Camping Must Have Electronics – Lights, Batteries, Generator

Camping electronics has changed the way of camping drastically. I guess many of you can’t even imagine what would be like to go camping without your chargers or hiking gadgets, although that used to be pretty normal years ago.

Portable power, cooking gear, solar chargers… technology has improved in many fields, and it seems like it won’t stop going forward. Now, bear with me as I am going to cover the most important camping electronics you will need.

Portable power for camping

Some people believe that the real reason for camping is to connect with nature, go far away from the busy life and personal problems, leaving all of their gadgets at home.

I have nothing against that, and in case you decide to stick to that style of camping, you might think that this section is unnecessary, but I highly disagree with that. The portable power source has many benefits which I am about to show you.

Why are the benefits of it?

Three things – comfort and convenience. Without power, many of your devices are useless. And here, I am not talking only about your smartphone, tablet or laptop, but also about your fridge or heater.

So, what is the third thing? Emergency. You don’t want to get lost in the woods or find yourself in a situation when you will need to call for help. Although situations like these are not likely to happen, you need to be careful at all times and the portable power is in your favor in these situations. Your phone can run out of battery, so you will be unable to make a call, or, your GPS will just shut down leaving you stuck in the woods.


Choosing the right battery

There are many things to consider when deciding which battery to buy. To make this as simple as possible, you need to look out for three things:


How would you get the energy? What type of power do you need – solar, wind, gasoline? It is crucial to define your preferences before continuing.


Size affects capacity, but weight as well. Bigger, bulkier chargers can be heavy and impractical to carry, which is why you will need to make your pick wisely.


Measured in mAh, the capacity is showing how many times can you charge a particular device. Of course, this depends on the device as well, but it is good to have a charger with a bigger capacity.

Additionally, there are some other things to take care of. Those include special features, like a number of USB ports, the number of people that are going to use it, the durability of the product, and warranty.



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Best camp cooking gear

Do not forget one very important thing while you are camping – cooking. And in order to cook your food properly, you need the proper equipment. So, what is the best camping gear?

The market is full of great solutions, so it won’t be so tough to find the right one. However, your main focus should be to learn what are the essentials you need to carry.

First of all, you will need some sort of organizers. You can classify your food in plastic containers, bring cans or packaged food, but your food should not be mixed.

Some types of food need to be held under special temperatures, so I would prefer to take a mini-cooler with you. Coolers are small, compact, easy to carry, but they do their job pretty good.

Next, what options do you have for cooking the food? Well, not many, but a camping stove is definitively the best one yet. Camping stoves come in many versions, and the main difference between them is in the power source. Choosing the right one depends on many parameters, including the size and the number of people, but eventually, it is a far better choice than cooking on the fire.

In addition to that, you will need cookware as well. I would suggest using one that is good for the different type of foods and that you can clean it easily.

You will need some dishes as well, including tools like knives, forks, tongs, as well as cups, as there is nothing better than a cup of hot beverage in the woods.

Finally, you will need a cleaning setup. Nobody wants to wash dishes while camping, but it has to be done. You will need some detergent, sponge, and of course water.

There are many manufacturers of camping gear, but I am pretty sure that you have heard of the REI brand. What is so special about it?

REI brand

Recreational Equipment Inc., or known as REI is an American corporation that specializes in camping gear, hiking goods and clothes and other stuff that people who like outdoor vacations and camping might find interesting.

REI camping

As mentioned above, REI is one of the leading manufacturers in this industry, so it is very likely that you find some of their products when searching for camping equipment. Lately, the succeeded in creating pretty cool and useful stuff for your kitchen, that you need to consider.

REI camp kitchen

I did mention what would you need for your kitchen, well, REI can offer you exactly that. From backpacking and stove kits, through many versions of cook sets, up to a roll top kitchen – there is not a single thing that you can’t find. Plus, you should check their camping stoves as well.


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Hiking gadgets 2018

There are many cool hiking gadgets that can make hiking a better experience. Here is the list of several items that will take your breath away.

5. Survival Gear Kits 13 in 1

This kit is designed for emergency situations that no one can’t predict. As an outdoor adventurist, this gear kit is a must-have.

It is lightweight and compact, yet it has many functions. Flashlight, knife, pen, wire saw, and so on, this kit is equipped with anything that you will ever need. It is very durable and practical, so it definitively deserves a place in the top hiking gadgets.

4. LED Headlamp Flashlight

I have always loved the idea of a headlamp – you won’t stumble in the dark, and your hands are free. However, this headlamp doesn’t offer you only this, but several other options as well. You can set the beam to high, low, and you can also use a red beam or flashing.

Don’t worry about having to wear something heavy on your head, as this headlamp is ultra- lightweight, so you won’t even notice that you are wearing it. The bulb shines extra bright, and it is very durable, offering up to 100,000 hours of shining.

3. Letouch Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Extreme weather conditions are not rare in the woods, especially at night when it becomes freezing. However, with this gadget, you don’t have to worry about your hands getting cold.

It is a pebble-shaped warmer that fits perfectly in your hand, and you can carry it in your pocket. Plus, it has a second option which means it can be used as a power bank, to charge your phone or other devices. It is a great thing to have, or give it to someone whose hands are always cold as a present.

2. Luwint 36’’ Diameter Elastic Fishing Gardening Folding Umbrella Hat Headwear

This is not the first product of this type, but it is one of the best for sure. It has a diameter of 36’’, which will cover not only your head but also your arms and this can be quite useful during rains.

When folded, it looks like a normal umbrella, and it is very easy to use. It has an adjustable headband and can fit every head.

1.Coroler Cool Fingerless Led Flashlight Gloves

These are not your regular gloves, although they look like that. They are extra comfortable, easy to use, and have more than one function.

Believe it or not, you can use these gloves to glow in the dark and do each task easily. Hiking in the dark is no longer a problem since you are wearing these multi-purpose gloves.

To sum up, camping electronics are very useful, and it would be really bad not to use technology development in order to turn your regular camping into an unforgettable experience.

Not only portable chargers, but there are many more devices that you can take with you on camping. Cooking will be better and hiking in the woods will be easier, and this article will be your guide on how to do that.

Personally, I hope that with the info given in this article you will understand the importance of using camping electronics, and find the stuff you needed.


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My Experience:

It’s the twentieth century, and there are few things that we fear more than being without WiFi. Now, in that sort of superficial and not so serious topic, things can get worse. Imagine being without WiFi, phones, laptops, tablets, any internet at all, phone signal, none of that. Plus, you’re in a moving vehicle that you can’t ever direct back home. It sounds terrible, horrible, right? But what if no, you’re not kidnapped. It’s your family’s vacation, and your mother has insisted that there will be no technology at all on the trip.

This is exactly what happened to me. Summer was about to end, and the weather was feeling a little cooler. My older sister and I were looking forward to whatever our parents had planned for this year’s vacation. We always traveled somewhere around this time of the year. I insisted that we should go back to Mexico; my sister was begging to go to Florida. We never expected to hear we wouldn’t even be leaving the state of Texas.

It turns out that our parents had been discussing the situation privately and, unluckily for us because it proved exactly their point when they came to tell us their decision my sister and I had been on the living room in complete silence each one staring at our phones respectively.

You girls always talk about seeing the world,” my mom said, “but you don’t even know your state!”

At which point my sister and I sighed, already getting an idea of where this was going…

But there’s more…” she said.

My dad suddenly looked shy and even scared. My sister and I got worried, and my mom looked mischievous… What she said next I don’t think I remember. I probably blacked out when she said “no phones.” She explained that we would be exploring the state of Texas for a week or so, driving an RV, camping, distancing ourselves from all technology. It was useless for me to try to explain to my mom that the RV in itself was technology and that if we were allowed to use a vehicle then what even was the problem with phones. If she wanted zero technology, then we might as well leave on top of horses. But I was certain that comment wouldn’t help my case. I had been hoping that my mom would change her mind. But no such luck. One day she simply showed up home driving the infamous RV, and we were good to go.

In her defense, it was true that we might have been a little too attached to our phones and the worlds behind the screens. Sure, there were emergencies and things that were more than worthwhile, but honestly, most of it was just silly stuff. We begrudgingly accepted because we knew she was right. Plus, one more point for her, it was true that we knew nothing about our state. And it seemed that it was true, the best way to travel the state of Texas and get a sense of it all was driving an RV across the entire state, camping in state parks, campgrounds, RV resorts, wherever we wanted.

The trip included, at first, more arguments than my mother probably planned. It was like WiFi withdrawal. We tried the Mustang Island, State Park. But our mother made us leave earlier than planned when she discovered my sister was paying some people to use their computer for a few minutes. The beach was absolutely wonderful, though. When you’re at the north of the state, you don’t even imagine there are actual beaches like these on Texas.

Then there was the Davis Mountains State Park, a complete change in atmosphere. The mountains were magnificent, but a little tricky. We enjoyed it there, I think. The fresh air, all the trees, it really captured our attention. I also captured the attention of one of our guides, who had absolutely zero chances with me. But my mom did catch me using this stranger’s phone for five minutes when I was supposed to give the guide my number… which I didn’t.

It got better though. For example, we made our way to Dinosaur Valley State Park. And you can imagine the number of jokes my sister and I managed to pull. I mean, Dinosaurs, not having our phones, it was just too easy. We tried a little bit of rock climbing. And, of course, there were harnesses and security, we literally made our dad lose his hold and slip off the rock from how hard he was laughing at our jokes. It wasn’t enough to bring our sweet technology back though.

The plot twist to this story was my favorite part by far. We were on our way to Palo Duro Canyon State Park… my sister and I were getting tired about fighting to try and get our phones back. Plus, the scenery this time we couldn’t really ignore. This park was a big deal. And we were going on a guided tour on horses, which had us really excited. The camping was nice as well. The night was beautiful, and I had never seen so many stars in the sky as I did that first night at the Park. However, something strange happened. My sister and I were outside staring at the sky and actually doing what our parents had wanted so badly for us – enjoying the world and staying away from technology, at least by their definition. But just by chance, I happened to turn back to look at our RV, and I noticed a really interesting thing… An unusual light was seen through the window.

My sister and I investigated quietly and then… Surprise attack. We caught our parents redhanded, using a laptop inside our RV.

Hypocrites!” my sister shouted dramatically.

But in the end, we all had to laugh about it. Luckily, we reached a middle ground of reasonable use of technology, as long as we actually took the time to enjoy the activities the park offered.



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