My RV Camping Trip to California


Every year, my friends and I take our RV and pick a state where we can travel to and have a lot of fun and relaxation. We do it to take a break from months of hectic but satisfying work. We had driven our RV to four states already and were planning on the sixth one.

I say we go to Texas,” Joe said.

Nah, Portland is cool,” Bill said.

I kept quiet and listened as they argued. When they realized that I was not saying anything, they stared at me.

What do you think, Mark?” Joe asked. “Texas is better, right?”

Don’t mind him, Mark,” Bill said. “I am sure you will agree that Portland is cool.”

I don’t even know where we should go,” I said. “All I know is that wherever we go, I intend to have fun.”

Then, let’s vote,” Joe said.

How?” Bill asked.

I looked at both of them. “I have an idea.”

Share it,” Joe said.

Let’s get the big map on the wall, get an object with paint on it and throw it at the map. The state with the most paint is where we go.”

Hmm, good idea,” Bill said. “Let’s do it.”

I called my secretary to get us a large map of America. While she walked away, we began to deliberate on the things we were going to do in whatever state we travel to.

We were in my office, which was the largest of all the offices in the 20 story building. While we were in college, I had created a website that helped people to buy and sell and exchange services. I was planning to make little money to take care of myself. With surprise, I found out that the business grew large and I quickly became a millionaire.

My two friend, Joe, and Bill joined and together, we built a formidable company. Many expected us to go to Silicon Valley, but we had decided to stay over in New York because it was where we had been born.


We made enough money that we could travel in an RV for three years without working if we wanted. The idea to buy an RV came from Joe, and we purchased a thirty foot RV that could contain six people.

The RV had wonderful and comfortable beds, two toilets, a kitchen, and bathroom. There was also a living room where we could watch movies when we were not on the move. The driver’s compartment of the RV could comfortably seat three people including the driver.

Whenever we travel cross country, we would play wonderful songs that we all love and sing along. Whenever the person who was driving gets tired, another would take his place. Many times, we would stop at a fast food joint and have a lot of fun. The prospect of having a lot of fun on this new journey made me very happy.

My secretary came back with a very big map which was carried by two hefty security men, and they were able to attach it to the wall. My friends and I got a pen with paint on its tip and got ready to throw it to the map. We usually visited a bar downtown where we threw darts.


After my secretary had left. I faced the guys. “Here is the rule,” I said. “We are all going to move backward here, close our eyes and throw the pen. That way, we will be able to get the best place we want.”

The others agreed, and I was the first. I held the pen, closed my eyes and just threw randomly. When we checked it out, we saw the pen resting on California.

Joe was the next.” I am throwing this at Texas.” He closed his eyes and threw. Bill was close to the map, and he started laughing. Intrigued, Joe and I walked over to the map and saw the pen pointing at California. Joe frowned, and I laughed uncontrollably.

Bill threw his and then Joe started to laugh too. Bill had thrown his pen at California also. He shrugged. “Well, California, here we come.”


Our Secretary made the arrangements. There were many places to camp with an RV in California. After much deliberation, we all settled on Central Valley in California which had so many wonderful attractions. The place was known to be home to the greatest garden in the world and also one of the most productive agricultural regions.

We all got everything we were going to need: clothes and other basic amenities that we were going to need. The RV had a wonderful air conditioner, and we also had a generator in case we wanted to watch TV. The kitchen was stocked with food fit for an army.

We got to Central Valley and parked the RV on land that we had booked. The first night, we switched on our generator and went for a swim in the nearby lake. When we returned, I was in charge of dinner. We sat in the living room and played computer games. We had sweet dreams.


The next morning, we had another swim in the lake and also played some water games where we sprayed water on ourselves and also threw the football that we had brought with us. After that, we had a swim race. Bill was usually the winner in these swim races, but this time, I was beaten to beat him.

In the afternoon, we stood on the shore and threw our fishing hooks in the lake as we tried to catch some fish. After about two hours, Bill caught five fishes and I managed to catch one while Joe caught nothing.

We made a joke that Joe must have offended the fishes a long time ago. We built a fire and roasted the fishes on them. We sprayed pepper and ate them with relish.

The following day, we visited the Bakersfield Music Theatre, the Buttonwillow Raceway Park, the California Living Museum and several other wonderful places. I don’t know about the next cross-country journey we would do, but this was the best so far.

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