What should I pack for long term backpacking?

Backpacking is all about being on your own and getting to enjoy the bounties of nature all around. Without having to book expensive hotel rooms or care for closed ones, backpacking is the complete opposite of a traditional vacation.


It doesn’t require any long time planning, no high budget required and most importantly is filled with adventure and fun. As easy as it may sound, getting ready for backpacking may come as a challenge for many, especially those who wish to step out for the first time. You have a small bag with limited space and a long list of things to take with you.


To make your travel easy and comfortable, it is crucial to pack intelligently.


If you plan on a long backpacking that could last up to a few weeks or months, here are the things that you should pack:



1.    A Backpack

Choosing the right bag for your travel is the most important task. Go for a bag that is lightweight yet spacious so you can easily fit in a few essentials of yours. Also, the locks on it should be steady and be designed out of fabric which is spill proof. This will help keep your things free from getting spoiled and make trekking easier.



2.    Travel Adapter

Even if you plan on visiting a town that is well established, finding the right adapter for your electronic items and gadgets can be one difficult task. So save yourself the pain and before your gadgets run out of power, remember to pack a universal travel adapter for quick charging!



3.    Day Backpack

A great alternative of bigger backpack for shorter routes, the day backpack will come in handy when needed the most. This super lightweight bag can carry you valuables without weighing you down. So when you have to travel a short distance in the day time or jump on the bus for a quick drive, this bag with all the essential items is what you would want to carry along.



4.    Toiletries and Clothing

A few extra packs of toiletries and a pair of t-shirt and trousers won’t hurt anyone. If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, especially to a place with the least human contact, carrying extra toiletries and clothing will help you survive through. It is always better to switch jeans with trouser as not only are they comfortable to travel in but also light in weight, making your backpack super light for traveling.



5.    Security Travel Belt and Padlocks

You wouldn’t want your valuables going missing while backpacking. Carry padlocks in your bags o when you reach a hostel or any point of stay, you can guard your stuff with the locks. Also, a traveling security belt will allow you to keep your money well hidden in the secret compartments. So in times of need, you can quietly take a dollar out and buy whatever is required.


6. Food, water, tent, survival tools


While backpacking, the idea is to carry things that will help you survive through the days rather than carrying things that are used as a luxury. Do not over stuff you bags and keep them light if you wish to enjoy your travels!

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