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We were all in the living room discussing the various topic from education to politics and sports. We had been at it for almost two hours. Something like this always happened whenever we saw one another. One of us would begin to talk about a topic, and the rest of us would pick it up and talk about it for four hours.

Being with my cousins and chatting with them was always fun. Grandpa walked inside the living room and said, “We are all going camping this time around.”

Yay!” We all screamed with joy. Going camping with Grandpa was always fun. We would rather go fishing hunting and play different kind of games. The campsite was always beside a river.

Wait for it,” Grandpa said, also looking excited. “This time we are going to spend a week.”

What? Really?” We all shouted.

Yeah. It is going to be like we are moving. We will be going with beds, chairs, generator and even internet services for those who wish to watch movies and so on online.”

At last,” we all said, and we smiled at each other. We made plans to pack everything that we needed. The fact that we would be spending up to a week meant we would bring along lots of equipment. A day before we traveled to the location where we would camp, we arranged our luggage in Grandpa’s truck.

My younger sister, Chloe, my twin cousins, I and Grandpa were the only people going camping. My parents would have loved to go with us, but they had some business to do elsewhere.

You are going to miss a lot,” I said to my parents as they both saw us off. “It’s time to go,” Grandpa said. We all jumped into Grandpa’s truck, as Grandpa drove us off and we waved to my parents who both laughed and waved back.

Sharon is my only sister. At twelve, she was quite intelligent and stubborn too, although she wouldn’t agree with me on that note. Tom and Jennifer are my two cousins who always most of their holidays with us when we are not with our grandparents. I always call them “Tom and Jenny.” Both of them have quite great personalities, and it is always fun to be around them.

Grandpa nodded his head and moved his body to the rhythm of the music being played on the radio. He was a jovial man but very disciplined too. He loved telling us stories. He had been doing that since we were kids and even though we are now older, we still loved to hear his stories. Dad once told me that Grandpa would have been a bestseller author if only he wasn’t too lazy to write.

The camping ground was five hours away, so we listened to the music and also chatted about different topics, laughing and singing along to the songs we knew, just to while away the time.

I had gone camping along with others several times. Sometimes dad would take us all camping where we would have a lot of fun. The last camping location we went to was beside a tall mountain, and we had the chance to climb the mountain to the very top. Although it was stressful, we enjoyed the action. Sometimes we went hunting, and we always returned home with impressive mom. This was possible because dad and mom were great shots when it came to rifles.

Camping with dad is wonderful but camping with Grandpa is more wonderful,” Sharon said. We all laughed.

Thanks, darling,” Grandpa said.

Five hours later, late in the evening, we were at the campsite. We got out of the big truck and stretched for a while. Then, Grandpa, Tom and I began to clear the area we always used since it was overgrown with weeds.

When that was done, we began to erect the tents. One tent would be for Jennifer and Sharon while the other bigger tent would occupy Grandpa, Tom and me. The ladies also joined and helped us. The provided us with juice and cookies.

Then we set up a small area for the generator and also a modem of great frequency for internet purposes. Then we set it up so that when the generator is switched on, the electricity will reach each tent. We had also brought some extension boxes where we could charge our phones.

Before we switched on the generator, we built a small campfire and made a barbecue. Then we sat around the campfire and listened to Grandpa’s stories. We laughed over many of the stories which were quite funny.

Grandpa then began to tell us some of the things that our parents used to do when they were our age. We had heard the stories many times, but they were never stale. The stories always brought laughter to our faces. Soon, we began to feel sleepy, and Grandpa urged us all to go to bed.

In my sleeping bag, I brought out my phone and connected to the internet in order to chat with my girlfriend, Layla. She was surprised that I was able to get access to an internet service. After chatting for a while, I went to sleep.

I woke up very late the next day, and this was because I was very much used to the alarm that usually woke me up every morning at school. I looked around but didn’t see anyone, and I also couldn’t hear a sound anywhere. Where are the guys? I wondered.

I got out of the tent, and then I heard sounds of laughter far way. I traced the laughter to the top of a hill and below was a lake where Grandpa, Tom, and the girls were having a swim and playing some kind of game.

While didn’t you guys wake me up?” I called to them.

We didn’t want to disturb you. I immediately joined them in the pool, and we all had a lot of fun. We went hunting and got a deer which we skinned and ate. We sat around the camp playing monopoly while the ladies volunteered to prepare breakfast.

Camping was the best I ever had.


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