How Much Does a Class B RV Cost? (prices of 24 models)

A class B RV can cost $70k-$160 depending on model and options.

Class B Rv price comparison:


1. Airstream Interstate, $80k-$160k

This particular company became popular because of their streamlined silver bullet trailers; however, the new version of the Airstream manufactures some of the most well-known and well-rounded Class B RVs out there. The manufacturer is adept at producing some innovative safety features which have made this RV one of the best on the market in its own category.

You’ll come across several Interstate versions for various types of motorhomes; however, all of them include several stylish features such as solar panels, leather seating, anti-fog windshield, tankless water heater, and so on. In case you’d like to go for a comprehensive Class B, then this one will be undoubtedly your best choice.


2. Winnebago Revel, $130k

Winnebago and RV go along with each other, and although the company is not as famous as it was before, it still manufactures a fantastic product. The Winnebago Revel is a glaring example of this type of motorhome. In fact, it is the best combo of luxurious as well as sporty features that one will get at this price.

As compared to the previously mentioned Interstate, this particular RV uses an innovative Mercedes Sprinter chassis for supporting a robust 4×4 drive. You will likewise come across a 140 cubic foot garage where you can store your fishing poles and kayaks, wet-bath, dinette, effective diesel-driven heating, as well as a comprehensive gallery within this compact motorhome. On top of this, a robust 3-liter double-diesel powertrain will carry you along with all these amenities anywhere you want.




6. RoadTrek CS Adventurous, $150k

This Class B motorhome from RoadTrek has been manufactured based on the immensely popular chassis of Mercedes Sprinter. The RV is a fantastic choice for any person who likes to take pleasure in RVing to various locations. Moreover, you’re going to feel comfy anywhere your RV takes you irrespective of the location.

The big frameless windows, the awnings found in the exterior of the RV, and the super-cool ground effects provide optimum comfort to the people who are on board the motorhome. The interior of the RV will provide enhanced seat-down or stand-up shower, an innovative in-floor radiant heat, adequate space for slumbering for as many as six individuals, and so forth. In fact, it will seem to you that you are checking in a sophisticated resort while you are walking into this particular RV.

Class B RVs are ideal for all those individuals who like to start using RVs but are not sanguine exactly where to begin, particularly while it comes to towing a trailer. Make your research before selecting the appropriate Class B RV for your own requirements.

7. Hymer Aktiv, $85k

8. ModVan CV1, $77k

9. Carado Axion, $75k

10. Free Bird, $40k

11. Glampervan, $30k

12. Off Grid Adventure Van, $60k

13. Roadtrek Simplicity SRT, $75k

14. Roadtrek Zion SRT, $90k

15. Roadtrek E-trek, $160k

16. Roadtrek 210 Popular, widebody, $130k

17. Winnebago Touring Coach Paseo, $115k

18. Winnebago Touring Coach Travato, $90k

19. Winnebago Touring Coach Era, $125k

20. Pleasure Way Ascent TS Class B Motorhome, $130k

21. Pleasure-Way Tofino Camper Van, $70k

22. 5 Mars Imagine, $95k

23. Midwest Automotive Designs Passage 144, $130k

24. Dolphin Motor Coach Dolphin, $130k

Note the prices will vary due to the options you select.



How much you need to spend depends on the kind of camping are you planning to do.

This is the most important thing while you are searching for RVs. In case you prefer to go for primitive camping or like to use your RV for hiking or climbing, a basic Class B motorhome will deliver the goods. Class B RVs can be available as either basic or fancy according to your preferences.

For instance, a couple will be just fine in a Class B RV, and they can even upgrade the vehicle in case they want. In case you’re planning to live in the RV permanently, or you want to bring the entire family along with you, you should go for a bigger Class A or Class C. In fact, bigger RVs will provide you with more glamorous features including roomy living areas, dryers, washers, as well as in-vehicle office stations.

 Where you want to go camping?

The type of motorhome or RV that you want to purchase will depend to a great extent on where you want to go camping. In case you are interested in camping in open areas, national parks, or even boondocking, you should go for a Class B motorhome. This is because you will not find it challenging to park any Class B motorhome and they are also easily maneuverable. As a result, they would be permitted in the majority of the campgrounds and national parks out there. On the other hand, Class A and Class C RVs are going to be more restricted to RV parks along with the features and amenities because of their big size.

 What should be your budget?

Used as well as new RVs can demand a substantial price range. Make it a point to figure out how much you want to invest for the RV since this will enable you to restrain yourself in case you become too much enthusiastic after coming across an attractive motorhome out there.

Bear in mind that used RVs often come in a decent condition. In case you are searching for an RV which you will use for your summer travel or on the weekends, it would be prudent to go for slightly used Class B RVs. However, a brand-new RV will be appropriate for you in case you have decided to spend your whole life on the road.


Essential queries to ask while getting a used Class B RV so you can save some money:

Trailer Frame – Try to find out whether there is any obvious indication of damage to the frame of the RV that might indicate a collision. Also, verify whether there is any sign of rust in the RV. The presence of rust will indicate that the RV is not in proper condition which might entail expensive repairs as well as maintenance expenses in the future.

Brakes – This is a very important thing that you must consider when looking for any Class B RV. If you want to go for a vehicle featuring a drivetrain, it is vital to be sure that the brakes are in proper condition. It is a fact that the RVs are quite heavy, and therefore it is important for the brakes to be strong enough to make the vehicle come to an abrupt stop if required.

Leaks – Make it a point to verify the floors and the ceilings of the RV for any leak, soft spot, windows, or any insulated doors. It can be quite expensive to repair the leak, and this must be taken into account while looking for an RV.

Inverter – An inverter will be required to convert the DC power to the AC power for the appliances while you are traveling on the road. Ensure that the RV which you are planning to purchase features an inverter which is in proper working condition.



What is it imperative to know regarding the Class B Motorhomes?

Unlike the Class A motorhomes, the Class B RVs are much more compact and smaller in size and they resemble outfitted vans which provide the nickname of a conversion van or a camper van to them.

Class B RVs are much bigger as well as taller as compared to a regular full-sized van which offers adequate room for sleeping as well as residing. On most occasions, Class Bs happens to be the most compact of all and provide the minimum number of features unlike the other types of motorhomes out there.

A plethora of benefits are provided by the Class B motorhomes out there which might be difficult for you to come across with other kinds of rvs at present.

1. Maneuverability and size

Class B RVs, as mentioned earlier, happen to be the smallest types of motorhomes out there. Although this might seem to be a negative aspect, it provides lots of benefits all the same. Apart from being mobile, Class Bs are also maneuverable. This implies that any beginner in terms of driving an RV can come to terms with it after driving only several miles.

This likewise indicates that Class B will be able to go just about anywhere which any standard automobile can and will also consume the same amount of parking space as well. In case you have forgotten something after arriving at your destination, there is no reason to worry because you can drive back to the local outlet without any problem at all. Since they are small they get better gas mileage than class A or C.

2. Price

It is a proven fact that Class B RVs are costlier as compared to a regular van. However, they are usually not as expensive as the other motorhome options on the market. In fact, class B RVs are more inexpensive at the pump since they are lighter in weight and usually come with much better fuel economy as compared to the other motorhomes on the market.


Drawbacks of Class B Motorhomes:

1. Features and Size

As mentioned earlier, Class B RVs happens to be the smallest in size amongst all the different types of motorhomes out there, and size can prove to be a major issue in some cases.

The Class B RV might not be a prudent choice for taking out the entire family. In fact, it is intended for a limited number of individuals where five happen to be the maximum. This compact size likewise implies that the passengers would be struggling to outfit the Class B RV with loads of amenities and features.

For this, it would be a sensible idea to go for a kitchenette rather than a regular kitchen, and in case you like to go for a toilet on board, it would be advisable to opt for a compact-sized wet bath. Thus it is evident from the above information that the Class B RV is not ideal for any individual who is looking for plenty of space as well as features.

However, it is going to be a fantastic choice for those individuals who don’t like to shell out an excessive amount of money for purchasing a motorhome and do not require too many features and amenities so as to remain satisfied. They have the propensity of traveling with only a small family or maybe with only their sweetheart. The most authentic way to figure out whether a Class B motorhome is ideal for you would be to discuss with other individuals who have used this sort of motorhomes in the past.


What can be expected from a Class B Motorhome?

Despite the fact that no two Class B motorhome is identical, there are some particular features which you’ll find in almost every model out there. Some of these have been mentioned below:

Awning: Your living space can be extended with the help of an outdoor awning which is found in almost every type of Class B motorhome.

In-Couch Bed / Murphy Bed: Murphy, as well as fold-out beds, will be able to fold into the furniture or wall when none is not using them. This will help to save space eventually.

Galley/Dinette Kitchen: You will not find any room for a kitchen (of full size) in a Class B motorhome.

Compact Stovetop: You will seldom come across in excess of a couple of burners in a Class B RV; however, two burners will be adequate for most of them.

Wet-Bath: This is a combination of shower or toilet stall and is the most effective manner to clean yourself while you are on board a Class B.

Sleeps 2-4: We have already mentioned earlier that Class B happens to the smallest type of motorhomes at present, and therefore, it might not be possible to bring the entire family.

Front-Wheel Drive: You will seldom come across an all-wheel-drive Class B motorhome at present although a 4×4 option is offered by some rugged mortals out there.

Fuel Efficiency: Traditionally speaking, Class B RVs happens to be the most fuel-efficient RVs at present.




Let us hope that after going through all these above-mentioned guidelines on purchasing a Class B RV, you will not find any difficulty to pick the one for your requirements. However, do not forget to make research and look at the online reviews which will give you a fair idea on this matter. You might likewise ask your known individuals for recommendations that have used these sorts of vehicles in the past.

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