Camping with a Generator at Cape Le Grand Park

It’s been three amazing years since Chloe, and I got married. Over the years, we have had little time to ourselves, considering the over-demanding jobs we both have. It was the week of our anniversary and Chloe, and I knew it was about time we took a break from the society and absorbed some more of each other and nature. Chloe suggested we go camping at Cape Le Grand National Park since it was nearby. I immediately jumped at the offer because camping is without a doubt a great way to relieve stress and improve bonding between couples like us. Besides, the sights in the park is nothing but unbelievable― a lot of camping activities I was looking forward to.

I made arrangement for a camping tent and other kits that I thought necessary for our time in Cape Le Grand campground. At that period, I didn’t see a generator as an essential camping kit, since all it causes is more noise than you can handle. As a result, a it was off our list of needs.

Early that Tuesday, we set up our tent a few meters from a lovely couple all the way from Eastern Australia. They had been on the campground almost a week before us, and they were very happy to make a list of places we needed to see. The couple had promised Chloe and I an amazing time of our lives. So we spent the rest of the day making our tent space as comfortable as we could and preparing for an adventurous Friday. We later learned that it was their fifth time camping out in Cape Le Grand National Park.

Our first stop was the Lucky Bay Beach, recommended by our new friends. They swore the beach had the whitest sand in the whole of Australia, with a beautiful turquoise ocean to behold. Certainly, they understated the beauty of the beach. It would even so be modest to say the sight took my breath away. On our way back, we saw some beautiful wild blue china orchids that made Chloe slow down. She wanted to take more pictures, and maybe I did too.

As expected, our first day was exciting. We walked back to our tent hoping we would have some rest for the next day. Chloe wanted us to lay back watching the stars; a tradition we engaged in before we got married and got busy. So I had some sheets arranged in an open area close to our tent. The moment was beautiful until we heard a much-dreaded sound. One of our camping neighbors, a group of hikers, had an upsetting generator that was as loud as Jupiter’s thunder. We tried to ignore it for a while, but it was impossible. Alas, the same noisy city sounds we decided to get away from had caught up with us in the quiet bosom of nature.

I walked down to their tent hoping they would be considerate enough to turn off the generator at an earlier time, but they weren’t as welcoming as I expected they would be. We went to sleep with headphones over our ears hoping it will stifle the unbearable noise. The following night, the same thing happened, and I was forced to find a new camping site. That was the only way we could enjoy the rest of our camping peacefully.

Later in Cape Le Grand National Park, I found out there were portable, quiet generators made for camping. Maybe our experience with the hikers who used a noisy generator reinforced my dislike for generators, but seeing a noiseless generator light up a campsite made me fall in love with the idea of generators while camping ― only silent generators.

Having a power source makes camping more comfortable, especially if you intend staying much longer than a weekend. You could work a coffee machine, pop a stew in a slow cooker, keep important devices charged like your camera, and even scare off bugs with your electric bug zapper. Anything you can dream of doing indoors, silent generators can recreate outdoors, rather than exhausting your car battery to keep up.

After an interesting week in Cape Le Grand National Park, I was sure going to get a generator when next we go camping ― which is a month from now. Yes, we decided it wouldn’t hurt to go camping during our regular free time.

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