We Heard Sounds in the Woods then a Coyote Shows


The night was a quiet one safe for the chirping of insects in the woods and the distant noises from the rest of the campers that were having fun around the tents we had set up for the camp. There was the fire that had been lit up there to illuminate the place. But here that we were, at the bank of the lake, the only illumination we had was the bright moonlight from the full moon up in the sky.


The full moon reflected on the lake in the dark and the sight of its reflection on the lake was beautiful. A fish jumped from the lake and tumbled back into the lake causing the lake to ripple on our legs. The rippling sound made us disengage from the continued kissing, and we remembered that we had come here to fish for dinner.


Yeah, we had arrived in the woods in California to camp earlier this afternoon, and we had been having fun with others. Sasha and I had excused ourselves from the rest to have fun in our way, and it had been nothing short of electrifying fun. From playing hide and seek, swimming and sexing in the lake, to kissing and making out in the woods. It was a sweet feeling to make out in the woods; it added to the adventure of the camp.


But when the day had turned to night with the stars out in the darkened sky and the moon casting a bright light in the woods, she said she was hungry. I was, too and we thought of what to eat for the night.

I think we should go fishing,” she advised.

C’mon that’s ridiculous,” I countered, “we don’t even have a fishing rod or any equipment for fishing, Sasha.”

Naah, we do. Zed brought one; I saw it while we were loading up for the trip.”

Wow, amazing,” I smiled. “But how do we get it from him, that’s if he isn’t using it already?”


It’s a minor issue,” she said and later the night, she came to me with the fishing rod which brought us here in the bank of the lake fishing.

The fishing rod in my hands now shook violently. I held it firmly in my hands and fought the violent shake from the fish that it had hooked.

I think dinner would be ready soon,” I joked.

She smiled and wrapped her hands on my taut body while I rolled the line of the fishing rod willing the fish out of the water. It was a big fish, big enough for the ten of us in the camp to devour.

Wow, that’s huge!” she exclaimed covering her mouth with her hands.

I smiled.

We got up and took the fish back to the fireplace where others were. On seeing the fish, everyone wowed and were happy that we would have fish for dinner.

Wow, Johnny boy got us a big fish for dinner!” a big black guy said. The rest laughed at the joke while I smiled.


In split seconds, knives and other utensils dissected the fish; pots were set on fire with the fish boiling in them. Those that wanted theirs to be roasted did that in the fire.

We cooked the fish for a long time with carrots, potatoes, peppers and lots of tantalizing spices that we had brought with us. The aroma that seeped from the pots serenaded our noses making us salivate in anticipation. When it was ready to be eaten, it was dished out and served to everyone to eat. We sat on the ground, rounded the fire and devoured the fish.

The fish was delicious and too peppery that while we ate, we were sweating profusely and drinking lots of water to soothe the chili.


Damn, this is like the best meal I’ve heard in ages, fellas and I am not even kidding you!” Jackson, the big black guy, said.

We laughed it off and ate some more. There were Spanish wines before us, I popped one of the bottles and poured for myself and Sasha. We drank the wine and savored its sour taste as it hit our taste buds and run down our stomachs. The rest popped some bottles and gulped down the rich wine while we dined in the woods under the moonlight.

It the distance I heard a clacking sound that piqued my suspicion. I remained calm and focused on the sound again, to be sure it wasn’t the clacking sound of burning leaves and woods that was the fire before us. I heard the sound again, and it wasn’t from the direction of the fire. It sounded like someone or something was coming from the bush behind us.

Shhhh,” I shushed them all putting a finger against my lips, “there’s something in the bush.”


The woods was enveloped in stark silence now. We paid attention to the quietness, then we heard the clacking sound again, and this time, we saw what was coming. It was a coyote with it’s a hideous and ugly face.

It walked close to us. Apparently, the aroma of the meal invited it to us. It sniffed the night air and walked even closer to us while we remained calm like statues. It grunted and groaned, sniffed some more and left, waddling its bushy tail as it disappeared back to where it had come from.

We all heaved a sigh of relief, and before I could say a word, Sasha had gotten up panicky and filled with apprehension.


I’m not spending the night in this place!” her voice was quivering with fear.

C’mon, it’s gone and wouldn’t return,” I persuaded her, but she was bent on leaving, so were the others, too.

I managed to let them pass the night there, and before it was daybreak, we had left the woods in search of a safer place to camp.

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