9 Things To Do Camping in Texas State Parks

Camping at Texas state parks is an experience you should have. The unique and unforgettable experiences Texas state parks offer are what make it a dream location for every camper.

There is never a dull moment when you camp in Texas State Parks. You will have the opportunity to see the second largest canyon in the United States.

Also, you can surf on magnificent sand dunes. And one of the most interesting things I love doing is searching for parrots close to the Rio Grande River.

If you are really passionate about nature, Texas State Parks expose you to different nature’s wonder. A camping holiday in Texas State Parks always provides value for every dollar spent.

To make the best out of your holiday in Texas state parks, we recommend you do any of the following things. They will make your holiday lively and eventful.


Things To Do In Texas State Parks


#1. Perfect Your Rock Climbing Skill

You can actually perfect your rock climbing skills when you camp in Texas State Parks. It feels great to test your rock climbing ability in outdoor.

Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site sometimes host major rock climbing competition, and you can participate. This will help you to perfect your rock climbing skills.

As you plan your camping holiday in Texas State Parks, don’t forget to go with your climbing shoes, crash pad, food, and water.


#2. Explore The Second Largest Canyon In The United States

Exploring Pao Duro Canyon State Park is an amazing thing to do when you camp in Texas State Parks. The Canyon is the second largest in the United States.

It consists of Rugged bright-orange sandstone rock and cliffs. Trust me, and you will have fun when you explore the Canyon.

If you really want to have a Mind Blowing experience, try to spend one or two nights in the Canyon Park and see a wonderful view of the sunrise and sunset in the location.


#3. Go Sand Surfing In West Texas

Sand surfing at the Monahan’s Sand hills State Park is something you can do as a camper in Texas State Park.

Monahan’s Sand hills State Park is a natural wonder you should see. It has over 3,800 acres of dunes, and some of them are 70 feet tall. This is why it is a perfect site for sand surfing.


#4. Spot Rare Tropical & Migratory Birds

A chance to spot a rare migratory bird is an uncommon experience. But you can see this in Texas State Parks.

You are likely to see a red-crowned parrot, green parakeets, and a tropical kingbird. These and many more are among the species of native and migratory birds on the Rio Grande Valley.

For a better view of these birds, we recommend you go with binoculars or long-lens camera.


#5. You Can See Texas Only Wild Buffalo Herd Roam

Do you want to see wild buffalos roaming around? You need to be at Caprock Canyons State Park. You will see Buffalos, deer as well as antelope playing. It is located in the Texas Panhandle.

I don’t want to sound promotional, but the park has several beautiful valleys and mind-blowing geological features. If you want to play in the snow, we recommend you go camping in this location during winter.


#6. Hunt For Dinosaur Tracks

I believe you must have seen movies of Dinosaurs? You can go to Dinosaur state parks to hunt for Dinosaur Tracks. These animals roamed the area millions of years ago, and they left tracks that can still be seen there.

Just be attentive as you hike the park’s 20 miles of trails. The trails will take you to the four available track sites that contain imprints of dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur State Park has a lovely scenic and plaxury river for campers to play in. It is a location to be if you want to have a great camping experience with your family.

It will definitely give your kids a great feeling of joy when they see imprints of dinosaurs. In fact, they will have a tale to tell their friends in school after the holiday.


#7. You Can Paddle The Only Natural Lake In Texas

We aren’t disputing the fact that they are several lakes in Texas. But it has only one natural lake. The lake is called Caddo Lake, and you can decide to go canoeing on the lake.

There are bald cypress trees in the water, and if you keep your eye out, you are likely to see an alligator sunbathing or a white-tail deer foraging beyond the tree lines. Seeing wildlife in their habitats is indeed a great experience you shouldn’t miss for anything.


#8. Discover The Ancient Native American Rock Art

Camping in Texas State parks is actually educative also. There are some historical scenes you will see in some of these parks that will make you appreciate history.

For instance, if you go to Seminole Canyon Park and historic site, you will see examples of over 4000 years old pictographs. These pictographs are work of art by the native Americans who lived along the Rio Grande River thousands of years ago.

Despite the harsh climate condition in this area, they lived in North and West Texas for a while. Although they have left the area, they still have some of their pictographs there. These images give visitors ideas of who these natives were and how they lived their lives.


#9. You Can Do Star Gazing At Big Bend Ranch State Park

This may sound weird, but it is interesting. Stargazing at Big Bend Ranch State Park is something you should try.

Let me remind you of the popular statement “The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas,” you will see what this truly mean when you camp out at Big Bend Ranch State Park.

On a clear night at Big Bend Ranch State Park, you will enjoy a stunning view of the sky celestial wonders. This park gives you a perfect view of heaven, and it is also a great site for taking photographs.


#10. Admire Beautiful Fall Foliage At Lost Maples State Camp or Tyler State Camp

Camp life in Texas is awesome and offers many unmatched experiences. It gladdens the heart to see the beautiful fall foliage at Lost maples state camp and Tyler state camp.

Camping in any of the Texas State parks is interesting. It is fun, educative and entertaining. I am certain of the fact that you will spend an awesome time with your family and friends there.

Safety Tips To Apply In Any Of The Texas State Parks

We all know that camping in Texas State Parks is exceptional and mind-blowing. But you have to adhere to some safety tips to stay safe, otherwise fun can go wrong.

We have heard painful stories of people who neglected basic safety tips in Texas State Parks. It is not a good experience. To be safe always, take the following safety tips seriously;

Keep Watch On Your Children At All Time

When you are parking with your family, remember that your children are your responsibility. Keep watch on them at all time.

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