Things to do Before you go Camping

·     Camping on 254m Chimney, way up high, scary and fun

    Analyze your gear: Although you have bought a new camping gear, but it is better to check it properly before your departure towards the camping site. If you find any fault, then replace the unwanted equipment with a new one and enjoy your tour.

·         Tent pitching practice: You should try to pitch your tent at local area or home to get a better experience. It will go much faster if you are practiced.

·         Read the rules properly: Before planning the camping tour, you should read the rule and regulations related to the specific type of camping. It will keep you safe and secure.

·         Make a complete list of accessories: Mostly people forget to pack the important things which they need in case of emergency. So, it is better to make a list first and check off all the essential stuff before packing your bag. Do not forget anything from a simple tin opener to a camp pole.



Shelter pillows and blankets: You can find several sleeping bags from the market with all the sleeping accessories but to reduce the camping gear, you should take only essential items with you i.e. pillows, blankets, sheets, quilts and comforters.

Food planning: To survive in the harsh weather during a survival camping, it is necessary to plan your whole meal. You should have a camp stove to cook the food for your survival.

Predict about the weather condition: Just before planning the tour, check the weather conditions at the site of camping. Collect your accessories according to the wet or cold weather and decide a best place for your tent.



Tips for Trailering:

Most of the campers choose travel trailer over a motor coach. Travel trailers help you to explore your destination with convenience and flexibility. The basic things which you should know about a trailer are:

·         Select a small Trailer: If you are planning a short camping tour then the small trailer is best for you. Avoid to use any type of large pick-up truck which can create several problems in your traveling. You can select a best trailer by calculating the weight of the vehicle with the trailer weight. By measuring the weight of everything from passengers to equipments, you will be able to calculate gross vehicle weight ratio.

·         Location of the cargo weight: To maintain a proper balance, you have to put everything carefully. It is recommended to put major part of the cargo weight in the front portion when you are using a small camper. You can place 40% weight in the backside while 60% weight is ideal to place in the front side.

·         Pack less things: Your trailer is lightweight and small so try to reduce your gear to enjoy a perfect camping. You should pack the essential items first and limit the clothes to low level. Try to locate the places where you can find water and food while traveling. If you try to stock up large amount of food then it will reduce the space in your trailer. Bring only those items which can be handled easily.

·         Predict before you go for camping: Just before moving out, you should accurately know about the sudden turns and stops. Before setting out for camping, you should feel confident about your selected route. Use google maps on your android to get relevant information. Encircle the right turn, road and overpasses to remain worried free.

·         Use safety ropes and chains: To properly pack your luggage on the trailer, utilize the safety chains. Try to use them in cross manner for the proper stability of the luggage. These ropes and chains will save you from any unnecessary loss during camping.

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