17 Best Places to go Camping in California


Lake Tahoe Basin

This site is run both by the California State Park and the US Forest Service. It sits in-between the beach in the east, wilderness in the west and features about 20 campgrounds. The Lake Tahoe Basin on the north shore is one of the best places for fishing and hiking while the south shore is an excellent place for families and RV’s. If you want to explore the beaches, then the east shore is where you should be. The west shore of Lake Tahoe basin is featured by historic sites which could be explored while biking or hiking the trails.


The Buckhorn Campground

About an hour’s drive in the direction northeast from La Canada Flintridge in the National Forest of Angeles is found Buckhorn Campground. This place is a natural home of bears. The site is so beautiful especially when you go as high as 6,300 feet. Reservations are not made here. This is what is offered there, a vault of toilets, water, fire ring, and a bear locker. Nobody knows, they could be lurking around anytime. But the campground is very pet-friendly. So take your pets along. But watch out. Lol. It is a correct campground for a wild and exciting adventur.


Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead formerly known as the Little Bear Lake which sits about five thousand feet above sea level and situated in the middle of San Bernardino Mountains. This place has an Alpine charm. It houses a couple of campgrounds in the area like the Dogwood Campground which has ninety-eight wooded sites, bathrooms remodeled in 2004, an amphitheater for some entertainment and the Arrowhead village is just five minutes’ drive from there. There is also the Northshore Campground which is quite small with about 23 campsites offering the traditional water, fire rings, picnic tables and restrooms offered by many campgrounds. You can only visit these sites in May through October. If you are an adventurer, your place is well reserved there. They offer primitive camping. This place has rules that must be strictly followed like where to pitch your tent regarding water proximity, trailheads, other campgrounds, and private property. It is essential to check them out first before you pitch your tent.


Sequoia national forest

The southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California host the Sequoia National Forest, covering about 1.2 million acres of land. It is the number one place in the world you will find a great concentration of sequoia groves, about two hundred thousand acres of land. The camping site offers about eight hundred and fifty miles of trails and over two thousand five hundred miles of open roadways.


Yosemite National Park

There are about thirteen nationally operated campgrounds here for horse camping, tents, groups and RV’s. The Yosemite Nation Park is the most popular and famous Parks in California and one of the best places to camp in California. It is situated in the central east of the state of California with lots of ponds, streams, waterfalls, hiking trails, Sequoia and the wild. Approximately three and a half million people visit this place every year. A great place to have some plenty of fun.


Crystals Cove State Park

If you want real challenging camping, then the Crystal Cove State Park is waiting for you. The place is a stunning seaside and preserved in the Laguna Beach. To find hike-in primitive campsites, visitors are encouraged to climb the canyon trails where picnic tables and pit toilets are offered. It is about 3 miles hike that takes you away from the city and all that it has to offer, luxury and stress to the peace of nature. What do they offer here?

They have fifty-eight sites for families and pets as well, thirty for tents and twenty-eight for RV’s. They have restrooms, picnic tables a few yards from the beach. If you love outdoor fire, then you will be disappointed because it is not allowed. You can use camp gas stoves instead to cook. No consumption of alcohol but the place has a couple of restaurants not far and the full bar Beachcomber Café.


Calico Camp

If you love pictures of you looking weird, then go here. This camp is called the Calico Ghost Town and is highly and is one of the best places to camp in California not because of the amenities they offer there but because of what the place has to offer. This place was once bought by Walter Knott in the 1950s to build small structures for families traveling through the desert. It has a somewhat mystery museum, ghost tours, mine tours, and railroad with about 265 campsites with tents and RV sites. They do not offer much in the campground, but they have restrooms, fire rings, hot showers, and grills.


Sunset Campground

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Hearst San Simeon State Park

Collins Lake

North Pines Campground

Mendocino Grove

Cold Springs Campground

Palomar Mountain State Park

Pineknot Camp ground

Whiskey Falls

Twin Lakes Campground

China Camp State Park

Now you know the best places to run to away from civilization. Go adventure and have fun! Camping can be exciting but need vigorous and meticulous planning. But the experience after that is gratifying and full of fun. Pitching a tent, building a fire, very interesting and spending a night outside. Areas that will erase stress and make you one with the uncivilized world.

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