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A Complete Guide for Camping

Camping is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. Most people hesitate to have a new camping experience due to lack of confidence and basic knowledge. But it is a cost-effective and healthy activity full of fun.

If you want to start this amazing activity then be confident enough to make the best camping plan in the neighboring areas or near sea/lakes to spend your coming weekend in an adventurous way. Do not worry if you are not familiar with basic camping equipment, read this guide for better understanding.





Benefits of Camping:

Summer is the best time for campfire, fishing, hiking and family vacations. Camping is the best way to get all of this fun and adventure at one place. Camping grounds provides a large free space for ideal camping activities i.e. sports, swimming, family fun and hiking. Although camping is the best choice to spend summer vacations it is also beneficial for your health.


Pollution Free Air:

Camping is beneficial for the health due to fresh air. After taking a deep breath, you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of joy and happiness. This is mainly due to the greenery and trees which release high volume of oxygen after photosynthesis. Your brain and body functions better with high level of oxygen and serotonin are released which reduces stress and makes a person happy. Fresh air has several health benefits i.e. aiding the digestive system, improving B.P and boosting the immunity of the body.


Explore nature:

Camping will allow you to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature. You will get better an opportunity to move away from the daily hustle and bustle of life to explore the wonders of natural areas. After spending more time in nature, you will be able to protect the natural sites in the best possible way.


Social Networking:

We live a hectic life where people spend more time at office rather than a house. Hard work is idealized but health and social relations are also important. Camping is a best way to reduce stress level and it allows a camper to enjoy best time with his family and friends. Socializing is a best way to extend lifespan and delay the memory loss issues.



Camping is full of exercise. You can enjoy several types of exercise to burn extra calories during fishing, hiking, playing sports etc. Exercise keeps your body healthy and activates the breathing and cardiovascular system.



Whether you are sleeping in a tent or taking shelter in an open area, the sunshine will affect your health and skin. Although extra exposure of sunlight is not good for the skin but we cannot ignore the fact that sunlight provides vitamin D to the body. Vitamin D is essential for a healthy life because it activates the body to absorb phosphorous and calcium which strengthens teeth and bones.


Better Sleep:

During camping you can have better sleep in the nature under the open sky. You can carry a comfortable sleeping bag for a peaceful sleep. After spending a busy day filled with rough activities under the sun, you will easily fall to sleep in night. A good sleep is ideal to improve sleep cycle, reduce inflammation, pain, stress and maintain normal body functions. Campfire can increase the level of melatonin in the body which regulate better sleep.


Less Stress:

Career and life stress keeps a person worried. But camping and outdoor activities help to reduce stress level and allow the camper to spend more time in the company of his beloved ones. Although there are options to use internet and WIFI during camping but it is better to keep yourself away from connections and technology. Try to enjoy the beauty of nature by sitting in front of the sea or do campfire to get a relief from stress. Your emotional and psychological health can improve with team camping.



You can eat only those meals which can be easily cooked on a grill or campfire. Normally the camping foods are easy to prepare and quick to digest. You can bring fruits, nuts, and drinks to satisfy the hunger when you are unable to cook.


Reduce depression:

According to a latest research, green areas and nature can reduce the depression up to 70% to 80%. Camping allows the people to move away from the normal life routine and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Promote family love:

Camping is an ideal way to develop family bonding and love. The family members can solve different problems together to have more fun and better camping experience. Camping allows the parents to spend more time with their children in the hilly area and natural lands.


Develop leadership quality:

By learning new survival skills and taking risks, adults can be more confident leaders in their professional life. Self-worth and self-confidence can be developed with different camping activities i.e. pitching & pulling out tents, starting the fire and preparing food etc. Camping is one of the best ways to explore yourself. By collecting campfire woods, living in open areas, cooking meal on stones, you will learn about your hidden skills in a better way.


Be frank and make new friends:

You can join different groups, communities or forums to meet new people with similar mindset and interest in camping. Try to make a well organize camping plan with experienced campers who love to share their past experiences to motivate new people. There are chances to meet new friends in a camping tour who are willing to explore new places with you. Camping is not limited to friends and family, you can enjoy the tour with unknown people who share common interests.




Camping Equipment:

For basic or entry-level camping, try to buy the affordable camping equipment. First of all, buy a sleeping bag with suitable pillows from the market. Some people avoid to use pillows but pillows are good for comfort and peaceful sleep in night. Additionally, you need a big tent and a large plastic sheet to cover the ground. This plastic layer between you and the hard ground will keep your body safe from the insects and reptiles. Camping mats are also best for extra warmth and comfort. Try to carry painkillers and sunblock to avoid sunburns in the open areas, near the lakes, sea or mountain where sun radiations are very strong to burn the skin.

Backpacking Stove:

Take a weather resistant backpacking stove system with 1 MSR Winder burner liter. The advanced heat exchanger and radiant burner help to boil the water faster than any conventional stove. The windproof feature is available in the stove due to enclosed air combustion system. This stove comes in the market with a drinking mug and soaking slash or eating pot for better eating experience during camping.

Coleman Camp Stove:

Coleman EvenTemp stove has 27000 BTU power and 3 burners. You can use either 12 inch or 8-inch pan for cooking your meal because the burner radiate the heat from the fire equally all over the stove. It is a branded stove of NPSF which includes many amazing features i.e. steel cooktop, rust-resistant aluminized surface and stainless steel burners.

JetBoil Java Camp Coffee Maker:

The flash cooking system can be started with a single click and your coffee will start boiling after 3 minutes. This coffee maker is best to fill the requirement of 1-liter coffee in a family camping tour. Camp coffee maker is lightweight and affordable. The automatic system will prevent the spilling of coffee while the color changing heat sensor is best to indicate when you need to press the coffee ground button.

Portable charger:

Easy to use and lightweight charger is best to carry on a long camping trip. You can charge any gadget or device with the USB port. Make sure you have a portable charger to maintain the battery life and performance of a device.

Backpack bag:

Gregory Baltoro produce lightweight great backpacks which can be used for several decades. It weighs less than 5 pounds but the new designs are 10% lighter than the previous bags. This pack is best to carry 50-pound load with comfort and ease. The suspension system QuickSwap includes 5 hip sizes and 3 harness. The removable adjusting system offers additional support to keep the camper on the trail. This pack contains a solar panel to the external top corner which allows the camper to charge his smartphone, battery or tablet with sunlight.

Camp Kitchen set:

The camp chef does not only want to boil water or to make coffee in the camping area. After cooking meal on the grills, he needs to use kitchen set for better presentation of food i.e. utensils, cups, plates, cutlery etc. Although many camp kitchen sets are available in the market, but a flexible 4 pair kitchen set with more cookware in a lightweight kit is something unique. This set also includes two strainers lids, 4 mugs, 4 plates, 3.2-liter pot and detachable pot handle. If you want to have better cooking experience then you can also carry separate spoons for proper measurements, dish brush slash scrapper, pepper shaker, 4-inch Santoku style knife, bottle opener and cutting surface etc.

Camping watch:

There is no need to check the time from your smartphone or tablet, a camping watch is a perfect camping gear due to its waterproof and durable nature. You can buy any affordable camping watch which suits best to your style.

Zero Goal Power system:

In past camp, campers were using propane gas to power the camp lighting. They were also forced to carry noisy generators and heavy batteries to get electricity in the hilly areas. But, now Zero goal solar panel system allows the capers to produce electricity in any place where sunlight is available. The water-resistant 7-watt solar panel is powerful enough to charge a 12-volt gadget, tablets, GPS, headlamps, smartphones, small lighting system and handheld USB. This entire solar panel weighs less than 2 pounds.


BioLite tent lighting system:

Try to carry a strong lighting system whose power is equal to 200-lumen latten. You can also charge your smartphone with the energy stored in the battery. The Daisy chain site light is best to provide 150 plus lumens of light, changeable angles and power light control system to dim the light. The main flashlight with two site lights and basic cables weight approximately 1 pound.

Tech Big outdoor speakers:

Make your camping more interesting and buy a outstanding outdoor tech big speaker. Its temperature resistant, shockproof, wireless and waterproof features make it unique in the market. It is easy to connect with the Bluetooth enabled device and the 60 milliamperes battery is powerful enough to run the speaker for 16 hours. The USB port allow the user to change the GPS or smartphone up to 4 times.

Camping Chair:

Never underestimate the importance of a camping chair. This comfortable chair is best to keep your tired feet relax after tiring camping day. It is made up of aluminum poles or strong plastic which can carry up to 300 pounds weight. You can pack it easily by folding the legs. It weighs less than 2 pounds.

Special coffee or tea cup: If you are a coffee or tea lover then this equipment is best for you. Enjoy your hot tea or coffee in the stylish camper cup. This special stylish cup is made from a durable high-quality material which can be used for many years.

Mosquito Net:

If you avoid to adopt proper safety measures then you cannot enjoy the charms and adventures of camping. During camping you can face several problems in hot and wet area where mosquitos and insect’s growth is normal. So, carry a Boxnet mosquito net and select a proper place to fix it then enjoy your stay in hilly areas.

Camping survival kit:

If you want to pack your luggage without missing any important thing then you can buy festival or camping survival kit bag. It includes more than 15 items which a camper need in open areas and long journey i.e. sun lotion, hand warmers, toothbrush, toothpaste, seat cover and first aid box etc. This camping survival kit is best to protect the camper skin from harsh weather conditions and strong sun rays.


Windproof, waterproof and breathable rain jacket:

If you want to go camping in the raining season or in the middle of summer season then carry a waterproof jacket which will keep you away from rain, cold and rain. This lightweight jacket can be rolled up easily and fits inside its internal pocket, so the camper can carry it without any extra effort on fishing and hiking.

Outdoor camping shower:

The portable camping shower is simple in configuration and its chargeable base when get filled with water when a strong surge of water is produced through tubing which offers a better light pressure or high-pressure shower experience. But make sure you have a tub or bucket full of water which can be used to fill the shower with hot water.

What a camper should do before planning a camping trip?

Check your backpack and equipments: After doing shopping for your next camping tour, try to check your camping gear 4 times before departure. If something is missing then buy it from the market. Replace the broken gear with a new one and enjoy your camping tour.

Learn the camping rules: Before selecting a specific type of camping, read its rules and regulation to have better experience. Never try to plan survivalist camping if you are a beginner. Make sure you are able to satisfy your hunger and protect yourself in wild areas.

Tent pitching practice: Do proper practice at home or open areas to get more experience.

Enlist all the essential things: During packing campers usually forget to carry the important things which they need in crisis. So, make a complete list and check all accessories before leaving your house. From a tent rope to simple toothbrush, never forget anything at home.



5 Camping Gear Inventions You MUST HAVE





Activities during camping:

Getting away from the daily life cycle is very refreshing and full of fun. You can get maximum time for games and leisure. Therefore, a you can utilize your precious time to learn new activities or follow your hobbies. There are many adventurous activities which you can do while enjoying camping i.e. sports, water activities and games.

Water activities:

There are many exciting things which a camper can do in water if his tent is near a pool, lake or water body. These activities are performed either to get relax in a sunny day or to have fun in the water (Build a sand castle, Skip stones, Swim, fishing, floating or lounging, Go tubing, Kayaking, Diving, Go zorbing, Go water skiing, Ride a wave runner, and Play water basketball or volleyball). If your tent is not near any waterbody still you can enjoy in water to get yourself cool in a hot summer day i.e. do water balloon fight with your friends, attack each other with water gun or squirt guns or get a truck bed through a tarp and fill it properly with water to form pool.

Physical activities and sports:

After getting up and moving during camping, you can perform several physical activities. You can choose any physical sport which can be very active with lots of physical movements or which is suitable for your style and fun. For example, Disc golf (frisbee golf), Ringtoss, Horseshoes, Corn Hole, Lawn bowling, Football, Kickball, Soccer, Baseball, Hiking, Biking, Tree climbing, Rock climbing, Blongo (hillbilly golf) or Spelunking (caving) etc. If you want to enjoy with your family and friends then you can play these games in groups i.e. Capture the Flag, Sardines, Hide-and-seek, Red Rover etc.

Play small games:

There is no specific time to play games but due to television and computer people spend less time to entertain them self through game. Games promote family love and cooperation along with entertainment, so you can play these games.

Card game: Card games are best for campers. Cards are easy to carry and packed quickly in the backpack for easy access. Although you can bring normal cards but there are limitless suitable games which can be played with the help of cards like Uno, Old Maid, Fluxx, Phase 10, Rook, Quiddler, Five Crowns, and Apples to Apples. Always cover the cards with plastic freezer bags to protect them from water.

Charades and I Spy is an ideal game because there is no need to carry anything for it.

Board games can be played if you have a proper location and a picnic table which save you from water or losing things.

Explore nature:

Entertainment and happiness in camping is always close to natural beauty. Try to explore the breathtaking beauty of the nature with unique activities without affecting the wildlife i.e. Birdwatching, Collecting fireflies in a jar, Bug collecting, Animal watching, Leaf collecting, Whittling, Collecting kindling or firewood, Having a scavenger hunt, Picking berries, Geocaching, Searching the best walking stick, looking for nuts, wild berries, and other delicious edible plants, Nature gathering (rocks, pine cones, flowers, etc.), Finding the evidence of Big Foot (or ancient creatures).


Some people do camping to feel relax in nature which reduces stress and depression. You can enjoy camping by adopting different ideas such as Listen to nature, Swing in a hammock, Take lots of naps, Float on the water, let your mind wander and have Daydreams, Watch the trees and leaves blowing in the breeze etc.

Activities in the tent:

You can do different things in the tent in rainy days or at night. When other campers are sleeping, you can read a book or novel, play card games, watch movies or drama on portable device, write stories in your notepad or do sewing, knitting, or drawing etc.

Night time activities:

Without a proper lighting system, the darkness can be very thrilling. But you can have fun in the darkness with shadow puppets, nighttime walk, playing hide & seek, playing flashlight tagging, releasing sky lanterns or shooting off firework.



Campfire activities:

If you are near the campfire then you can sing a song, tell ghost stories, play a harmonica/guitar, dance around the campfire and make colored fires by using pine cones. You can also bring your favorite pet with you. Try to invite your whole family or friends to spend an amazing time. Be frank and socialize, meet new campers and try keep in touch with them. Bring different decorations or colorful lights to make your camping interesting. Try new recipes and enjoy different types of food.

Build in fun and entertainment:

If you do not want to get bore then try to entertain yourself with build in fun. Many camping areas provide special places for amazing activities, so try to a pick a perfect location to enjoy camping with your family. You can search for pools, lazy river places, game rooms (air hockey, pool tables), playground equipments, movie nights, group games, or water sports. If you are doing camping near mountain, hilly areas, sea or lake then you can easily plan a better list of activities.


Best food for camping:

Dehydrated food:

Camping is incomplete without dehydrated food. In market there is a large variety of meal kits which are easy to carry and best to satisfy the hunger quickly. You can buy any flavor in dehydrated food which is tasty and delicious. This food item is best for those campers who face technical challenges in cooking.

Nuts and dry fruits:

When you are planning a camping tour with your friends then you can enjoy dry fruit and nuts at night time. This dry stuff is best to carry while hiking and climbing.

Cup Noodles and Cheese:

In camping you cannot use your creative cooking skills, so you can try instant cooking or cup noodles. They need no extra effort, just you need some water and flavors. The instant food saves time, efforts and energy of the campers.

Beef jerky:

Beef jerky is a protein pack which can satisfy the hunger and it is easy to cook. There is no need to worry about cooking, preparation or cleaning because they can be eaten directly and have long life span.

Instant tea bags or coffee makers:

If you are a coffee lover then never forget to carry coffee or tea packets with you. The instant tea bag, coffee packets or juices are best to bring because they need some water for quick preparation. Make sure you have your camping mug and cup which can be reused after washing.

Material for sandwich:

Every person can eat sandwich, so try to pack salad leaves, peanut butter, sauces and flavors to make sandwich quickly. You can use cheese, meat and other main ingredients to get better flavor and nutrients.

Frozen fruits:

Camping does not mean you cannot eat essential food items. You can carry frozen fruits which are easy to prepare and remain fresh in dry weather. Try to freeze the cut food pieces one day before leaving for camping then place them in a cooler with ice.


Bagels are versatile and easy to pack for a long trip. You can cook them easily and fill them with cream or cheese. It is an instant source of carbohydrates.



Types of camping:

Hiking and backpacking:

Hiking involves the day walking, carrying essential luggage and sleeping outside the main civilization, usually in a tent. The duration of hiking can vary from one night to several weeks. Eastern US contains a famous backpacking trail (Appalachian Trail) which starts from the Mountain in Georgia and ends on the Mount Katahdin in Maine. Normally it takes 4 to 5 months to hike this special trail and those hikers who complete the trail are known as thru-hikers. The main benefits of hiking include self-confidence and stress relief. When the hikers spend time in nature then their body release such hormones which reduce depression. Always plan your trip properly and inform your beloved ones and well-wishers who can help you in case of emergency or crisis. As you have to carry the pack on your back so try to carry only essential things. Never buy the heavyweight equipments which can affect your speed and make your body tired.


Tent Camping:

It is one of the basic types of camping in which a camper moves toward a countryside, search for a location to put a tent and spend one or more nights there. The camper can stay in forest or in hilly areas to enjoy campfire. Tent camping is perfect for family trip where kids can learn different skills after spending time in nature. It is best to promote family bonding and leadership skills. One of the important things in tent camping is the choice of the location where the camper want to pitch the tent. Campers usually prefer to pitch the tent in flat area without any plant or rock to get better comfort. Another important aspect is to avoid that area where rainwater can collect after a storm. Never pitch the tent in gullies because they can be dangerous in case of heavy rainfall. You can prepare and eat delicious food outside the tent with your family and friends but try to dispose the waste material properly as food smell can attract the wild animals.


Survivalist Camping:

If you want to enjoy the extreme form of camping then survivalist camping is only for you. Only expert and experienced campers can perform this tough type of camping where the campers are self-dependent for a specific amount of time and need to return to life at the end. Walk out and base camp are the main types of survivalist camping. In base camping the campers move to an isolated unknown place where they do camping and survive on the natural resources for a specific duration. They eat food from the forest, collect nuts, or do fishing to satisfy their hunger. They also protect them self from the wild animals by using fire or different equipment. In case of walk out survival camping, a participant is dropped at an unknown place and his aim is to move back to civilization. It is the harshest type of camping where a camper search for food, water and shelter every day. Survivalist camping is the most advanced level of camping which requires experience and additional survival skills. Remember, first try to learn survival skills and wildlife then move to the forest.


Van or RV camping:

Van or RV camping combine the fun of adventure and natural beauty with the mobility of a Van which can be moved at any place. Although some people do not consider it camping but it is best for those campers who want more facilities in hilly areas or mountains. The main advantage of Van camping is that you can move your vehicle at any place when you want to change your location and you are also protected from the bad weather condition. Mostly the Van have essential cooking utensils, fridge or bathroom facilities but the main disadvantage is that the vehicle cannot move too far off internal places where a camper can travel with one. Usually Van campers have limited access to wildlife and they are unable to enjoy the charms of nature while sleeping in the RV or Van. But it is your personal choice to choose a certain level of comfort. The duration of RV or Van camping can vary from few days to weeks.


Canone camping:

Canone camping combines freedom, self-confidence with backpacking in water travel. But one important aspect of can one camping is that the camper travel in a canon so he can carry more weight and equipments. It is a special type of camping which allows the campers to travel through water and reach such amazing places which are inaccessible for the hikers. It means they can move far away from the main city and enjoy the natural beauty in wild areas. There are different packages and types of canone camping, so try to choose a perfect place on the basis of your skill level and interest. You can do fishing in the wild areas to satisfy your hunger. Never plan a solo trip, canone camping is best for two team members who can help each other in case of emergency. You can also enjoy canone camping with your family. But be aware of the weather condition. Make sure there is no rainfall in your canone camping period because the rain can change the direction of water way, so gentle stream can convert to a dangerous wave after heavy rainfall. Canone camping is an ideal way to enjoy water travel to reduce stress and worries.


Other types of camping:

Dry Camping:

You can use RV vehicle to enjoy the charms of dry champing. Lack of food and water is the main aspect of dry camping so make your mind to eat food from the forest or nuts. You need to know the weather condition before planning a dry camping trip. Try to learn basic survival skills.

Work Camping:

Work camping is best for small families and couples who are willing to work full time or part time in a trip. The best example of work campers is volunteers who get essential things i.e. water, food, electricity and shelter in return of their services.

Adventure Camping:

Only experienced and expert campers can plan an adventure camping in which the camper needs to travel far off places in sunlight and he prepare his tent at night. But you can explore new places and wildlife after selecting this special type of camping.



Tips to increase the fun of camping:

Never spend lots of money to get heavy weight camping equipments. You can purchase cost effective camping equiments by maximizing each dollar in best possible way.

During tent camping you can use two strong ropes to make a line between two big trees. It is an ideal way to hang boots, coats or wet clothes. If you combined it with a pole or tarp then it can be used as a quick shelter. In case of rain you can use it to protect the things on stove or picnic table.

You can select various spots which can use for washing, easting, first aid and lounging. Organizing the camping area can be useful to indicate the specific place in case of crisis.

Compression bags are best carry on a long camping trip. They can save your precious space by compressing the clothes, pillows and sleeping bag in a small place.

Although most campers want to explore the beauty of nature silently but small solar powered speakers are best to change the mood in solo trip. Just connect your hand frees and enjoy your favorite tunes in campfire. Make sure you recharge the battery regularly in sunlight and enjoy songs at night.

Try the various floor options to relax your feet after a long tiring day. Modular foam floor or rug is perfect for an old area.

Nothing is most annoying than the little unhappy campers. So, keep your kids happy with amazing activities and games which are best to develop creative skills.

Carry an additional headlight to enjoy the night beauty. You can loop the headlight in a Naglene bottle or colorful jug which produce a cool night light and great looking color bottles. Select a perfect color as per your choice

Camping can be full of fun and adventures if the camper has basic management skills. Before planning any camping tour, first make ruff list of essential accessories. Make sure you check the list twice to remove unimportant gadgets. To enjoy the nature with comfort, you should carry the safety equipments like extra batteries, first aid box, flashlight, tent, emergency tarp, water reservoirs and other important treatment accessories Carry a fire starter, windproof jacket and rain coat to protect yourself from the rain and wild animals. You can use long sleeves shirt, shielding hat, rain wear and hiking boots to save your body from harsh weather conditions.

Create separate water spots for cooking and washing. You can decide a clean location for refilling drinking water and washing utensils. You can use block ice to keep your drinks cool in hot weather. You can carry enhancer for rehydration. The powders and electrolyte heavy tablets add flavor to the water. For filtration and water purification you can try different methods i.e. handheld pump filters, gravity flow filters, UV sterilizers and drops.

You can half fry or cook the food at home after chopping the vegetables and mixig spices as per your need. Try to make small notes after each camping experience to try new recipies in next trip. Multi tool equipments are best for the backpack and protective gloves safe the hands while moving the pots on the campfire.


Best gift items for camping:

Camping Grill:

Wood fire affects the environment and it is illegal to use open flame in camping. That’s why you can buy a portable grill with the biolite camp stove which allows the buyer to cook his meal and charge the tablet during camping. This innovative stove system operates after getting flame and heat to power the stove. The onboard USB power storage system stores the electricity for recharging. You can make six burgers or 7 hotdogs at the same time on the 50 square inch grill. You can also use coal or some hickory sticks for burring to get additional grill taste.

Comfortable resting pillow: You can buy a soft and comfortable pillow. These stylish pillows are available in the market in different designs and colors like a brown tree log.

Colorful flame sticks: To get beautiful colors in campfire you can use unique and simple rainbow crystal sticks. Be tention free, these colorful flame sticks will never damage your chimney because the tubes after burning convert directly into ashes.

Automatic cooler: In hot weather, the remote control cooler is a best option to keep your drinks, cans and water bottles cool for the night time party. Its automatic system and small size make it ideal for tent camping.

Solar stove or oven: In summer the heat and fire of campfire can affect the environment. That’s why you can carry a solar oven or stove to cook the regular meal without extra heat. This special stove/oven use sunlight to generate energy and it is easy to use portable camping equipment. Mostly the campers prefer to buy a solar equipment over normal accessories. This special stove protects the campers from eye irritation and lung infection.

Multifunctional Military Alloy compass: If you are in forest or woods then your phone map app is useless for direction indication. That’s why you need to carry an accurate, reliable small aluminum alloy compass which is easy to use. Make sure you have checked the compass properly before moving towards the central forest area.


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