moment I remembered I saw a huge shadow on the wall of my tent. I was afraid because you might find it funny but I believed in ghosts. I was scared that they have come to get me but I wished that they would have been a ghost. I was not ready to get out of my tent, stayed inside holding my breath and praying that the ghosts will go away without noticing me. That was the point when I happened. I loud roaring noise came and at that point, it felt like it was going to be my last day. It was not a ghost but a huge JAGUAR walking around my tent probably looking for me. At that point, I wished that I could have never thought of coming into Amazon and the dreams I still have to fulfill. It roared again and made it difficult for me to control my screams. It was night and dark I was sure there is nothing else this animal could find to eat except me. The worst part is that there was nothing I could do to protect myself because if a shot him, there will be more coming for me. So, I stayed put and waited. After about an hour the beast went away without doing anything. I took a breath of relief but it was too late for me to sleep now.

Spiders, ants, centipedes and more….

When you are in the jungle the last thing you would like to see is spiders or centipedes crawling on your body. Unfortunately, this is what happened to me when I tried to take a nap in the middle of the forest because it was getting hard for me to even walk with so much sleep in my eyes. When woke up there was a huge spider on my stomach and it felt like the spider was staring back at me with all its eyes. Thank god I had a knife in my pocket. I used it to get rid of the spider. I assured that I would not hurt t, so it will not come back for me. After my encounter with the spider, I was starting to feel a little homesick.

Guitar, star, fire, and marshmallows

However, I was determined to stay a few more and that is when I experienced one of the best nights of my life. I was not planning on eating the jungle food again so I garbed my bag of marshmallows and started roasted them on the fire. After a few seconds, I got my favorite guitar out of my bag and started playing it. There were stars on the sky and cool breeze blowing. I played for a long time because it was relaxing my nerves and made me remember that why I love to camp. It was the time when I forget about all the bad things that happened to me in the last few days and I was glad that I was alive and enjoying this beautiful night under the stars although sky was hard to see because of huge tree when it comes to your imaginations, you can imagine anything you like.

Swimming that ended with a shocking surprise

My last few days in the Amazon were full of adventure. I discovered many amazing species of plants and animals. It was like I am in a new world with things that I have only seen in movies or read about in blogs. There were many dangerous animals and especially snakes. I tried to avoid all of them as much as possible to assure that I will not get into any kind of trouble. But when you are in a jungle especially Amazon, you cannot expect anything and that is what happened. I was planning on having a swim in the fresh river water. No one can ignore the fresh clear water when you have had no proper baths in a long time. so, I stripped out of my clothes and I was about to step into the water when a felt a slight shock under my feet. At first, I got surprised but after that, I knew this is going to be an eel, so I got away from water as fast as I could knowing that it can become the cause of my death. The sad news is, I was unable to swim in the cool river water.

Home Sickness and Goodbye Amazon

After 3 weeks of being on Amazon, I was homesick. It was hard for you to spend even another day in the jungle, so I started to find my way outside of it. It would be more than a day to reach the locals who have been living near Amazon for a long time. They were very nice and hospitable. After a few hours, I came back to my home. The first thing I did was taking a long shower and sleeping on my bed.

No doubt there were many hardships but it was the best adventure of my life. It was the trip I could never forget. If you ever have a desire make sure to visit Amazon. However, do not go without preparation because it can be dangerous.

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