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Pros and Cons of Class B Motorhomes(aka Campervan)

Looking at the several types of motorhomes, class B motorhomes, or rather camper vans, are more compact, and people usually have this picture of an olive VW van and somewhat flower power. Well, camper vans are more than the definition of a stereotype- they come in a variety of appearances, colors, floor plans, and amenities. Here, we shall look at how class B motorhomes look like, along with its advantages and possible disadvantages.

About Camper Vans

Camper vans have a condensed design and retractable benches that convert into beds. Some spacious vans will have permanent beds at the back, or even a penthouse bedroom with one bed lifted on top. They also have a compact eating, cooking, as well as bathroom facilities built-in. Bathrooms are equipped with showers with some models combining both the toilet and bathrooms (wet bath). The van also consists of a small kitchen unit with a single countertop. A mini-fridge is also included.


Most class B motorhomes have a fuel tank size of 25 to 35 gallons and provide a relatively efficient gas mileage as compared to other kinds of RV’s. They are built on a regular van chassis, with small or no extensions. Chrysler, GM, Dodge, Benz, and Ford are some of the engines that are power class B motorhomes.

Advantages of Class B motorhomes

1. Cost

Not to say that they are the cheapest vans in the market, but class B motorhomes have a relatively lower price tag than other types of motorhomes. The price also cuts across fueling as the vans are lighter and consume less gas than its counterparts.

2. Weak Towing Capabilities

You might not need an extra vehicle since camper vans have almost everything you’ll need. However, these type of motorhomes come with towing abilities that may allow you to bring your favorite motorsport vehicle to use outside your motorhome. As long as it fits the required weight restraints, a class B would definitely tow it along.

3. Easy to Park

Camper vans are compact and on the outside look more or less than a standard van. The benefit to its size, allows you to park in any normal parking space within the city. You can pull over at your nearest store, or park at your favorite sports ground for an hour or football. Larger Rv’s may give you a hectic time, and you may be forced to come with your primary vehicle for easy maneuverability.


Disadvantages of Class B Motorhomes

1. Costs

Again, when buying class B motorhomes, you need to be very careful. Most high-end camper vans ($100,000 to $180,000) may not live up to its expectations. The space is still limited, and you may consider an entry-level class A motorhomes with similar price tags.

2. Size and Features

The size of class B motorhomes may be an advantage to some RVers but a huge disadvantage to others. Since class B is the smallest rv type, a day out with this vehicle may not be suitable for the whole family. If you rely more on space and features, then the class B may not satisfy your needs.

3. Sharing risks

As you’re aware, your vehicle is also your home. However, the downside of having both under the same machine is in the case of a mechanical breakdown. Your entire home might be jeopardized, and amenities that depend on the vehicle’s power suffer the loss. At this point is where some travelers go for travel trailers.



Class B Motorhome Buying Tips

When it comes to buying a camper van, it is important to consider factors like, where you will be camping, your budget, as well as the type of camping you intend to go. For instance, if you plan to camp in national parks or in open space areas then your ultimate type of motorhome would be class B. If you have a low budget, or just want to camp for the weekend, you might want to check out renting options for used camper vans. Remember, class B motorhomes typical cost between $60,000 to $180,000: so if you plan to use the motorhome for a short term, renting out becomes a cheaper option.

Campervans may not have the spacious luxury that is bundled in other RVs, but are good vehicles for those excited to start camping with motorhomes. There are so many class B models, each with unique features and amenities. Once decided, you shouldn’t have a problem choosing the one that fits your ideal. You may juggle through the different types of RVs, but if the camper van is your choice, then keeping this information in mind will come a long way.

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