Camping with an Electrical Generator Saved Us

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Jonathan’s group decided to be part of this camping adventure. They were six friends in the group, together from 5th standard.

Your seats are reserved.

They were adorable students, very shining and bright in studies and extracurricular activities. They were so well mannered, and that’s the reason all the teachers like them. Any program or function in the school was incomplete without their presence. That’s the reason; Mrs. Chloe had reserved the seats for them already.

In the evening, all of them, one by one asked permission from their parents regarding going on a camping expedition at school. After some questions, they all get the permission letter from their parents except Tanya. She was the only daughter of her parents and had born after 15 years of their marriage. That’s why they never let her do the normal adventures rather going camping.

She locked herself in the room and went on a hunger strike… in the night, her mother knocked at her door. Tanya, come out sweetheart dinner is ready. Replied Tanya; I told you I would not eat unless I get the permission letter with your and dad’s signatures.

We will talk about it honey first you come out and have something to eat, you haven’t since afternoon. Mrs. Mustansir again said. Mama, I won’t eat anything!!! Tanya seems so angry. Her mother went back, and she texted in her WhatsApp group.


Camping with an Electrical Generator:

On the big day, everyone was ready in their camping dresses. The announcements were being made regarding the rules, and days of trips and to keep people in the discipline. Madam Martha asked Peon to load electric generator in the bus as well.

What is an electric generator for?

For lightning; there is no light in the urban jungle when you go in the middle and in our five days trips we will require light and this generator will help us to get that.

On the first four days of the trip, everything went well. They had placed to eat drink and play and place to excrete and bath. They had so many activities and learned about the different camping techniques like how to light the fire without matchstick or lighter by using stones, how to knot the rope or survive an animal attack. It was all fun.

It was going good, but on their last night in the urban jungle, suddenly generator tripped, and the camp was all drowned in darkness. As now there was no noise of generator thus they listened to creepy animal voices that were making the overall atmosphere scary. Students were so frightened when Adam Uncle lighted the fire in the middle of the camps. All students gathered around.

But still, they were so freaked out due to voices of the animals when all teachers decided to tell them a scary story related to camping.


Escaping Death

Starting from Mrs. Murphy who used to teach archeology and history to their students told a story of camping with one of his seniors in a forest where there was no light, water, or easy to escape from. They had to take some measurements and readings in the jungle. On the first night, everybody asked Mrs. Murphy and his senior to leave the jungle and come back later in the morning for the rest of the work because there were many strange things attached to this place.

Mrs. Murphy said; we were not afraid at all and as we wanted to finish our work quickly, so we didn’t listen to them. However, after 10 PM when my senior and I were busy in measuring land and taking pictures along with readings, we suddenly listened to a strange sound in the woods. It was more like the voice of a human coming out of a dump. First, we ignored the voice, but later it started becoming louder. We became so frightened and decided to pack our bags and run from here.

My senior and I talked to the voice that let us pack our stuff, we are going from here, but suddenly a pebble came towards us and fell on the table that we had set up to work. We started running off from the place without taking our bags. It took us continuous run of 30 minutes to reach our cars. We started the car and went to the nearby hotel. The hotel said that you are lucky enough to escape this jungle because there were so many stranger things have already happened there.

We never went back to that jungle even for work in the morning.


Boyfriend’s Prank Went Bad:

Mr. Sue a young Chinese teacher told us another story of a young couple who were coming out from a movie when they found a dark green patch of land with moon lightning in the air. The sight was so attractive that made them stopping their cars and enjoying it.

The man parked his car nearby, and they took out picnic mat from their car, a radio for music and some snacks to eat in the night. The weather was so romantic, and they were about to kiss when a sudden announcement was made by stopping the ongoing show.

The announcement was about a killer, who had escaped the mental asylum, having a knife in one hand and wound in the other. He is dangerous, so people were asked to stay inside the houses and lock their houses correctly.

The wife became so frightened and asked her husband to go back to home as there can be a serial killer in the woods. The husband at first made fun of her wife and tried to calm her, but later they saw something near their car. Fortunately, they had not turned off the headlights and in the light; they saw a man trying to open door of their car. They turned off radio and light and started thinking about the ways to dodge the killer and sat in their car to go back.

Suddenly the husband got a plan. He threw a stone away from them in the woods. Due to that sound, the scaring killer ran towards the voice. Husband and wife ran and opened their car’s door and then sat and ran away. Maybe he was not a killer said the husband, but after some time, they listened to another announcement of arresting that mad killer from the same woods, where they had been a few minutes before.


Listen to The Warnings:

Uncle Adam started his story. Well, guys, the story is not about camping, but it is damned scary and interesting. It is one of the famous stories in my area.

One day a girl was driving late hours to home when she found that her tank was running out of the gas. She decided to stop at a nearby station and get her tank filled. She saw a gas station on her way. Instead of taking her car inside, she decided to get her tank filled to form a little outside so that it would be easy for her to drive back.

The gas station was empty, and it had started raining. An old man with scary and terrible expressions came running towards her in the rain. He said he filed her car’s tank and asked for money. And suddenly expressions of the man were changed.

She became so scared by looking at him and gave him her credited card without downing the side mirror too much. After three minutes, the man again came back and asked her to punch her pin code as the transaction couldn’t complete.

First, she decided to run without paying him, but then she thought, just to pay him and come to her car without any pause. The old man was lean and skinny enough, and he could not have been grabbed her. While thinking this, she came out of her car and went towards the gas station.

When she reached in, the scare old man grabbed her arm and started pulling her inside. He was also saying something but as he was too scared due to something. However, it freaked out the girl even more cause she was now damn scared because of an old man.

She left her credit card and decided not to pay and ran towards her car. The old man was still following her and trying to call her back. She sat in the car and immediately started it. To make her brain a little calm, she decided to turn on the radio. While tuning it on, she saw a man on the back seat from the rear mirror with an ax….

This was the last thing she saw in her life… the old man was trying to save her from that killer.

When Adam finished this story, the electrician came and said, the generator has been fixed and will be started within some more minutes. After some time the generator was on and also the lights in the area. Scared children heaved a relieved sigh. And they started going into their small camping huts.

In the morning, they all came back safe to their school.

On asking about camping experience, students said that best thing was Camping with an Electrical Generator when it went off. We listened to the stories and experienced real fright. After that day, prizes were distributed among those who had been good in the camping sports and tasks. Jonathan group won three prizes.


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