We had Trouble Starting a Campfire in the Rain

We had not expected the rain. It did not give any hint in the clear blue sky. The sun was up and burning hot when we got to the campground. As a result of this, we had no cause to enjoy our walk to the spot where we erected our tent, not even to enjoy the rest of the day after putting up the tent. Familiarizing ourselves with our surrounding must be one of our unsaid plans.

We had come to my friend’s Tacoma pickup. Rufus had brought with him his girlfriend, Loveth, who happened to be my sister too. I brought Grace, whom I cannot specifically place where she occupies in my life. Not because she was a bad girl, but I had never been the kind of guy who wanted to be committed to any relationship.

The rain must have watched us and made sure we had gotten to where we could not turn back to run to the car when it started. And to add to the troubling situation, we had to cross a small river on our way, which I fell into, getting me all soaked up.

And to add to the insult, the rain stopped just the moment we got to our spot. That got us cracked up.

“I think Miss Nature did this on purpose,” Loveth said amusingly about the rain that started and stopped just as suddenly as it had started

“You should stop making nature look like an unmarried lonely bitch,” Rufus warned Loveth teasingly.

“You two should show some respect,” I said

“To whom?” Rufus asked throwing up his hands. “To Zeus for just pissing in my eyes?”

“I’m sure what just drenched us doesn’t taste like urine. I would have thought it is as tasteless as the coffee you prepared last night.”

“Ewwwww….,” we all said at the same time.

“Are you saying the almighty Z just jacked off?” Rufus

“I guess that’s why it wasn’t much,” Loveth affirmed.

We all laughed out so much that my rib started hurting and tears ran down my cheeks.

“Oh my… oh my, you two…” I started to say amidst my laughter, “Both of you are so nasty. You fit each other perfectly,” I said

“Anyway, it depends on who was pissing at the time….” Grace started to make her first contribution to the conversation after controlling her laughter.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“It depends if it was a male god or a female god that felt like peeing on our faces.” She was trying hard not to be vulgar like the other two. “But it could have been Hyades too.”

“Who is Hyades?” I asked

She looked from to Rufus to Loveth then back to Rufus as if she was expecting one of them to answer for her. When she saw the blank look on their faces, she continued.

“You guys don’t know your Greek gods, and you make so much joke about them,” she said in a way that one reprimands foolish kids.

“Hyades is the goddess of rain.” I’m sure she felt proud of herself for knowing what we didn’t.

If I did not know Loveth better, I would have thought she was looking at Grace attentively like a child trying to commit to memory what her teacher was teaching her. But what expression Loveth wore on her face was not what was going on in her mind. She was feeling sorry her.


We gave up talking and decided to get changed before we start to put up the tent.

Grace and I strolled down to where we had crossed the small river on our way in to wash up and change.

As I pulled down and removed my trousers, something fell from the pocket. That was when I realized I had been holding the matchbox in my pocket and I had stepped into the water with it. It was wet from the container to every last stick in it.

“Is that the matchbox you are holding?”

I nodded.

“Is it wet?”

“As you can see, stupid,” I said the last word in my mind and not out.

“Well, you guys will have to make fun of god of fire now to make fire for you.”

“Maybe… If we know his name.”

I went into the river and washed up, put on another pair of dry clothes before I went back to meet the others to put up the tents. Rufus and Loveth were already there in another set of clothes.

After we had made the tent ready, I told them about the wet matchbox.

“Guys, I’ve got a bit of bad news.” I brought out the wet matchbox and showed it to them.

“Oh!! Piss off Zeus,” Rufus exclaimed.

“He had already made this piss on us,” Loveth commented.

“OK, don’t panic, I can make fire the primitive way,” Rufus said.

So we went in search of dried woods and stone that looked like a flint, even though we do not know how to identify a flint. So we gathered lots of stones and rocks, and some dry weed. It was not easy getting them especially after the rain, but we managed to find some in holes where the rain could not penetrate.

We put them together, and Rufus went to work. He said he had watched the fire being made on YouTube before. I wonder if watching a video on Youtube would help him know how to light a fire.

It took several hours and taking turns of hitting the stones together before we saw a sparkle of fire. Frustration set it, and it made me a little short-tempered. Although it didn’t ignite quickly and when we wanted, the little sparks that emanated gave us hope to try more.

Eventually, we made fire with the flints, and I placed the wet matchbox close to the fire so that they could dry off. We cooked and kept ourselves warm.

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