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10 Ways to Make Camping Comfortable

Camping can be made comfortable. You don’t need to pack ten blankets to feel cozy in a tent. Simply follow these tips on how to stay comfortable while camping.

Read through this guide to prepare yourself for your next camping trip. You are sure to have a good night’s sleep with these tips.


1. Choose Soft Flat Ground to Pitch Your Tent On

The spot of your tent can have a big impact on how comfortable you will sleep at night. Flat grassy plains are the best.

Choose a spot that is as flat as possible and without any rocks. If it is difficult to find a flat area that is big enough, make sure that your head will be elevated when you sleep. This will prevent a headache in the morning from the blood rushing to your head all night.

If the soil is most or if you are expecting rain, place a layer of tarp underneath the tent.


2. Check the Sun’s Position

One of the perks of sleeping outdoors is catching more sun. However, a tent gets brighter and hotter than your bedroom. Check how the sun rises and sets over your camping site to find the best spot.

You can use an app or ask the camping site staff about the position of the sun.

During summertime, pitch your tent in a more shady spot. This will give you a few more hours of coolness in the morning.

In colder weather, you will want to choose brighter spots to catch as much sun as you can.


3. Avoid Clumsy Late Night Trips

Once you’ve gotten cozy in your tent, the last thing you want to do is be forced out again. Avoid having to stumble through the dark with these easy hacks.

Don’t forget to pee before you crawl inside your tent. It’s a very simple piece of advice, but campers often forget how clumsy a late night bathroom trip is.

Keep a bottle of drinking water next to your sleeping bag. Make sure it’s a resealable bottle to avoid spillages.

Hang a small light from the top of your tent. This way you will have both your hands-free and you can still see everything inside the tent.


4. Pack for the Weather

I cannot stress this enough. Pack gear and clothing that is best suited for the expected weather.

Your camping gear is your first line of defense against Mother Nature. Choosing quality gear that is appropriate for the weather conditions will make your entire camping trip more comfortable.

Always make sure you have extra layers of clothing you can wear. Also, keep a set of dry clothing and socks to change into before crawling inside your sleeping bag. Dirty and moist clothing will not bring you a good night’s sleep. More must have gear.


5. Cold Weather Camping Hacks

Here are a few quick tips on how to stay warm when it’s cold outside.

Pack a hot water bottle for your camping trip. Place it inside your sleeping bag before you go to sleep to pre-heat your sleeping bag. On very cold nights you can sleep with it near your core.

Have a small snack before you brush your teeth. Digesting food heats up your core. Drinking a calming tea before bed will also warm you up and soothe you.


6. Warm Weather Camping Hacks

Keep your tent cool by zipping it open in the cooler nights. You can use binder clips to keep it from flapping around. Keep the mesh lining closed, though. This will bring in cool air while keeping any tiny bugs out.

Cover your sleeping pad with a cotton bed sheet. Cotton is a more breathable fabric to sleep on.

The Basic Gear for Comfortable Camping

Having the right gear is the easiest way to make your tent comfy. Before you embark on your camping trip, make sure your camping gear is complete and appropriate.


7. Multifunctional Tarp

You won’t find tarpon many camping gear lists, but it will make your camping trip so much better. It is a multifunctional piece of equipment you won’t regret taking with you.

Use tarp as a layer between the ground and your tent if the soil is moist or very cold. The tarp is waterproof, so it works well as an extra layer or extension of your tent when it rains.


8. Bring the Right Sleeping Bag

You cannot leave the house without bringing along the right sleeping bag for the camping trip. A proper sleeping bag is your biggest friend on a camping trip.

Not every sleeping bag is the same. Make sure that you choose the sleeping bag that is appropriate for the expected weather conditions.

Most camping gear stores will have a description of the sleeping bags that they sell. Check the label for information such as the kind of material used, for what weather it is intended and its weight.

Insulation is the most important factor in choosing the right sleeping bag. You can find out how good the insulation by checking the R-value of the sleeping bag.

If you plan on going hiking during the camping trip, you will want to choose a sleeping bag that is more lightweight. If you are going on a road trip, then the weight of the sleeping is less of an issue.

There are four main types of sleeping bags that you should know about. Which type of sleeping is most appropriate for you will depend on the weather conditions.

Rectangular Sleeping Bag: These are the most spacious single person sleeping bags. This is because the bag is a basic rectangular shape.

Some types can be completely unzipped into a regular blanket. This is handy on warm nights when you don’t want to cover yourself completely.

Mummy Sleeping Bag: The name comes from its shape. These sleeping bags are wider at the arms and torso but narrow at the legs and head. Basically, it follows your body’s general shape.

Mummy sleeping bags offer better insulation from being so snug. The narrow parts also cut out material which makes the sleeping bag more lightweight.

Semi-rectangular Sleeping Bag: The shape of these sleeping bags is somewhere in between a mummy sleeping bag and rectangular sleeping bag. There are different kinds with a wide variety of snugness and space.

If you are unsure which shape of the sleeping bag is best for you then getting a semi-rectangular sleeping bag is a safe option.

Couples Sleeping Bag: A couples sleeping bag fits two people. These are great if you and you SO enjoy snuggling in your sleep.

A couples sleeping bag can save you some space in your car or backpack. Alternatively, you can zip together two rectangular sleeping bags to form one large sleeping bag.


9. Don’t Underestimate the Comfort of a Sleeping Pad

Sleeping on the cold hard ground is not comfortable, period. If you want the most comfort for your back, then bring a good quality sleeping pad.

A good sleeping pad is especially important when you will be camping in cold weather conditions like during fall season or at high altitudes.

A sleeping pad will offer extra insulation between you, your sleeping bag and the cold ground. Lying down on the bare ground makes you lose body heat during your sleep so having a sleeping pad will keep you warmer at night.

There are many types of sleeping pads and foam pads out there. Here is an overview of the three best kinds of sleeping pads.

Closed Cell Foam Pad: This is the most durable and compact type of sleeping pad you can bring on your camping trip. It is a thin, lightweight mat made of airtight and waterproof material.

This type of sleeping pad has the least give so expect it to be a stiff sleeping pad. However, for short camping trips or if you have limited space, these are the most practical.

Air Pad: Air pads tend to be thicker than the other types of sleeping pads. The extra thickness is often used by manufacturers for more insulating layers.

Air pads are great for longer camping trips because they are so comfortable. On the other hand, you need to inflate air pads manually, and you will probably have to do so a few times during your camping trip. Air pads tend to deflate over time.

Self-Inflating Pad: This is the heaviest type of sleeping pad to carry with you, but the weight is worth it. A self-inflating pad has the benefits of both air pads and closed-cell foam pads without their disadvantages.


10. Bring a Small Pillow

You’ll be surprised how much extra comfort a pillow will give you. Bring a small travel pillow with you on your camping trip.

If you would like to save space, use a small bag of clothing as your pillow.


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