I Make a Living While Living in an RV

I like to engage myself in things and tread ways that are different from the norm. I simply am not too friendly with conventions. Quite Byronic? It’s your opinion. Look, too many people are living in the same homes for a very long period, seeing the same scene over and over again, something we would despise seeing on Netflix. My wife knows little of how much I hate monolith, but she knew full well, how much I despised it when I met her after coming home from work and told her that I wanted an adventurous life.

That’s when we started to make plans as she was interested too. So we decided to get an RV, a towable one which was affordable and equally nice. So I resigned, and I launched into Travel Writing, thus making a living while doing what I love – going on adventures. You can travel within the city and see very interesting sites; you can also go elsewhere to explore some picturesque scenes.

Living in an RV all year long

Living in an RV is interesting and cheaper, I don’t pay rent, and the huge sum that I am supposed to pay for our home has been out of our worries. My wife finds it more fun to cook, and we eat less junk. Of course, we no longer have to worry to the workplace, the only thing we need is a good internet connection and power which are the primary need for remote work. My wife is a virtual assistant and Travel Writer, but I am just okay with my Travel Writing.

There is however a challenge. The space on the bus is quite small, so we always cleaned the inside. Cleaning the inside does not take too much of time. It’s what you can do within ten good minutes.

Living in RV does for a year long, if you can live this, it becomes what you can enjoy for a lifetime as it teaches you to economize all that you have. For instance, we rarely eat McDonald’s and even don’t go shopping based on the influence of any neighbors. We have been able to save a lot of dollars that can even buy us a comfortable home that will accommodate my wife, me and two kids.

Living in RV with Kids

Unarguably, health is something very important, and it should be addressed in such a manner. Nice as living in an RV is, it is still different from living in a traditional home, especially when the fact that it is usually on the motion is put into consideration. Some children, as well as adults usually vomit and feel quite uncomfortable while in a vehicle.

Living in RV with kids is quite fun too. Your children will be happy and become geniuses of locations, as there are GPS’s in RVs. However, there are challenges like schooling. It’s either you school your kids on your own, or you don’t travel too far away from their school. As for us, we train our kids and hire some teachers for them online, sometimes on Skype.

Another challenge that is in living in an RV with kids is that kids love to play, so they can disorganize everywhere and also do a lot of things that can put you all in danger. You need to give them a proper orientation about the dangerous actions, and places such as the steering wheel and a few other parts about that pertain to the operation of the car. You can also read the guides to their hearing; if this is done repeatedly, they will surely learn the rules by time.

Apart from the importance of safety, letting the kids know their limits in the RV is also a pointer to saving the vehicle from avoidable dangers. Children, especially boys, can break things when they are too engrossed with their plays but if you give the state their limits to them with the threat to punish them if they go beyond the boundary, the damage will certainly be limited.

Sometimes also, you need to guide your kids about how to clean up the inside of the RV. This will save you from doing clean up repeatedly. What I do most times is give instructions on what to put and where to put it, this has been helpful as it teaches the children organization in a fun manner. My children loved and still love doing it, and I bet that yours will love this too.

Living in an RV in Texas

Accommodation in Texas is quite high, and this has been some challenges to many. Living in an RV, for instance, has been helpful. I have not been charged for taxes for the different things that I am using at my motorhome.

Although living in an RV can have its challenges, like the need to fuel it and more tendency of danger, it is far much better than the traditional home if one eventually gets used to it. Living in an RV in Texas has taught me to make do with so little space and pursue a relatively comfortable life instead of seeking to acquire the whole world in your home.

If you have an RV, there will be no need to purchase unnecessary materials, only the very important ones as there’s usually no space enough in some RV that will contain such.

Before, I used to depend on experts for nearly everything. A little cough from my generator and I would run to the repairer, a single spark from my carburetor; I would ring up a mechanic and doing this in Texas as in few other parts of the US implies spending much than you ask for. So sometimes I fix a few of those things on my own. I search the solution to some of these problems using search engines, and I also watch YouTube for a detailed description of whatever I want to do.

I don’t know if you cherish this too, but I cherish living in my RV as it enables me to live in different parts of Texas. We can also go to other different places from there as we live just anywhere we want to with our RV on the road.

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