I Drove Around California in my RV Camping Alone


Having a recreational vehicle was one of the best things I enjoyed as a habitual camper. It was fun, and you could decide to wake up one day and drive to a new place away from the noise of the city and camp there with your recreational vehicle especially now that I had few weeks to spend at home—I had been given two weeks leave from work. As recreational vehicles were built like homes, so did I take advantage of its homely features and packed up my things—things like my clothes, cooking stuff, toiletries, kitchen utensils and the rest—I would need for the whole of two weeks.


I left home and drove around in the bubbling and beautiful California. The view of the state was something I loved so much. California was rich in beautiful sights like beautiful structures, arts, vegetation, wildlife, mountains and other gifts of nature. I loved this state so much that any given time I had to spare, I spent it exploring the state, absorbing all the beautiful things it had to offer me.

Before I enjoyed camping with my friends in my recreational vehicle—we could drive around the state and find a comfortable place to settle and camp—but today I wanted to camp alone; I needed a ‘me time’ to reflect on life; my pasts and the future, my ups and downs, my losses and my wins. But that wouldn’t be achieved in the busy parts of the state. I needed to go somewhere that was bereft of the distraction that came with the city; somewhere I could commune with my inner self and focus on my thoughts alone, somewhere rich.


The woods were the first place that came to my mind. In the woods you were left with just your thoughts and the serenity that came with nature; the cool ambiance. I loved the woods; I loved the quietness; it helped me to concentrate and focus on my thoughts without any distraction. The feeling was absolute bliss and incomparable to anything I could think of.

I got to a place that had a wide expanse of space surrounded by trees. There was a lake closed to the place. I loved the fact that there was a lake there; it could be beneficial to me. I pulled up there and surveyed the place, and after I had done surveying and found out that the place was safe and free from any wild animal, I brought out my camp bed and a novel and then lay there to read.


It was a book by Sidney Sheldon; he was my favorite author, and I had read almost all his books except this one I had in my hands. It was titled Bloodline. I loved any book Sidney Sheldon wrote; reading his works gave me absolute joy and the gentle breeze that blew in the woods serenading my body added to the joy and comfort. I read for a long time, and when I was tired and hungry, I cooked and ate. I slept when I was done.

The sleep was a dreamless one and surrounded by nature with the trees billowing and blowing cool breeze around me made the sleep enjoyable. I slept for a long time, longer than I had expected. I woke to stark darkness blinding me. I prodded for my phone and put on its flashlight. The time was 7:45 pm. I yawned, stretched my body and got up from the bed. I strode to the vehicle and put on the lights.


I made dinner for myself, spaghetti with chicken wings. It was tasty and delicious that I finished the meal without knowing it. I drank some water and resumed reading. I read into the night until it was eleven at night and my eyes were becoming heavy. I closed the book and slept on the bed in the RV. I had a dream while I slept. It was more like a nightmare. In the dream, I was being chased by a jaguar, and even though I ran as fast as I could, the jaguar still got me. It pounced on me and just when it was about to tear my face with its claws, I woke up panting and sweating.

It was morning when I woke. The birds were singing melodious songs in the distance. I checked the time; it was 8:10 am. I had slept for long hours, and it was good for my health. I had been working my ass off back at work, and I needed the long rest. I got up from the bed and stretched my body. I brushed my teeth and changed into my running clothes. I put on my running shoes and dashed out to exercise my body. I jogged for thirty minutes and returned to the RV, took off my clothes and bathed in the lake.


The day past uneventful; I ate, read, drank some coffee, drank water when I was thirsty. I received a call from my pal at work; he was checking on me. I told him I was fine and having fun. We talked for a few minutes, and the call died. I spent two more days there and got into my RV and drove out of the woods to look for another location where I could camp again. I was satisfied with this particular location because, after a few days spent there, I felt I had nothing much to explore there.

I drove far and for long hours on the outskirts of California. I got to a junction after several hours on the road. There was a fallen signpost on the road there. It was worn out and rusted. The writing on it had been washed off by time; different seasons. I made a right turn and continued my drive on another lonely road. I got to a place and saw a deserted cabin in the middle of nowhere. It was getting late now.


Pulling up before the cabin, I got down and surveyed the environment; it was indeed deserted and safe. I camped there for a few days and enjoyed the solitude. I read, ate, slept and bathed; the taps in the cabin were running. After few days of occupying the cabin, a car pulled up before the cabin one afternoon, the occupant of the car was a middle-aged man with beards. He claimed the cabin belonged to him. I didn’t bother arguing. I packed my things and drove out with my RV to another location to camp. The world was big enough to accommodate us.

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