Camping Trip Quality Time with Family and Nature

This time, I promised that I would take them camping. It was a private resort, sophisticated in look and a place where one can have a lot of fun. The establishment gives people the chance to either choose camping or rent a building.

To enjoy nature and have a wonderful time, I chose camping, and the location of the space given to us was very close to the lake where we could swim, make barbecues and generally have a nice time.

I made all the arrangements for the camping trip. I purchased tents, poles, stakes, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, chairs, flashlights, lanterns and so on. My dad took me on camping trips when I was a kid, and he taught me many of the things I knew. I was prepared to teach my son and daughter too.

Having quality time with your family is a very great idea, especially if you are the type of person whose work takes him or her away for a very long time. Whenever you return, it is advisable to find every opportunity to spend more time with your family. It will not only do you a world of good but also your family.

As the general supervisor of the branches of our company worldwide, I was always traveling all around the world to check out how things are moving in our other branches. As a result of that, I am often away from home for weeks, sometimes, a whole month.

However, whenever I have free time, which is usually a week, I make sure I do things with them that will make them keep me in mind until I return. I would take them to many places to have fun and enjoy themselves.


I got three tents, one for me and my wife; one for my son and the last for my daughter. None of them, not even my wife, knew where we were going. All I told them was that we were going camping.

Since I planned for us to spend the weekend there, I also purchased food for three days. I also purchased a stove, fuel for the stove, lighter, pots and pans. I also bought lots of non-alcoholic drinks, first-aid kit, and every other thing needed for camping.

A day before we went camping, my wife came to meet me. “Baby, we are going camping tomorrow, and we still haven’t packed everything we need,” she said.

Darling,” I said as I held her waist. “I told you, don’t worry about it. Everything has been taken care of.”

She looked up at me and kissed me. “Okay. But if we get there and we find out that you forgot something, you are going back to get it.”

I laughed. “Alright.”


The next morning, we all got into the family car, and I drove. My son and daughter kept trying to make me tell them the location of the campsite.

It’s a surprise,” I said for the tenth time.

It’s not fair dad, you have to tell us,” Christy said.

I don’t like suspense,” Tom said.

But you like surprises right?” I said.

Tom faced my wife. “Hey mum, do you know where we are going?”

No baby, he didn’t tell me,” my wife said.

Really? You don’t know?” Christy said in a shocked voice.



Don’t worry guys, and we will soon get there,” I assured them.

About an hour later, we got to the entrance of the resort. “We are here,” I told them as I drove the car to the gates.

Peaceful Resort,” Christie read the name of the establishment. “Sounds cheesy.” We all laughed.

A man in security attire and a tablet in hand walked up to the driver’s side of the window. I rolled down the window.

Good day sir,” he said. “You are welcome to the Peaceful Resort. If you would give me your name and campsite or house number and I will let you on your way.”

I gave him my name and the number that was given to me when I made the registration.

Your campsite is number 10. Please have this.” He gave me a small device with a small display screen. This small device will guide you to your campsite. The opened and we drove in.

My wife held the device and pointed out the directions to me. We drove past beautiful things of nature like rocks, a hill, lots of tall trees and even some monkeys and gorgeous birds.

I love this place already,” Christie said.

Me too,” said Tom.


We soon got to a clearing which was close to a very quiet and cool lake. On the far side of the lake, we could see several families having a wonderful time in the water. I was proud of myself for choosing a place like this.

I want to go for a swim right now,” Tom shouted. “Whoo.”

Calm down dude,” I said, laughing. We have to set up camp first,” I said.

Okay, okay, but after that, we can go for a swim right?”



Another truck arrived and deposited all the camping gear and everything I purchased. My wife checked out everything and then came to hug me. “This is wonderful, darling,” she said.

I taught Christy and Tom how to set up the three tents. With the rest of the poles we have, we made a makeshift kitchen where my wife could prepare the food. After sharing the sleeping bags and everything, my kids put on their swimming attire and ran to the lake.

I joined my wife in preparing a wonderful dinner. The aroma was so great that Christy and Tom ran out of the water to eat. After eating, they returned to the water. Around evening time, my wife and I joined them too.

We had a nice time in the water, playing hide and seek, doing a swimming race and splashing water on each other. In the night, we made sire and told stories. We had a nice time camping. The second night, we made a barbecue and played a lot of games like monopoly, chess and scrabble.

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