Why Your Dog Needs a Camping Tent?

You finally got to your camping destination. The tents are out the van, and everyone gets down to pitching. Within minutes you are all done and happy with how the evening is turning out. All except for one member of your lovely family. Your furry friend who is feeling out of place in all the excitement.

Your pup wonders why he did not get a camping dog tent as well. Remember he enjoys his indoor crate or outdoor dog house back at home. Tagging him to a camping trip without sorting his accommodation leaves him stranded. He definitely feels like an extra in your epic camping story.

How do you ensure your dog does not feel left out as you prepare to enjoy a weekend of camping? Easy, you could get him his own camping dog tents.


Why Your Dog Needs a Camping Tent

Why would you invest in camping dog tents? A lot of dog owners who double as camping enthusiasts ask themselves this question. Dogs are always welcome in our tents or sleep outside like any other animal. Getting one more tent sounds like a waste of money.

Dog camping tents are different from the tents we know of. They suit a furry four-legged creature that loves to play and explore. If you get your pooch his own pet tent, these are the benefits he will rip.

1) He feels comfortable while sleeping

Human beings love to feel comfortable and protected when they sleep. It is the same for animals and pets. Your pooch will enjoy his resting time because he has his own snoozing pad as well. He will not have to keep tossing and turning because the ground under him feels hard.

Add his favorite blanket and squeaky toy in the tent. When he is not sleeping, he will be busy lying down and biting at his toy. This is a great pass-time especially when you have to leave him behind for a while.

2) Protection from insect bites

Insects, especially the blood-sucking kind, love to prey on a new host. If your dog is sleeping on the ground, he becomes easy prey to ticks, fleas, or mosquitoes. No one would want to wake up to a pet that has bite marks all over its body. Some insects also carry parasites that could make your dog sick. So getting your pooch a camping dog tent protects him from nasty bites and diseases.

3) Protection from animal attacks

Out in the wild are animals bigger and more ferocious than your adorable pooch. A mountain lion could stray into your campsite and inflict serious wounds on your pet. Your dog may decide to fight a poisonous snake and end up getting bitten. A dog camping tent creates a barrier between your beloved pup and the lurking animal outside.

4) He is safe from weather elements

Let’s not forget it can get really hot or cold at the campsite. Your dog will need a place to lay down and protect himself from the scorching sun outside. He will also need a well-insulated dog tent that keeps the cold away at night.

5) He has his own personal space

Dogs love their own secret haven where they can exercise their mischief. Getting them a pet tent is a good way of telling them you respect their privacy. In his own tent, your pooch is free to chew on a bone, walk around in muddy paws, or leave pet hairs all over. You also feel better that you do not have to put up with all his mischief in your own tent.

6) Ease of cleaning

Camping dog tents are smaller than normal human tents. They are easy to set up, take down, and clean. Most pet tents feature a tough fabric that is easy to clean. When you are back at home, throw the tent inside your washing machine to clean it. You do not have to spend hours scrubbing paw prints off your own tent.



5 Best Camping Dog Tents

Best Choice Mesh Canopy Tent: Best for Summer

This pet tent looks like a cool mini-trampoline for your pup. It features a breathable fabric that ensures the comfort of your pet. You also have a canopy over the bed to protect your dog from harsh weather.

Best Choice dog camping tent features a meshed fabric that is breathable. This provides a cool resting place for your pet when it is hot. Four stands keep the tent elevated to protect your pup from anything slithering on the ground.

This pet tent mounts on a strong steel frame for durability. The canopy is detachable when the weather is overcast. It allows your dog to enjoy the fresh air as he takes in more of his surroundings.

The tent is easy to fold and pack in its own convenient carrying case. The fabric is also light and easy to clean.

For only $32.99, your dog will look forward to camping with you in his own tent too.

Jespet Dog Tent and Play Pen: Best for Pet-sitting

Jespet camping dog tent is an octagon-shaped outdoor pet crate your dog will love. It is spacious with two zip-down doors for easy access. The tent features eight mesh windows for air circulation. This product also comes with a meshed roof that opens with a zipper.

This camping tent has two storage compartments. This is where you keep your pet’s leash, clean-up bags, as well as treats. The walls of the tent feature high-quality seams that protect the tent from ripping.

Jespet pet tent boasts of a durable water resistant fabric. This fabric is lightweight and tough for the outdoors. It makes it easy to take down the tent when not using it. A convenient storage bag makes it easy to transport the tent.

Best Pet Supplies Cave Tent: Best for Trained dogs

This camping dog tent is fluffy and offers the best comfort. The entire tent is a mixture of corduroy, linen, and faux suede. While the interior feels silky and comfy, the outer part is tough and weather resistant.

Best Pet Supplies pet tent measures 16 by 16 by 14 inches. The tent features one opening which is the door. Not only will your dog find it easy to get it he also enjoys the privacy that comes with the tent.

The enclosed tent design provides ample shade in hot weather. The breathable fabric soothes your dog as he sleeps through the afternoon. When the tent gets dirty, toss it inside a washing machine, and that’s it. The outer corduroy fabric does not stretch when washed.

My Deal Play Pen Tent: Best for Toy Breeds

This pet tent is ideal for your beloved poodle or pug. It measures 24 x 24 x 26 inches making it compact enough for a toy breed. MyDeal camping dog tent comes with three mesh windows to keep the inside aerated.

You do not need special tools to pitch this pet tent. Pull the tent out of the bag, and it pops open. The storage case includes camping hooks to secure the tent in one place. The tent’s design feature es a roof canopy that provides enough shade for the furry munchkin below.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose tent, this is the product to go for. When folded flat, this tent acts as a pet barrier in your car. No more sudden licks on your neck when trying to overtake the car in front. The tent fabric is all-weather resistant making it perfect for the outdoors.

Yacee Camping Dog Tent: Best All-in-One Tent

If you are looking for the ideal tent that homes your pup while away, this is the product to get. Yacee pet tent features an inbuilt fleece bed that is super comfy. Your pup only needs to walk right in and take a snooze.

This pet tent has two partitions. The first side is a meshed enclosure which acts as the playpen. Your pup will enjoy goofing around the tent as he remains cool in hot weather. The meshed walls allow him to see his human family is close and know that he is not alone. The other part of the tent features a water-resistant fabric. When it gets too hot, your pup only needs to scoot to this covered side for some shade.

Yacee pet tent comes with a zippered door. This is your dog’s main entrance to his safe haven. The zipper helps keep your pup safe in the tent when you leave him behind. The walls of the tent feature quality seams that make the tent rip-resistant. The tent remains intact no matter how much your dog bites and scratches at it.

DIY Dog Tent

If you did not budget for a commercial camping dog tent, you can easily build one at the camp. You can build a DIY dog tent using simple material like wooden sticks and a piece of fabric. Find a level ground to pitch the tent in. Once erected, place a blanket inside to keep your pet warm and comfortable.

Dog Camping Accessories

Do you know what goes well with camping dog tents? An array of dog camping accessories to make your pup’s life comfortable. Here are some accessories to include in your dog’s camping budget.

Collapsible pet bowl

Your dog will need a clean bowl for feeding and drinking. A collapsible travel bowl is perfect because it is convenient to carry. Modern collapsible dog bowls feature a water-resistant interior to prevent against leaks. They also open up to two bowls that help you feed and hydrate your dog.

Dog hiking backpack

You will need a place to keep all of Bingo’s camping essentials. A dog camping backpack carries doggy treats, grooming tools, poo bags, and dog leash. You can also fold the collapsible pet bowl and tuck it in there somewhere.

Dog Camping Gear

A dog camping gear is a convenient way to ensure you have all the camping essentials your dog needs. A dog camping gear acts as a travel organizer for your dog’s camping supplies. Inside you have food storage bags that keep food fresh and tasty. You also have many pockets for storing leashes, pet medication, doggy treats, water, and first aid kit. A dog camping gear comes with readily collapsible bowls for serving your dog his meals.

Dog stakes

Do you own an energetic dog with an adventurous backbone? Put all your worries to rest by getting a dog stake. This is a durable leash that you tie to a metal stake. The stake digs into the ground and one part of the leash attached. It helps to keep an eye on your dog while on camp.

Dog stakes come in different sizes to determine a safe roaming distance for your dog. Stakes also come in handy if you are playing with your dog. If he gets too excited, there are zero chances of him wandering off unnoticed.

More Dog Camping Tips: Leaving Your Dog at the Campsite

If you leave your dog at the campsite, you have to ensure he remains comfortable. Ensure you feed him and leave enough water to last him while you are away. It helps if you leave him with some of his best pet toys to keep him busy.

For dogs that love to wander, a playpen or stakes can help minimize their movement. If he will be in his tent for the rest of the day, leave all the windows opened. You do not want your pup to roast in the afternoon heat.

Dogs become restless or agitated when left alone for long. Some even develop a destructive habit out of loneliness. If you are going to leave your dog behind, do not go away for hours. Your pup will need you sooner to feel safe and loved again.


It is possible to make your dog feel extra special while out camping with him. Getting one of the above camping dog tents ensures he stays safe and comfortable throughout the period you are camping. What other pet accessories are vital for your beloved pooch? Comment below and let us know.

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