I went Camping with a Cat

I recently went on a camping trip with my cat.

Having a precious time out with family has gradually turned to gold for most families nowadays; most especially the recently married couples of which I happened to be one. After I was involved in many unsuccessful relationships, some sweet and some bitter, I finally ended up getting married to Jane who I can arguably call my first love or better called junior high love.

We got separated when I left the town to study in another university other than the one closer to us. I was in many other relationships afterward, many of which tend to be a long term one but ended up with a bitter end. I gave up on love and relationship at a point, before Jane came back and revived everything and I started to love again.

However, our relationship was more serious and mature this time around compared to the one we had in Junior High. She is needed to add it also more complicated as we struggled for balance between our jobs, career and creating time for each other. I would read books and seek advice from older folks just to make sure I hold on firmly both my career and relationship.

We did manage to get through dating, and she accepted my proposal. She got pregnant a few weeks after we got engaged and this speeded up our wedding process because she came from a highly devoted Christian background who would love to get married before having a child. Everything went smoothly as lived in the heat of the moment but things soon start to change after we got married. We never envisaged that married life is different and more demanding than while we were just dating. Pregnancy changed almost everything about Jane; her diet, her structural look, her emotions, her reactions, her actions, and her disposition to say a few and it was taking toll on me to adjust she now requires I give her more attention than she used to get any more than I can offer considering the time I spend at work.

Change is the only constant thing in life, and this made me adjust greatly to meet most of her demands if not all, and everything seemed to get back to the initial normal until she gave birth to Lucas. After she delivered, it looked as though the whole demand curve changed shape as she now asked for almost the impossible.

The only way I could meet up with absolute attention to both of them (Lucas and my wife) would be to resign from my current job and maybe look for a less time-consuming job which of course would be less paying; but that I really could not afford. My inability to bend into her demands caused a tensed atmosphere at home. Jane and I had heated arguments twice, and she sent me out on both occasions.

There was this day she called while I was at work, during the peak working hours, asking me to come back home because she was missing me. I tried to convince her into seeing reasons why I can’t make it home that moment but all my efforts were in futility, and I had to lie at work to get out. When I got home, however, I met most of my like clothing and the likes outside the door.

I was very surprised at the new development, but there was nothing I could do because she insisted I leave. I left my home angrily, and like a thief on the run, I drove speedily into a park and heard a sound that looked like I hit something. I came down and saw that I had hit a cat. A woman came around and suggested the cat had lost her ways and had been wandering the environment for quite a while as they could not pinpoint or locate who the owner was.

I picked up the cat and rushed her to the nearest vet in the area, after brilliant work done by the doctor they were able to revive her and then handed her over the back to me. I went straight to lodge at my favorite hotel, but they had a “no animal policy” which means I would have to let go of the cat I named Sugar. I felt responsible for Sugar and therefore looked for another hotel to stay but seemed all had a “no animal policy”; a strange policy I must say.

I resolved to lounge at a campground not too far from my place of work. It worked because it was cheaper, accommodating and afford me the opportunity to stay with Sugar. I saw myself creating more time for Sugar than I did for my family even though she was not demanding.

However, she was more of a companion as she followed me to the stream and watched me swim; she’ll walk with me on the street and listen to all my struggles without neglecting it or covering it with her own needs and wants. Camping with sugar gave me joy and happiness something that I seemed to be lacking in my marriage with Jane. I totally forgot about her asking me to wait for her lawyer to sign the divorce papers.

I took a deliberate leave from work to set my life in order, and I seemed to be happier than while I was at home. However, something strange happened to my new home (the campground) few weeks into the divorce process. I had gone out to get some stuff but left sugar at home because I was in a rush. When I came back, however, I met her playing with Lucas and Jane.

I didn’t know how they managed to know I was staying there but what really surprised me was how they were quick to bond with Sugar. Without thinking about it, I joined them, and we all had great fun together, something that happened only while we was still dating. Well, we never got through the divorce, and we added Sugar to the family, and I’ll say the incident that made me know Sugar was what saved my marriage.

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