RV Rental Upstate New York, Our Experience

Renting out stuff is common, especially when we’re not using them. Well, it’s fortunate that most RV owners do so too.

This makes it a win-win situation for them and us, the people seeking to rent their RVs. On some occasions, we always feel like hitting the road badly to see incredible sights, yet we aren’t in a position to purchase our own.

Fortunately, this is where RV renting comes in.

It’s always the best and the fastest option for those who’re financially down or stranded on the best RV to purchase.

It proves to be much more convenient than purchasing. As much as it is cheap, we also evade several responsibilities attached to buying RVs like maintenance and paying insurance costs.


Types of Rental RVs

There are several types of RVs. They all have distinct features separating them from the rest. It’s essential that we rent one with the prime features that matching our travel needs. Below are the most common RVs in the market today.


Towable RV Trailers

Towable Travel Trailers are versatile and can maneuver easily in areas that have smaller campgrounds. They range from Retro Teardrops, Large Fifth-Wheels, Truck Campers to Full-Sized Trailers.

They come in different floor plans and sizes too. It’s easy to tow them behind SUVs, vans, pickups or vans.

Travel trailers also come with their electrical systems, water tanks, and heating conditioners. Smaller ones are compact hence have limited space. As their sizes progress, we get access to larger kitchens, spacious bedrooms, and dining sections.

Fifth Wheel Trailers, on the other hand, are popular due to the extension on their front parts. The ending of the extension looks more of like a plate. It houses the bedrooms. Well, the arrangement of the Fifth Wheel Trailers is also strong to provide enough support for towing.

Notably, Fifth Wheel Trailers possess air conditioners, water tanks, propane supply, and electrical systems just like the Travel Trailers. Based on its large living spaces, the Fifth Wheel Trailer is recommended for those who’d love to stay full time in Rvs.

Sports lovers can always carry toy haulers along. They’re one of the best sport utility trailers to load favorite toys like motor vehicles and bicycles.

Loading is done in their rear compartments. Some even come with sofas and beds that are convertible and can be lowered once the machines are removed.

Lastly, we have Teardrops Trailers. They are renowned for their retro flair. They also have a compact design and can be towed in small or medium sized cars. Teardrops Trailers are perfect for sporting events, long weekends country rides, or tailgating.


Fifth Wheel Camper

Fifth Wheel Camper Trailers have an extra fifth wheel mounted on the bed of their trucks. These RVs have two spacious bunks and full-sized beds, a bathroom, dinette, and a kitchen.

They have an advantage regarding the styling of their furniture. They make use of regular furniture that is comfier and makes us feel absolutely at home.


Class C Cabover

Class C Cabovers have a nice motorhome attached to them. This RV also has a bathroom and kitchen units that can quickly be converted into bedrooms.

It isn’t as big as other RVs though it can still accommodate up to five people hence it’s a good choice for small sized families. On average, it has good fuel mileage, and it’s also shorter in length.


Class A Motorhome

This is the most popular RV worldwide. They are so large and can host dozens of people at a go. If you’re seeking for an RV with an array of features, then Class A motorhome should top your priority list.

It has entertainments systems, spacious kitchens, full bathrooms, and numerous storage facilities. The beds in its bedrooms are also king sized.

Comfortability is guaranteed! Currently, they’re the most expensive RVs on the market since we pay for space and the features we are given.


RV Renting Tips

So before making any big moves of searching for the best RVs, it’s paramount to be equipped with vital tips that assist in getting the most out of our rented Rvs.


Let’s dive in.

RV Insurances and Rental Deposits

Most RV rental companies require full payments of deposits and insurances before they rent out. Deposit cash is vital; it’s used to make the necessary reservations. The other essential one is the security deposit. Normally, it’s refunded after sometime provided that the RV is returned unscratched.

Concerning insurance, it’s often optional during renting. Some companies provide it while others don’t. All in all, it’s essential for any rented RV to have insurance.

Pay the additional fee for insurance required. If the renting company doesn’t offer it, then it’s advisable to obtain it from our cars instead.


Rental Rates Vary

The prices during the peak seasons are the worst affected. They shoot up fast. This leads to a high daily rate that is charged for renting an RV. Well, the bigger the RV we rent, the more the amount we pay and vice versa.

Rental discounts often apply sometimes. Apart from being charged to rent them daily, we’re also expected to pay for every mileage we cover during the entire journey. It’s important to plan and determine the number of miles that we’re are bound to cover first.



First, it’s important to know the destination headed to as a team. It aids in planning for the entire trip, the mileage that will be covered and to look into the hookup points facilitating refills.

Different places need different logistics. Also, deciding on a destination determines whether we can rent an RV in our local areas or fly to book them in a different city.


Learn the Ins and Outs of RV First

Driving RVs requires a certain level of expertise. They’re not like ordinary cars that can be driven at extreme speeds.

Well, they’re tall and weighty meaning that even little gust of winds is capable of making us feel like our RVs are toppling over in a ditch or straying in the adjacent sides of the roads.

Learn the ins and outs of driving any given RV first before setting out on the highways.


Get Ready to Get Dirty

The worst part about renting RVs is emptying all the toilets once they’re full. There’s no way we can avoid this.

It takes a lot of courage unless you want to deal with inconveniences such as overflowing bowls and extra repair costs.

Carry surgical gloves along. They help to dump the feces in the dumping station.


Check out for Gas Mileages

Renting an RV comes with incurring a lot on gas mileage. Gas prices usually skyrocket more so in summer when the demand is high therefore maximizing gas mileage is key.

Interior areas often offer cheaper gas prices, but highways along major roads are typically expensive. Plan your gas usage per mile well. Most RVs consume between 8 to 10 gas gallons so ensure to cater to every mileage.


Heard of RV Sharing?

RV sharing entails RV owners listing their RVs on reputable sites like Outdoorsy or RV Share then deciding on the rules and the rental rates for using their RVs.

The owner gives anyone who selects the rig a walkthrough. They demonstrate how to use everything found in their RVs.

RV sharing sites simply connect renters and owners countrywide. There’s no limit to the RVs that we can find and rent.

Renting RVs through commercial companies is a good choice too; most of them have several branches and do special deliveries countrywide.

They’re also suitable for one-way deals.

The Bottom line? Renting from families owning RVS is always the best. They give us insights concerning how we can have more fun like they always do.


Advantages of Renting RVs

· Great test subjects- For those who would love to buy RVs, renting different kinds and testing them comes in handy. We practically experience the benefits and the downfalls of each and get to know the best ones to settle for once we’re financially able to purchase one. Taking the test run is key.

· Fun way to travel with our families- Family time is enjoyable, no lie. Renting an RV to travel makes the family time exceptional. We enjoy the company of the other family members in a spacious room rather than being confined in a tiny car.

· Save money- We don’t spend a lot while using RVs on vacations compared to other forms of travels. We save a lot, up to 57% on vacation expenses.

Factors Determining the Cost of Renting RV

· Cost per night charged by the rental companies- This is the terms commonly used by renting companies. The costs vary during different seasons. The costs are generally cheaper during the low seasons compared to peak.

· Number of miles we’re prone to cover- We can always determine the number of miles we’re bound to cover using useful resources like MapQuest. Most rental companies charge between 34 to 45 cents per mileage. Multiply the nights rented using the nightly rates then add it to the mileage covered times the cost to get the exact amount to pay.

· Generator usage- A small fee is charged based on generator usage. Expect to pay more during summer due to frequent usage of air conditioners.

· Cost of being provided with bedding and utensils that is, for those who don’t have any.


Cost of Renting an RV?

The prices of renting different RVs vary depending on the type of RV that we want to rent and its location too.

Below are some of the prices ranges per night for renting both new and older (normally ten years) RVs in rental stores.

· Class C Motorhomes- $125 to $250 for older ones and $225-$400 for the new ones.

· Travel Trailers- $75 to $175 for older ones and $125-$200 for the new kinds.

· Class A Motorhomes- $150 to $300 for older ones and $350-$450 for new ones

· Fifth wheels- $60-$150 for old ones and $150-$300 for new Rvs


Where to Rent and its Benefits

Several places offer RV hire. The burning question? Which one among them is the best? Well, some of the most trusted places to hire RVs include RV share, Outdoorsy, and Cruise America.


RV Share

RV Share is a trusted platform where RV owners and those seeking to rent interact. It’s a safe and reliable platform. Bookings are made at any time of the day.

It has cut off many rental agencies that have been exploiting RV renting fans. Anyone who has been approved sets up a gig and can begin renting their RVs.


· Thousands of RVs to choose from

· Cashback loyalty programs offered. Often 5%.

· Less paperwork- Transactions are done online without calls or texts.

· Up to $200,000 RV Insurance Coverage and $500,000 Liability.


· Limited RV models.

· Owners may delay to send their response or even forget to remove their listings when they change their mind about renting their RV.



Proud RV owners also rent their RVs when they’re not using them on Outdoorsy. It also has an array of rigs that owners can rent.

Anyone seeking to rent an RV can join the platform for free. Its support doesn’t discriminate; it provides superior services to anyone visiting their site.


· Easy to navigate the website.

· Lucrative insurance policy coverage of up to $1million.

· Great customers service. They respond within minutes.

· RV delivery is done. Set up can also be done too.

· Safe and reliable. Outdoorsy does all cash transfers.


· Not all the mentioned RVs are good for pet keeping.

There’s a lot of experience that comes with renting an RV. It’s good for conducting a test run for those who’re searching for a perfect RV that fits their vacation needs.

Through renting, we figure out and buy a perfect RV that enables us to make the most out of all our vacations.


We Drove NY in Rented RV

After our college days, Gabriel moved to Chicago where he got a job that brought him fortune the moment he started it. Alex moved back to Connecticut to manage his dad’s company. Jose moved to New York and got married to his college sweetheart. They call me ‘Theon the Fun’ because I will go extra miles to have and create fun for myself and the guys. After college, I stayed back at Massachusetts, starting my own business on a small scale and kept building it until it became a big corporate enterprise.

I can tell you there was no fun at all in doing that over the years and I was beginning to forget my name. I probably have forgotten how to have fun, but one thing kept me going through the years: that when all is set, and I can rest my back comfortably and watch my business running on smoothly, I will search for my name in the box I have kept it and take it up again.

Everything fell in place just like I had worked and wished it would. Then it was time to find out if I could still bear that name, Theon the crazy. I picked up my phone one evening and scrolled to a number.

Hey man.” It was Gabriel at the other end of the line.

Where have you been?” He asked in his informal way of talking. Anyone would think we had not been communicating since we all left school, but we did, sometimes.

Remember you all left me here in Massachusetts,” I reminded him and made it sound like it was their fault that I did.

You decided to stay back,” he said pointedly.

I like it here, I told you.”

How is your business? I heard you are now a big businessman down there. Your dreams are becoming a reality, man. Congrats.”

Thank you. It’s been one hectic three-five years man. Imagine me without fun for that long. So I thought about it and was sure now that I can make some fun for myself.”

Okay,” Gabriel simply replied, but his curiosity I was sure was rising.

I have plans for us.” By ‘us,’ I was sure he knew who were included. “To get together soon and have some fun like old times.”

Okay.” I knew he was trying to take it all in step by step. “That would be great.” I could hear the excitement growing in his voice. “Have you called the other guys?” he asked finally.

I told him he was the first person I called and I intended to call Alex next. “We will call Jose when we have already arrived because we are taking the fun to New York.”

The prospect of going to New York excited him even more. “Suppose Jose left town?” he asked skeptically.

I will make sure he did not, even if we have to make people kidnap him and put him in a room till we arrive. Anyway, prepare towards Thursday; we are hitting New York City.

The fun started in Boston on Wednesday, Gabriel and Alex came to Massachusetts first to meet me, but we kept it at minimal so that Jose didn’t miss too much. It was from Boston we rented the RV and drove it to New York. As ever, New York was as crazy as hell. The traffic was so heavy, but it was part of the fun we have prepared for.

I drove straight to Jose’s big house on our way from Boston. He was so surprised to see us. He said it was the biggest surprise of the year. I told him the plan was to tour the city of New York in the RV we came in. He rushed into the house, got himself prepared and joined us in the RV. We were playing a card game when he got back. He joined in, and we played the game there in front of his house for 30 minutes before we got going.

After that, we drove through the heavy traffic and visited the historic Erie Canal. They said it was the bedrock of American de-industrialization. “What does that even mean?” Jose asked in a way that it was meant as a question. And if it was, he was sure no was going to answer him.

From Erie Canal, we drove to Niagara Falls.

Gabriel said when we got there. “Guys, when I finally die and leave you miserable beings, would you be for once kind enough to bring my ashes to this Fall and anyone of you with courage climb up there and pour me down.”

Okay, you know what Gab,” I started to say, “If you die right now, I might just do that for you.” We all laughed.

All this time we never left the RV. We talked, looked from the window and sipped beer. I was driving, so I tried to stay away from alcohol, only that eventually I could not so I took two for me.

We went to Catskill Mountain after Niagara Fall, and they had to hold me from picking up a living snake with my bare hands.

New York was so lit up that night, and it was only the sky that gave the hint of the darkness of the night. The traffic never seemed to ease. People seized different opportunities to move on the street.

One of the things that made the four of us having fun together very special and at the same time strange is that we never planned anything beforehand.

We usually left it to spontaneity. And though we had agreed, we were sightseeing New York City in this RV, but we were sure of doing lots of crazy things on our way, and if we did, then my nickname was back…

And like the city itself, we did not sleep but did crazy things. And when the sun of the next day was being given birth to, we watched the beauty over at the Harbor.

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