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The 5 Best Places to Camp near Dallas, Texas.

If you’re looking for the best places to camp in Dallas, Texas then search no further:


1. Cedar Hill State Park

This state park, ten miles southwest of Dallas, is a camping hotspot for the nearby residents, with a preference for the outdoors and a passion for fishing. The Cedar Hill state park is located on the shore of Joe Pool Lake in Cedar Hill, with two popular camping grounds on the site. The Cedar Hill State Park is managed entirely by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, who vigilantly keep the area in top shape for its visitors and are always available to help you with anything you might need.

The park not only attracts campers but is host to a wide array of guests, from fishing fanatics to boating enthusiasts and even some casual picnickers, there’s something to do for everyone here. So come on over with your wife and kids for a laid-back evening, or plan a getaway with your friends. You can even have a BBQ for a family reunion and enjoy the great outdoors all by yourself.


2. Ascend Camping and Retreat Centre

In 1937 the Ascend group was founded by Christian leaders, to establish a Christian Youth Camp. Eighty-one years later, the youth camp has grown into a popular camping site for people of all ages, for a variety of attractions. The campsite is also situated on the shore of Lake Joe Pool but is managed by the Ascend recreations company, a private company.

Formerly known as Camp El Har (Camp of God), the site is comfortably stowed away within 50 acres of wooded Hills, in Southwest Dallas. This beautiful camping site, promises a plethora of engaging activities and a relaxing time to help rejuvenate its visitors.

The campsite is often seen hosting corporate and community events and prides itself on furthering educational causes by hosting learning events for the younger visitors. The campground also hosts faith groups and organizes events that focus on team building, cooperation, Learning new skills and getting in some much-needed exercise in the form of competitive sports and fun games.


3. The Vineyards Campground and Cabins

Although not in Dallas, it is a mere half an hour drive from the city. When discussing the best places to camp in Dallas, Texas, one cannot omit this nationally acclaimed campsite that resembles a resort and promises relaxation and leisure. Best known for its lakefront skyline and peaceful ambiance, the campground is nestled on the shore of Grapevine Lake.

The campsite offers all sorts of fun activities from camping grounds to an RV park, kayaking and bicycling, a beach to swim in or to sunbathe on, various sports courts and fields and even free Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee. This campground promises family fun, and accordingly one can see its primary visitors include families who have come for a retreat from the chaotic urban life, here to unwind and for a fresh start.


4. Bonham State Park

If you’re still looking for the best places to camp in Dallas, Texas, consider the Bonham State Park, which is just under two hours to the North of Dallas. One of the more physically active camps, Bonham State camp, offers activities like canoeing, various hiking trails or mountain biking. Younger patrons can enjoy swimming at the beach of the lake, or a ranger supervised expedition into the wilderness. Be sure to pre-book your spot before you plan to visit as this cozy little campsite has limited available spaces to avoid overcrowding and ensure a better experience for their visitors.


5. Meadowmere Park

Another gem in Grapevine, Texas, Meadowmere is a beautiful park, home to about 50 lakeside campsites on the southwestern shore of Lake Grapevine. One of the more exciting campgrounds near Dallas, the park offers wondrous facilities like a bathhouse, picnic tables with accompanying fire rings for that late evening campfire, to roast marshmallows for your smores. Mostly set in an open space, the park has excellent facilities like kayaking and a beautiful swimming site, along with a vast open area for exploring and hiking. So don’t think any longer and pack up your stuff and call up your friends and family and head on over to Meadowmere Park for a fun barbeque trip and camping getaway.

Now you’re a hard-working Samaritan in Dallas, looking for a getaway for a weekend, and you don’t want to break the bank. The great idea is to pack your bags up and head out for a soothing camping trip, to unwind and get refreshed. This idea for recreation is a great way to reconnect with nature, and it helps soak up vitamin D with all the time spent in the sun and is a great way to work in some exercise on your vacation. Camping also helps improve your sleeping schedule and improves your problem-solving skills.

In the 21st century, one can be overwhelmed by the digitized world, with its artifice. Taking a break from the urban life is definitely warranted, but going out to dinner or to the movies is just more of the same, however there’s nothing better than a nice vacation to the mountains or a tropical beach, that’s not always an affordable option and takes a certain amount of time to plan out and execute.

If that’s not enough, camping can expose you to numerous natural sites that enrich one’s love for the environment. Whether its natural parks or lakeside shores, if a complete camping guide for the average Dallas city dweller is what you need, or

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