Camping Trip Lost in the Woods and Hungry


Being an adventure lover can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Going on different type of hiking trials has been my dream for a long time.

I love to go on different difficult trips only to explore the place and find out some hidden truths. Another thing that I love to do is I like to learn how to use different weapons, and most of them are traditional. Last summer I went for the archery training, and most of my friends told me that I have been wasting my time and money on the tools that will not be beneficial for me in the long run. Do you think I believe them, I do not? The only thing I know is that I would do everything that I love. Despite being taunted by my family and friends I learned to become an archer and did not know that it would be beneficial for me.


The most awaited camping trip

I like to go on camping and hiking trips even if a get vacations for only a week. I am an adventure lover, and I do not get tired with all the walking and long trips. I enjoy the thrill of adrenaline in my body because it helps me to stay strong and helps me face all the other challenges in life. I love my camping trips but this time friends of mine told me that they would surprise me with a camping trip. I was in shock because they have never done something like this before.

They know I have been planning the trips and how well-organized I keep all the information to assure that nothing would go wrong and I would be able to manage everything properly. However, they forced me that they are going to surprise me with a trip and place that I have never thought about. I was scared in the beginning because I knew that they have never done something like this.

However, I trusted them because I knew that they have been on several camping trips with me and they know how to manage everything properly. This is the most awaited trip, and on the first day of the summer vacation, they asked me to start packing because soon we will be leaving for the jungle that I have never been to before.


Lost in the woods with no directions

You would be surprised to know what they did to me. To assure that I would not find out what they have been doing, they blindfolded me. I was surprised because I did not even know for how long we drove. They did not let me see anything and assured that I would not even get a peak. They knew that a single peak and I would find out that where were we going. No doubt that planned everything perfectly.

I do not know after how long we stopped and they told me that we had reached the spot. I had to walk with the blindfold on my eyes. I told them that it feels like they are kidnapping me and not taking me on a camping trip. I order to assure that nothing would go wrong I followed the steps and promised that I would not peak. Once we reached the camping site in was amazed at what they have done. Everything was arranged perfectly. From the tents to the cooking zone it was just perfect.

I was so mesmerized by the looks and everything about the area that I forget to ask them about the location and hiking site where we are. We grilled some fish for dinner and spent the night near the fire talking and having fun just like some old buddies. The next morning when we woke up, I could hear an animal communing towards out camping site. I took my bow and arrows out of my bag and went outside. You would not believe that my friends made the biggest mistake. They left the uncooked fish outside, and the animals approaching us was none other than a huge bear.

Two huge bears were coming towards our camping site at fast speed. None of my friends had a gun to shot them and protect ourselves. They were so near that I did not get the time to arrange the bows and arrow. We started running because that was the only solution we had.

Hunger Games begins

One of the bears was ready to eat the fish, and another one was chasing one of us. We do not know which one of us he was chasing, and so we ran. The worst mistake that I made is that I ran in the opposite direction from my friends and climbed a tree. I did not know where I was and there were no directions available that could help me to go back to the campsite again. It was like I was in the middle of the jungle without any tool to help me out. The only thing I had was a few arrows and my bow. This was the time when I cursed every one of my friends because they could have told me about the place, so I can get the information I need to walk around and get out of the jungle on time.

The spent the rest of the day on the tree because it seems like the bears were not going to leave me their alone. I did not know when I fall asleep because when I woke up the sun was setting down and there were no animals in the fight. I was scared for the first time on my camping trip because there was nothing that I would use to help me with the process.

The sun was setting, and in the dark, it was hard for me to locate my way back to the campsite. I had left everything in the tent including my phone. So I planned to stay on top of the tree, to avoid any attacks.


It might be the last day of my life

I think the fate was not on my side because at night it started to rain. All my footprints or those of bears who could help me to reach near the campsite were gone. I had nothing on me that could help me to find my way back, not even a compass. The worst part is that I was clueless because there was nothing I knew about this place. Only the name of the jungle might have helped me find my way out, but I think I was on my own now. It was the time that I promised myself, if I can get out of the jungle safely I would never trust my friends again.

I started to walk, and the heat in the area increased. The mixture of rain and sun caused humidity in the jungle that made it hard to breathe. I had no resources for food or water. I was thirsty and starving. The first thing I wanted was water, and I seemed like there is going to be no stream anywhere near. It felt like this is going to be the last day of my life because I was on the verge of falling apart.


Making a bow to get some food

During the afternoon I saw a light of hope. I saw two deer running, and I followed in their footsteps because I knew they could lead me towards the water. I was surprised because after a few steps I came across a huge stream. However, once again I had to be careful to assure that there will be no eels or crocodiles in the stream because that means death. I checked the deer and waited until they would be out of water safe and sound. I check the water again by throwing some stones for the assurance that there are no alligators or crocodiles and even snakes in there. After that, I started to drink water with care to avoid any insects because they could be dangerous. However, I saw a few fishes and wanted to eat them. The lack of equipment was the reason that I was unable to catch any fish.

However, without food, I could not proceed, and I cannot trust the plants because they might be poisonous and I had no information about them. So, I waited beside the stream knowing that animals will come by. I hid behind a bush with my bow and arrow ready to assure that I could hunt animals. You will be surprised to know that a few rabbits can after some time to drink water. It was my lucky shot. But I know that rabbits have strong hearing sense, and a single mistake will make them run away. I carefully aimed at one of the rabbits and you would not believe that I caught two of them.

However, I did not know that another predator was waiting for the rabbits. I was lucky that I collected both the rabbits. I set them aside near the lake so that I can set the fire. I only went near the trees to get some wood and an eagle flow away with the bigger rabbit. I was shocked that how I could make such a mistake. I immediately took the other one with me to assure that I could eat it.


My first hunt and use of archery skills

I was surprised that how I used my archery skills to complete my first hunt. That was the moment when I felt proud that all the training that I have got in the last few months paid off. As well as I was able to survive only because of the archery skills that I had otherwise, it would have been hard for me to catch prey without the right tools.

I knew how to ignite a fire. Using the sharp edge of the arrow, I removed the skin from the rabbit, and it was a tough job. I used the same arrow to grill the rabbit over the heat. Unfortunately, I got the small portion that was not enough to fulfill my needs, but it game be enough energy to go out and find out more animals to prey. An important thing that I did was that I left marks to assure that I would not get lost into the wood and I an come back to my source of water. No doubt it was hard in the beginning, but I knew that once I will eat enough food and find something to fill it water, I can start looking for my way out.


I heard someone calling my name

I succeed in hunting a few more animals that included a few birds, some rabbits, and some other small animals, and I was sure that the dinner would be wholesome. I came back to my site and started the fire once again to assure that I can cook my food, I was able to grill the meat properly. No doubt there was no seasoning, but I had food, and that was all I needed at that time. I ate as much as I could and properly saved the rest for the morning because I did not know how long I would have to walk to get out of the jungle. I had a good night sleep because the jungle was calm. In the morning I packaged my leftover food in the left and kept it in my bag of arrows to secure it. As well as I tried to drink as much water as I can and secured some of it in the poorly made bottle of wood. I assure that the water would not leak so I can use it until I find another source of water.

I do not know for how long I have been walking when I found another source of water. I was glad because it was the sign I will soon find some human clan near the jungle. I was enjoying my food when I heard someone calling my name. I was shocked because it could be déjà vu. I hid in the bushes to find out who was calling my name because they were coming towards the stream. You would not believe who it was.



I saw my father with a team of jungle scouts looking for me. I came out of the bushes and ran to my father. He was happy and surprised that how I have been able to survive in the deepest part of the jungle. I told them everything that happened and how I used my archery skills for the survival. The scouts appreciated my skills. My father told me that I got lost after the bear attack and my friends kept looking for me for at least three days. When they could not find me, they called home, and that is how it all happened. I am sure once I find out the name of this jungle I will come back.

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