What should you not bring backpacking?

Climbing up mountains or a trip down the deep forests is a serene experience where you wish to stay in the moment forever. As much as people love to go on long holidays, their budget, most of the time, completely ruins their plans.



Things “NOT” to bring while backpacking

The basic idea behind backpacking is to pack everything essential, things that will help you survive through the days yet not overdo anything, if you’re planning to leave on backpacking soon, here are somethings that you should completely avoid:



1.    A huge backpack

If you’re planning to go on a trip for a few days only, there is no need to carry a huge bag stuffed with extra supplies of everything. Less is more.



This will only weigh you down! So, remember to choose the size of bag according to the duration of your trip!



2.    Extra clothing

As much having an extra pair of jeans or t-shirt is a good idea, while backpacking it is crucial to cut down on extra supplies. And even better is to carry lightweight trouser and t-shirts that will allow you to climb steep slopes without weighing you down.


A pair or two of trousers and shirts are good to go if the trip is a week-long only!



3.    Things that can be bought locally

From toiletries to food items, things that you can easily find locally at your destination should never be carried in extras. A few rolls of toiletries and cans of your favorite food will get you through a few days very easily. And once your supply is nearing its end, buy a few more packs from the local market.



4.    Jewelry and heavy gadgets

Unless you’re a jewelry freak or a digital nomad, leaving these valuable items at home would prove to be a great decision for you. Not only do these items take up ample space in your bag and weigh more but can be lost easily on the way. So, it is always better to leave them behind and enjoy the beauty of nature!


Backpacking can prove to be an experience of a lifetime if planned properly. So if in the near future your planning something as crazy as this, remember to pack the right things and have fun!



From booking flight tickets to managing hotel stay, vacations can definitely take a toll on your pocket. So for all those people out there who love to travel the world, let nothing stop the free spirit inside you and go for “backpacking”.


Backpacking is a longer vacation, more of an individual, low-cost and budget friendly travel where you have everything essential packed in your backpacks. You do not have to worry about staying in expensive hotels, eat in expensive restaurants rather save that money by sharing rooms with hostilities or simply camp out whenever possible.


For some the idea may seem unacceptable, but if you really love traveling and have just a few bucks in your pocket, than this is the best way to go outside and enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer.

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