We Rented an RV and Parked on Florida Beach

Every Christmas, my family goes on vacation. Last Christmas, Dad had announced a week earlier that we would be travelling to Georgia for vacation. We were a little unhappy because we were used to spending Christmas in Georgia, and we wanted something new. It didn’t come as a surprise to me when Mom simply told Dad that she didn’t enjoy the last vacation. Dad was sorry. He didn’t like the fact that his family didn’t enjoy the vacation, so, he promised we would visit somewhere different this year.

It was only a few weeks to Christmas already. Shania, my younger sister, asked Mom about Dad’s plan for Christmas.

I don’t know,” was Mom’s response.

We became sad, thinking there wasn’t going to be a trip anymore. Shania started crying. She cried until Dad entered the house and told us we would be going to Florida. Shania screamed happily, Mom was happy. I was trying to imagine what our vacation would look like in Florida when Dad asked:

What do you think Henry?”

Sounds good,” I replied. The thought of how Florida would be started rushing down my head. Unlike the last Christmas vacation, this was going to be fun-filled I kept thinking.

I have heard my friends talk about Florida and its beaches. Jasper Mill, my best friend, once said he had been to the city of Miami and while he was there, he had so much fun. “Miami is in Florida too,” I whispered to myself. I was very happy. I dashed out of the house to meet Jasper at his house. I saw him playing games with Freddie, his younger brother and I joined in the game.

We’re going to Miami,” I shouted.

Miami?” Jasper asked.

Yeah, my Dad just announced we’ll be going to Florida,” I said.

Well, there are many places in Florida. My family is also going to Florida for vacation but not in Miami this time,” Jasper said.

Where are you going this time?” I asked.

We’re going to Fort Lauderdale” he replied.

I walked back home wondering where in Florida Dad had mentioned. I quickly remembered that he only mentioned Florida. I ran home to ask Dad.

Dad! Dad!! Where are you?”

I’m in the living room,” he replied. I met him with Shania and Mom watching their favorite television show, and they wouldn’t miss that show for anything.

Where in Florida are we having our vacation?” I asked

In Fort Lauderdale,” Dad replied.

I was happy. “It’s going to be on a beach,” he quickly added.

A beach?” Mum, Shania and I asked in unison.

Of course. We’re going to rent a Recreational Vehicle on the beach for the vacation,” Dad replied.

Everyone was excited. We had never had a vacation on an RV. This was going to be a new experience; I wondered how it was to stay on a beach. It’s surely going to be fun. The next day at school, I announced to my friends that my family was going to have a vacation on an RV in Fort Lauderdale. They were all happy and wished their parents had such plans for them too. Jasper was the happiest because his family had the same vacation plan as mine except for the RV.

Five days to Christmas, we started out for Fort Lauderdale. We packed everything that we needed for the vacation. Mom and Shania carried their cameras along. They didn’t want to miss any moment on the beach. The Mills (Jasper’s family) had gone the day before.

The journey from Alabama to Florida is a very long one. We drove past tall trees, forests, several parks, and beaches. It was exhausting, and I dozed off. A distant scream woke me up, and I realized that we were already in Fort Lauderdale. Dad had made arrangements for the RV rental, and everything was ready on our arrival. There were different kinds of RVs on the beach.

They include Motorhomes, campervans, caravans, fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers, and truck campers. Ours was a Motorhome with four berths. We were all excited. Shania and I quickly dropped our bags and ran out to the beach. I took off my shirt and jumped into the water. Shania wasn’t left out of the fun. She took pictures of me playing in the water.

Vacation in Fort Lauderdale was fun. I met Jasper on the beach with some boys. We played together, talked about girls and many other things we saw right there on the beach. A young boy named Desmond came with a classical guitar and taught me how to play. That evening, after Jasper had returned to his hotel room, I met a beautiful girl called Annie. She had come to the beach with her family from Georgia. They had rented an RV parking lot on the beach just like my family. We talked and laughed until we fell asleep.

The next day was the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. It was a tradition that had lasted 50 years and which had turned the city into the yachting capital of the world. The boats on display ranged from super yachts to small canoes. It was a formidable experience. There were different boat displays and swimming competition. We weren’t good at swimming, so we joined the family dance game. There were about twelve families who took part in the dance. We sailed through to the finals, and it was my family up against Annie’s, my new friend. We won!!!

The dance organizers gave us customized T-shirts, visors and beach balls. We were also given a special treat for the night. I invited Annie over to dine with us. I introduced her to my mom as my friend.

You are a good dancer,” mum told her, smiling. Annie was shocked to know that Mom had noticed her during the dance competition. Right after the meal, we went for the beach fire night. There were different dances and musical performances at the event; it was fun.

The next day we were set to leave. The thought of leaving Annie and the beach experience made me sad. “We just have to go back home,” mom said after seeing my dull face. Our vehicle arrived for departure. Dad beckoned on me to come and pack our bags after which we headed home. It was an extraordinary experience renting an RV parking on a beach in Fort Lauderdale.

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