My RV Trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada

The dust seemed to flare up obscuring the windshield of the RV as Dad’s foot banged down on the accelerator, the mini-house like bus lunged forward with a sudden surge of speed that had seemed latent all the while, and we all heaved a sigh of relief.

It was our very first camping trip into the confines of Nevada, and we were precisely headed for Fallows End which was just west of Lake Tahoe, Dad winked at me; as he steered the car, I was seated at the passenger’s side just beside him watching the empty expanse of arid lands and cactus plants that we just zoomed past.

Gareth, why don’t you join your sister? I bet she’d need some help in the trailer with your mother” Dad suggested still keeping his eyes on the road, but of course he knew I wasn’t going to go along with that idea, I loathed having to be stuck with my eleven-year-old sister; Marcy.

I’ll take a rain check Dad, besides I’m enjoying the view anyway” I replied not taking my eyes off the road as we sped past a signpost which indicated: MILE 45 –FALLOWS END TO LAKE TAHOE.

Your choice big man” Dad said dropping me a wink, “But you really should get some rest, Fallows is still miles away, and you’ll be needing some food in that belly of yours.”

Okay sir” I grunted, I could hear Marcy and mum back in the trailer’s kitchen preparing pancakes, sandwiches, and orange shakes, I glumly shook my head and approached the kitchen slowly.

The decision to embark on the trip to Nevada had only been decided upon after school had closed for summer and Dad had finally gotten his first leave from work in Las Vegas, actually we had moved from Southern California to Las in the fall of June last year and Dad had worked really hard – and so had we too; getting into new schools, new neighbourhood and making new friends. We could hardly complain, Dad’s job required us actually to move around a lot, we basically had no choice or say in the matter, but Marcy had wailed a lot the last time because she had to leave her friends, I; on the other hand, was not too worried I was never really the friendly type.

So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when he announced to us – myself and Marcy that we would be going on camping at Fallows End in the heart of Nevada, I felt it was just some sort of compensation for abruptly moving us down to Las Vegas, he and Mum had been at loggerheads over the issue but they tried as much as possible to hide it from us.

Marcy was most especially excited by the trip as we packed our backpacks and loaded up the RV which Dad had rented for the journey with most of the camping equipment that he had purchased, the RV itself was quite large; painted blue on the outside with stripes of white mixed in, the main car could accommodate at least three passengers but the attached trailer was like a mini-apartment; there was a kitchen, toilet, and two rooms which Dad allocated to myself and Marcy, and trust me – she picked out the largest space, while Dad and Mum had the other room.

I loaded up my backpack with supplies, including my collection of comic books and my PlayStation Portable; I wasn’t buying the whole idea of a camping trip, so I didn’t want to end up bored.

Marcy, on the other hand, loaded up her backpack with her stupid fashion magazines, she had all of a sudden developed a penchant for sewing and fashion during summer, not my problem though; but Mum encouraged her.

I strode down slowly to the trailer’s kitchen to find Mum bending over and looking into the mini-oven which seemed to be quite hot, and I could make out Marcy sitting propped up on a sleeping bag, her eyes fixated on some fashion magazine.

Mum glanced up at me, “Hey Gareth, hungry already?” she asked still probing into the oven; the smell of pancakes wafted out and filled the air.

Not mum” I replied heading towards my backpack which sat at the end of the proceeded to pull out my PSP.

I bet he ate a cactus out there with Dad,” Marcy said sarcastically, I turned and glared at her angrily, but she only stuck out her tongue at me.

Stop teasing your brother Marcy, and Gareth you have to eat something, you seem so skinny these days,” Mum said dropping off the pancakes into a plastic plate.

I nodded my head slowly. She was always commenting on how emaciated and skinny I was getting but always forgetting to know that I had always been that way.

Mum, how long till we get to Shallows End?” Marcy whined.

Fallows End…” I corrected, she only ignored me.

In a little, while honey, now; come to help me with the orange shake” Mum answered.

I just whirled around and headed back to the driver’s section of the RV, Dad didn’t seem a bit weary from all the driving, and I honestly wished I was eighteen already so I could help him or relieve him.

Dad…?” I called from behind him.

Garry, still up…? We’re still miles away but I guess we’ll soon be in MILE 40 so we can stop there for tonight” Dad replied.

Okay, but how’s Fallows End like? I’m just a bit curious” I said taking my place beside him once more.

Beautiful, your mother and I once camped about two years before she had you, nice forest reserve, beautiful lake and lots of game, would you like me to take you for game hunting sometime?” Dad asked.

My heart fluttered with excitement at the thought of that, “Most certainly Dad!” I gasped out, and he only smiled at me as we cruised through the dusty road of Nevada.

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