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What is Better, Gas or Diesel Class A RV?


What is the difference between a gas or diesel RV? A gas engine is the better choice for most people, especially those that drive 6k miles per year or less.


Diesel RV

If maintained very well, a diesel engine can run for a longer period. If you are planning on RVing full-time, this function is an advantage for you. Also, the engine of an RV that runs on diesel will last longer. If you want to sell off your RV, the longer engine life will bring in more monetary value for you.


Compared to gas RV, diesel RV, with very good torque, is better for climbing mountains. The superior low-end torque of the diesel RV is an added advantage when it comes to plying mountainous terrains. Gas RVs find it difficult to maintain speed while climbing. It also consumes more fuel and works your engine harder. Diesel RVs have more towing power than gas RVs.


A diesel RV economizes fuel more than that of gas. Almost always, diesel is more expensive than gas but considering that the diesel will be managed is encouraging.


Gas RV

Gas RVs are good for traveling longer miles than their diesel counterparts. The diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is another aspect of the diesel RV. Before now, it was not easy to come by, but now, retailers like Walmart and most service stations have it.


This expense is unnecessary if you use a gas RV. Gas RV is cheaper than diesel RV and is easier to maintain. However, there is no significant difference in living space.


Having had a closer look at both of them, you can now decide which one to get. Your choice of an RV shouldn’t be based solely on the kind of fuel it uses. There are other factors to consider as well.



Other Factors To Consider


Maintenance; You have to consider the kind of maintenance routine you will employ in caring for your RV. If you plan to stay full time in your RV, you will consider where you will stay during your maintenance routine check. And if you plan to be part-time RVer, you will consider if you will have your RV checked when it is packed.


Travel style; You will consider how often you want to be RVing. Is it regularly? Is it seasonally? Will you RV only weekends and during the end of the year or on vacation? Your answer to these questions will determine the kind of RV to buy.


Size; You have to consider the size of the RV you want. Is it a small one of 25 ft long or smaller? Do you want to get a large RV of 38 ft long or a larger size?


Fuel; The rate at which you want to economize your fuel will determine the kind of RV you will get.

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