What are the effects of a heavy backpack?

Backpacking is all about traveling alone, trying to explore and unleash the bounties that the nature has to offer and be mesmerized with what the world has to offer. What sets it apart from traditional vacations is that there are no expensive hotel bookings and no extended family to look around while taking care of stakes of luggage.


All you need to do for backpacking is gather your essential items, through it in a shoulder bag designed for traveling and reach out to your destination. You can stay in hostels, inexpensive rooms or even set a camp while trekking on the rugged of path. Eat out of tins and cans and not worry about keeping your expensive gadgets save.


And how can you gain maximum experience out of your backpacking trip?


The idea is to carry a bag that has all your essentials yet is extremely light in weight. Why?


Here are the adverse effects of carrying a heavy backpack while traveling such as:



1.    It will weigh you down

Carrying everything inside a bag all the time is not an easy thing to do. If your bag weighs more than that you can carry, it will definitely weigh you down. With the entire load on your shoulders, you won’t be able to climb up inclinations or come down the sloped easily. You’ll have to stop or leave your stuff behind to enjoy what you love the most.


So, when traveling especially going for backpacking, remember to pack light!



2.    Causes back pain

When you carry load on your back and shoulders for extended periods of time, you can end up with chronic back pain. Walking with a heavy backpack will not only ruin your posture and put strain on your spine, but will also weaken the muscles leading to severe back problems that may result in long term effects.



3.    Risk of an injury

Heavy backpacks will slow you down of course, increasing the risk of falling from slopes, stairs or even slipping at lowest of inclinations and hurting oneself. Also, with the huge backpack on your back, you will be unable to move around with easy, go through tight corridors and spaces leading to unthinkable consequences.



4.    Numbness in the body

Tight straps if not loosened over time can put off circulation to different parts of the body. If you carry heavy bags with tight straps for extended periods of time, the circulation of blood to your hands and muscles can be disturbed, leading to tingling and numbness in the arms with effects that may cause long terms damage.


Whether you are traveling for short or long span of time, it is also advisable to carry load that one can easily manage. Why? This sis because putting load that is hard to bear on your shoulders and back can cause irreversible damage to your body. So, whenever you set your foot outside to travel the places your adore, pack lightly to enjoy everything to the fullest.

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