Visiting the Grand Canyon with a rented RV

There is nothing in this world that can be compared to wonderful family time out. It is an event that seemed to come only once a while but that which lasts for a lifetime. It’s good to have time out alone once a while, it’s better to have time out with friends when the time surfaces, but it’s best to have a good quality time out with one’s family because there’s indeed nothing like one’s family.

A time out with the family is a bonding and re-bonding period where each family member expresses their love towards each other. I personally take my time to create a unique family time out at least once a year (though I prefer more than two times a year). I’m so much committed to it to the extent all my family members look forward to it every year. Sometimes it would be with just my wife and the kids and other times with my siblings and their kids. There are other times we would have friends and family friends joining us to have fun and a great time out.

There were times we’ll go to campgrounds for days, camping with drones or dogs or cats. It’s always fun with these animals, or the drone is recording the events. However, last year I was sort of bereaved of ideas on how to or where we’ll have our family vacation, and haven’t put the sole responsibility on myself from the previous times, nobody was suggesting anything as they were all expecting my new ideas.

While I was still thinking about how to go about it as the holiday period approaches, I decided to drive down to the nearest campsite to see if we could use the place for holidays. Getting there and seeing some people camping at different locations holding different types of games and fun-filled competition, I noticed a different set of people that looked more comfortable than the rest. It was as if they’ve been living there for a long time as they felt so much at home.

I was moved by this and decided to unravel what could make people be that happy and relaxed away from home, and were not disturbed by the gathering cloud that seemed to produce a heavy downpour, and then I discovered they camped inside. Quickly I grabbed that idea like a bottle of honey decided to zoom out of the camp to prepare for the rest, but while I was at the camp entrance, I overheard some folks talking about visiting the Ground Canyon.

That summed up everything as I concluded we were going to visit the Grand Canyon to have our family time out. Since we were currently in Phoenix at that time, I decided we should look for a good and spacious RV to buy, but after surfing the net and auto dealers around, I discovered it was going to cost far more than I thought, to the extent it would increase our camping budget by four times the initial value. This poured cold water on my mind, and I started to feel discouraged about the whole using an RV idea, but it won’t be nice if the whole family will travel to see the Grand Canyon and will be limited in our view sight because of poor mobility. I knew with the RV, and it would be very easy for us to navigate through the motorable part of the site in order for us to feed our sight sensations with great and different shades of views. The beauty of visiting the Grand Canyon is in its ability to see many great sights at just one location; the beautiful views of nature.

I became dejected and was torn in-between going to see the Grand Canyon without an RV or buying a very expensive recreational vehicle that would be probably useless after the whole holiday; well till the next family outing. Well, I got help where I did not ask; where I less expected. My six-year-old son walked up to me and asked: “Daddy why are you so sad?”

I looked into his cute little eyes and appreciated his wonderful ability to give attention to details. I smiled at him and told him “I am not the sad son, I am just torn in between taking a vital decision that has to do with money, a big one, and I don’t know what to do.”

Then wait till mum comes back from work, I’m sure she’ll help you out with a way out as she always does,” he said as he rubs my palm in his. I couldn’t believe such a little boy could be that observant and so I told him than you and decided to hear his view about the matter. “What about you are helping me out before your mum comes around,” I said looking into his eye. “Okay let’s hear it,” he said with all confidence.

At this point, I don’t know what to expect from him because he was responding as though I was talking to a grown-up, but I narrated everything to my boy, and his response sent a shock wave into my nerves. “I can’t believe that is why you are looking sad. If you can’t afford to buy a new RV, you can always rent a good and befitting one” he said without blinking his eye. “Who told you I could do that?” was my response when I could contain surprise at his intelligence and the fact I did not even think towards that end at all.

I think they give everything out for renting these days, even spouses” he added jokingly, and I could not believe my boy is capable of such big stuff. I hugged him and told him he is a life safer and that I’ll need his help on other issues later, to which he said “anytime Dad” while patting me on the back.

Well, I stuck to my son’s advice and got us a rented RV that is healthy and spacious enough to contain the whole family and even some friends if they so decide to follow us.

We went to see the Grand Canyon, and it was more comfortable than the other times we had the family time out. The RV gave us that feeling of home out of the home, and we were able to navigate through many parts of the site. We met some other families on the ground and engaged in a fun-filled competition with them, especially one that has to do with taking the most beautiful pictures. Some other times we would look for who will take an unsuspecting picture of the moment and pick out the best from it.

I can categorically say it was the best family holiday I’ve ever had. I was more bonded with my family as I engaged my son in a more productive conversation, knowing he’s got a brain sharper than his age. Renting the RV rather buying a new one also save us a lot of stress and dollars, and this made me decided always to use RV whenever we go for another family retreat.

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