What is a Fire Ring for Camping?

Campfire is one of the most beloved outdoor tradition. People love to gather around it and cook food during camping activities. Probably, it is the best part of any camping tour.

When you are interested in building a fire during a camping tour, it should not be done anywhere on the campgrounds.

If you create an exterior boundary and keep your wood within that. This designated area is known as a fire ring, and there are several versions of it. the primary reason for building a fire ring is to lessen the impact while keep fire contained in it.

Before you start preparing a fire ring at your camping site, it is always important to ask your campground operator whether the fire is permitted in the area or not. Note that, it is not allowed to fire in some areas, especially during dry periods when fire can cause major destruction to the natural elements around. In case if you are enjoying camping at some undeveloped site, it is important to check with land administrating agency; chances are that you need a permit to campfire. Experts advise evaluating the entire site before firing. When you are planning to fire it in an area with low hanging branches, the fire must be limited to small area, and it should not ignite a wildfire.

If you are in the backcountry, the chances are that you will find an existing fire ring within which you can again lit your woods. A new one can be built during emergency conditions online. No matter how long you stay there, it is important to clean the area once you are done. The flammable material must be handled very well so that it couldn’t harm the entire forest.

Safety considerations for building a fire pit:

·         It is advised to be more careful while selecting the place for a fire ring. It must be away from shrubs, trees, dry grasses, and anything else that may burn.

·         Take some time to observe the prevailing winds in the area; make sure you choose a location that is well protected so that coals cannot blow out of the pit.

·         Before building your campfire ring, check that there are no overhanging branches or tree roots that may otherwise catch fire.

·         The flammable debris must be cleared including pine needles, sticks, and leaves; at least for almost ten feet area around.

·         The fire ring must be created on the bare soil, sand, or gravel.

·         A bucket of water or dirt pile must be arranged to put out the fire when you are done.

The primary use of a campfire arrangement is to keep people warm, cook food, and create light in the area. Hence, the overall size of the fire ring must be kept accordingly. Make sure its diameter can accommodate all members with ease. It is good to dig a depression in the shape of a bowl at middle of the fire ring; you can burn the wood in this area to make sure that fire cause lesser smoke.

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