Camp Trip to Colorado, A Newbie Worries

This summer was going to be different. My girls decided we do something different this summer unlike going to the beach and spending quality time together there. They wanted something much more fun and adventurous.

Cindy had called me last week before the two weeks’ vacation and told me that we would be driving to Colorado for a two weeks camp.

Baby girl, it’s going to be so much fun!” she had screamed in my ears on the phone.

I don’t know what to say, girl. I’ve not been to Colorado before,” I replied.

I promise you it’s going to be fun, girl. Get ready for the trip next week; I will call Lizzy to inform her. I know she would love it.”

I had no option than to get ready. They were my best friends, and I loved to hang out with them even though this kind of hangout was a new one for me; we had never gone camping before let alone in another city. I told her I would be ready whenever they were.

It was a few minutes to noon when she pulled up in her boyfriend’s ride and honked. I knew it was her, so immediately she honked, I carried my bag and bade mom and dad goodbye and ran to the ride outside. Lizzy and Cindy were in the car full of smiles and joy for the camp trip. We exchanged pleasantries when I got in, and the trip began.

We drove in silence for few minutes, just the roaring of the car’s engine and the wheezing sounds of the breeze outside as she sped on the deserted road to Colorado. Lizzy was the first to break the silence in the car as she asked Cindy a question.

I’ve been thinking, Cindy, how did you come up with this camping idea in Colorado?”

Cindy smiled, her face still focused on the road, hands on the steering wheel, relaxed.

Well, there’s this serene place Nigel took me to in Colorado when we still had a thing and girl I’ve been planning on taking you guys there…the place is so cool and beautiful, girls.”

How’s the place? Like people come around and camp there?” I asked. I was skeptical about the whole idea. I had this foreboding feeling of going to some place where I knew no one and kind of alone. If we got attacked by someone or some persons or some stray animal, we wouldn’t escape. I didn’t like the thought of that at all.

Naah, it’s a lonely place…like in the woods, the outskirts of the city…very far from the city even. It’s just the serenity and the colorful background of the place that mesmerized and is still mesmerizing with my head. Girl, that place is beautiful!”

Shouldn’t we be afraid of being attacked or ambushed by some, you know—”

Girl, you panic too much,” Lizzy cut me short. “I’m sure if the place wasn’t safe, Cindy wouldn’t be taking us there, right?”

And Nigel wouldn’t bother to take me there,” Cindy chipped in.

Well, it had better be safe and worth the hype,” I sneered at them from the backseat where I was seated.

Cindy stared at me via the rearview mirror and smiled. “It’s okay, girl, you’d thank me for this later, I promise.”

I didn’t repeat a word to either of them. I just relaxed back on the seat and watched as the car sped into the hot summer afternoon to our destination which was Colorado. I just hoped that this vacation would be so much fun like she had promised it would be. I restricted the urge to think of wild animals attacking us in the camp place she had been gushing about. I pray I don’t get disappointed.

The rest of the journey was driven in silence before I remembered something which seemed to be odd like we had been driving for hours without music blasting through the speakers in the car. It was indeed weird because three of us were music lovers.

C’mon Cindy, is your boyfriend’s car stereo broken or something?” I asked. It was then it dawned on both of them that we had been on the road for hours without the music.

Oh, its working just fine,” she said and put it on. “I must’ve been carried away by this whole trip and all that I forgot to put it on. My apologies, girls.”

Lizzy nor I said a word afterward. The music began, it was a rap song, and I didn’t know the artiste that did the song, but the beats were fucking mad! I nodded my head by the beats while she drove on.

Soon we would be in Colorado, in the hyped campsite and I would see what it looked like. It had better be a good site because I wouldn’t be happy if we left our home to a place where we would spend our two weeks’ vacation and be disappointed. But I trust Cindy and when she told you that we are going to have fun, be sure of nothing short of fun. So yeah, we were going to have mad fun for two weeks!

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