Fun Trip RV Camping around Texas

We are going camping in Texas! In an RV!” Claire screamed in excitement.

My friend, Josh, and I were playing the latest version of PES in the living room, and we were becoming quite frustrated since neither of us has scored a single goal since we began.

As Claire screamed, we were quite distracted. We looked towards her in annoyance. She kept jumping up and down. My older brother, Ashley walked in just then, and he looked irritated too.

Are you high?” he asked.

Yes! I am high with happiness. Uncle Dave just called. He said we are going RV camping in Texas.”

I dropped my gamepad and walked over to her. “Really?”



Hmm. I think I am too,” Ashley said.

Whenever we were on holiday from school, all our family members usually board two RVs, and we drive like hippies to different states in the US. We use the time to bond together and have a lot of fun.

The tradition extends to the time when our grandfather was still alive. He used to make sure that my dad, his family and also my uncle and his family travel around in two RVs and enjoy vacations together.

After grandpa’s death, my dad and his brother vowed to keep up the legacy. Each travel and camping was always a memory to cherish. We would like a piece of land for a few days, usually beside a lake and there we would play games, have a cooking competition and also swimming competitions.

None of us ever wanted to miss the chance to enjoy the time together. Sometimes, we would invite our friends along. Josh, for example, had followed us once and he was always begging me to invite him. I would have loved to invite him many times, but his own family usually had plans of their own.

He dropped his own gamepad and walked up to me now. “We don’t have any plans, Mike, please invite me. Please,” Josh begged.

Alright, alright, you are invited,” I told him. He jumped up in excitement.

Then the preparations began. We got everything we needed for the camping. I had never been to Texas before, and I planned to take a lot of pictures when we get there.

Dad and Uncle Dave made all the arrangements, and they found a camping ground in a place that was close to San Antonio. Josh and I visited the library where we checked out all the information we could get about Texas.

The day came when we all moved into our own RV. Uncle Dave and his family lived just an hour away from us, and we had a rendezvous point where we would meet and travel together.

Our RV was between 29 to 32 feet, and it had three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom/toilet and also a living room. One room was meant for mom and dad, one for Ashely and me and the last for Claire. Mine and Ashley’s room had two bunk beds that could contain four people. There were also two bunk beds in Claire’s room.

My uncle, Dave and his family, had the same RV and all the characteristics that ours did. The difference was that he had only two kids. Chris and Mary. Chris was Ashley’s age, so they were always together. Also, Mary was slightly older than Claire, but they were as close as thieves.

As a result of this, I was often alone with no one to play with so I always took my binoculars or my guitar along. It was not that I didn’t have anyone to talk to but it is easy to feel lonely when you don’t have your age mate to chat with. However, since Josh would be going with us, I only needed to bring along my PlayStation, which we may not have the chance to play anyway.

We met Uncle Dave and his family at the rendezvous point and we all proceeded to Texas. Of everyone in the family, I was the only one who had brought along a friend. We spent hours on the road, changing drivers often.

Claire and I could not drive so Mom, dad, and Ashley drove every four hours.

We finally got to Texas late in the evening. I stood with Josh by the window and took pictures of everything we saw. By the time we got to the camping spot, it was very late so we all slept in the Rvs.

The next morning, we all dived into the cool pool that was beside the camping spot. Every one of us dived in and had a wonderful swim. We also took a lot of wonderful pictures.

When we were done, the boys helped Dad and Uncle Dave to set up the camp tents while the ladies prepared a wonderful breakfast. The two older men had already taught us how to build tents so we had no problem with them. In the end, we had erected five sleeping tents: one for dad and mom, one for Uncle Dave and Aunt Esther, one of Ashley and Chris, one for Mary and Claire and the last for Josh and me.

After a breakfast of bacon and eggs, we played volleyball. My team managed to win in an intense game. Then while the others relaxed beside the lake in folding chairs, Josh and I went inside the RV and played a lot of computer games. We were there till dinner.

After dinner, dad and Uncle Dave took charge of the barbecue and while everyone sat down, I brought out my guitar and began to play wonderful love songs. The place looked so peaceful and my love for everyone grew just then. There is nothing better than having fun with your family members.

Later, everyone went to their tents to sleep while Josh and I continued our game in the RV. Somehow, I don’t know how, mom figured out that we were still in the RV, so she came over and chased us to our tent.

RV Camping in Texas was great. I couldn’t wait to find out where we would be going next.

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