It was the Best RV Camping we ever had


Catherine and I just failed terribly to make it to a camp we had booked for with our friends a couple of weeks into the New Year. Although we had a pretty good excuse for missing our slot, the park managers didn’t want to hear any of it. The agreement was that the limited space would be offered to someone else if the first people missed it. On our way to the place, we knew that we didn’t stand a chance, but we still kept up a little hope.


Catherine’s exams had been scheduled for the last hour of our going to the camp, and I couldn’t leave her just to go have all the fun by myself. I had to wait for her to complete her exam.


Despite her efforts to make me go without her, I couldn’t bring myself up to it. What fun is there without Catherine? She was fun to be with. She could turn a dry topic into something that could cause a cracked rib through laughter. If not because she had a love for her nursing job, she should have been a comedian.


One day, she said to me while I was staring at her over the dinner table.

“Frank, do you know that I know why you married me?”

“Why baby?” I asked I knew she was getting down to something.


“Come on don’t pretend. You sure didn’t marry me because of my good looks, since I have none of that.”

“So why did I marry you?” I pressed on. Modesty doesn’t suit her at all. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

“You married me for my big mouth, and you know it. Don’t lie now.”

I was already cracking up where I was.

“But it did you, good honey.”

“How is that babe?” I asked amidst smile.


“Oh… We both know you were hush straw fish face before we got married, gloomy and all. I had married you for the money.” That was the biggest joke of all because I had no money when we got married. We were just finishing college at the time.

“But look at you now, fancy-happy-soft face. Who could have thought?”


I had to finish my pie later because I had to chase her all over the house and tickle her all over her body.

It had always been like that since we got married. Two and a half years now. And she was right about one thing- she is the source of my happiness.

It was later in the afternoon when she returned from her examination. She came bouncing home yelling, “We have to go now, babe.”

I got the RV started hoping we could catch up before the camp office closed for the day.


Our journey was smooth from the beginning, and we were pretty sure we were going to catch up. We are going to be giving the other guys a big surprise. Nobody was expecting us to make it, and we were sure of that.


Catherine was cracking all sort of jokes and telling me about her exams and a funny looking man who had supervised the exams. We were laughing all the way, making extra plans for the things we were going to do when we get to the camp.


Driving the RV was different from driving an ordinary car. I needed to make use of my eyes to see all the angles, watch for coming cars through the side mirrors, keep myself in line and watch for the rear tires.

She said I made the RV move like a snail dragging its shell. I had

to conjure the image of a snail, and when I did, I couldn’t stop laughing.


Such jokes made the journey smooth until we got to the road that led off the highway to the camp area. There was a fallen tree blocking the road as torm must have occurred in the area before we showed up.

The highway patrol and the Highway Emergency Department were already there, and they labored to clear the fallen tree off the road. Other motorists alighted from their vehicles to help, and I did too.

It took us several minutes to get the road cleared, and every minute made our chances of getting into the camp slimmer. But we had to go on and try, preparing for the worst. We got into our RV.

By the time we got off the highway and unto the road that led to the camp, we were pretty sure we were not going to make it.


We got to the gate and got it locked. We rang the office it was closed for the day. The park manager showed up and told us that we had missed our deadline and there was no longer space for us and he told us how sorry he was.


Just then Catherine had a beautiful idea that we should find a space out of the open and park the RV, making our own camp for the night, instead of turning back and making the long journey back home once more.


Just a few meters by the right side of the camp we found a good shed under the trees with nice clearing. We packed the RV, got out to gather some woods for later in the night.


There was a small pool close to the area. The pool was part of the larger lake that surrounded the place. After we were sure that we were alone, we took our clothes off and bathed each other in the pool. We did a lot of crazy things that we had never done before. We had a lot of fun. Since we brought a generator with us in the RV, we sat in front of the TV and watched our favorite movies.


It turned out to be the best camping we had ever had since we got married. The next morning, we found out that our friends had been trying to reach us. When we finally got through to them, we told them about the place we had camped and how sure we were that we had had a lot of fun than they had.

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