Tent electricity with a generator

It was my turn to take my brothers out for an activity that was full of fun and excitement. The tradition had existed for as long as I could remember. My dad back then used to take me out camping where we will pull up tents and lie under them.

We always went to the same place. It was an unused land that belonged to my grandfather. When he passed, he had given it to my dad. And it was a very large land too. Since my dad didn’t know what to do with it, businesswise, he had decided that we would camp there and have wonderful bonding time. Sometimes, my mom will follow us.

I always thought I would be the only kid to be born to my parents. However, when I was twenty years old, my parents gave birth to two twin boys. They were both cute, but they gave me a lot of trouble. It was as if they were born simply to trouble and frustrated my life.

Then I went to college, and I was free of the boys. I didn’t return home for a very long time, and when I returned, it was as if we didn’t know each other at all. They had grown up and become gentler than when they were kids.

Our parents noticed the awkwardness between they and us came up with a solution. Each of us would treat the other two to something that was fun every month. That way, we would be able to relate with each other well.

I was the first to begin. I took the boys to a game of paintball, where we teamed up with three other people and had a battle with six opponents. Although our team lost, and soundly too, the twins and I were able to perform like a team. We were able to take out many of the opponents before we were taken out too.

That brought us together. One of the twins, Bradley was next, and he took us to a game center where we played games against each other. I was beaten every time of course. You can’t beat kids who have been playing the same game for many years. These are the kind of kids who can’t do without phones daily. Baxter, the second twin took us to a resort where we went swimming and of course, play more games.

Then it was my turn again. I wanted them to enjoy nature and maybe stay away from their phones for a day at least. I deliberated on the best places to take them where they would have fun and at the same time ignore their phones. Several options were available.

I could take them mountain biking or hiking. Then I remembered how my dad used to take me camping and I figured that perhaps the twins would enjoy the experience like I did when I was their age.

During dinner, I informed them of my plan. They looked at me like I was crazy.

What do you think?” I asked.

Simply terrible,” Bradley said.

I second that,” Baxter said.

What? Why?” Dad asked.

Dad, there will be no electricity, and that means we will not be able to take our phones along,” Baxter said.

I second that,” Bradley said.

That’s the point,” Mom put in. “You guys have been staring at your phones too much. You both need a break, and this camping trip is the break.”

I am going to die without electricity,” Bradley said.

Let’s make a deal,” Baxter said. “We don’t go, and we do all your laundry and even mow the grass when it is your turn to do it.”

Aww, isn’t that a little bit extreme?” Bradley asked.

Baxter faced his brother. “Unless you intend to go camping where there is no electricity.”

Oh, I guess we can do all those instead.”

An idea formed in the head that would help the three of us get what we wanted.

Hey,” I said. “How about this? We go camping and bring a generator with us, and the deal stands where you do my laundry and mow the grass.”

Bradley and Baxter looked at me suspiciously. “Really? We can bring a generator?”

Sure, and any other gadgets that you want to bring along. We can set everything up and have a lot of fun.”

Deal!” both said at the same time.

Ugh!” Mom said, and we all pretended not to hear her.

We began to make preparations for the camping. We purchased a mobile generator which had enough energy to power a TV and other gadgets. The twins were so excited that they would be able to charge their phones and also watch TV.

On the very day, we took one of dad’s trucks, packed all our camping gear inside and off we went. They already knew the history of the land, but I told them more. They all gave several suggestions about what dad should use it to do.

I navigated my way to the same area where dad used to take me to. It had been a long time, and the area was now overgrown with bushes. We had prepared for this, and we got cutlasses from the truck and used them to clear the area. We cleared a small area for the generator too, and we made sure that it was far away from the tents.

We started work, and we raised three tents. One for me, one for the twins and a tall and large one for the TV and antenna. When we were done, we stripped and had a wonderful bath in the river that was close by. We played a lot of water games.

Late in the evening, we switched on the generator and made dinner. Since the twins were terrible cooks, I prepared everything myself. I served their foods, and then we all got inside the tent where we sat and watched TV for hours. The lights made by the generator lighted the area and everything looked cool.

Even as we went to sleep, the generator was still working.

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