8 Cool Things to Know about RVs

If you are an explorer and have a strong love for adventures, then try living in a recreational vehicle. They are also known as a camper, RV, or trailer because it can take you to different places while having all the necessities of life.


8.      Every day is a new day:

While living in RVs, you will witness that every morning you will feel something new. You can acquire a new place or travel to some other part of the area. It can also make you think that you are lost, or you have no idea where you are. With an RV you can plan to visit new places and enjoy the adventures of living in various conditions.


7.      RV parks are fun:

There are many privately or publicly owned parks, campgrounds or resorts, in which RVs are parked for a fee. These parks or resorts provide various activities for the RV travelers, and they find pleasure and fun in these campgrounds. Private parks have activities like swimming pools, snack bars, game rooms and playgrounds, whereas public parks are simple but located in beautiful landscapes. These public playgrounds let the travelers have fun in hiking, fishing, water rafting and many other activities. The resorts are full of luxuries and have spas, restaurants, tennis courts, etc.


6.      Some RVs have large laundries:

A cool and fun thing about RVs is that it can have large laundries just like your laundry stores. Though some are equipped with a normally sized laundry with a mini washer and dryer, having industrial sized dryers and washers provide you with the advantage of getting your clothes washed in just minutes.


5      RV manufacturers:

There are some RV manufacturers, and RVs are available under the name of many famous brands. Earth roamer, Mercedes Benz Zetros, Volkner Mobil, Kinsley coach, Motorhome Futuria to name a few. These RVs are extravagantly luxurious and beautiful. You will love their outer structures as well as their interiors. They are designed to provide comfort to the user while allowing them to travel to various places and living a comfortable life.


4.      Compact space and lesser things:

The cool thing about RVs is that it allows you to start living in a small space with much fewer things that you required in your house. You will come to know that with only a few necessities you can easily live your life. RVs are compact do you only have to take the things that are extreme basics. Having an RV will make you realize that you don’t need 75 % percent of the things that you had in your house.


3.      RV industry:

If you think that RVs are not that famous, then you are mistaken. The industry is booming, and more people are buying it than ever. There are more than 9 million RVs on the road according to 2013 research. RV industry has an economic impact of $50 billion. RV shipments reached high records in 2017 with 500,000 units.


2.      RVs are expensive:

Though traveling by an RV can save from 20 to 60 percent of the cost of vacations, but owning and maintaining an RV can have a burden on your pocket. Either you buy an inexpensive coach or brand new one, once you buy it, you will be then provided with licensing charges, maintenance, upkeep and repair expenses. Since RV is a luxury item, owning and maintaining an RV cannot be cheap.


1.      Beautiful interior:

The RVs have stunning interiors that give you a relaxed feel. Some expensive RVs are also equipped with modern fittings of bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. Living in an RV can provide you with a sensation of living in a hotel room. You can also decorate and recreate your van’s interior just like your home.


They are a vehicle in which you can easily live your life, and it incorporates kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. They are widely used for camping and recreational activities. They provide a temporary living while making you travel wherever you want. Even though it seems to be fun having an RV and planning joyful journeys, there are some facts you should know before making any judgments.

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