Can You Boil Water on a Campfire?

In order to have the best camping tour experience, it is good to make some reliable arrangements for campfire. There are lots of things that you need to do for survival, especially when you are out from home for a longer duration.

Boiling water on the campfire:

When you want to boil water on the campfire, the very first thing you need is a water container or bottle made up of metal material. It is easier to place metal vessels on the campfire to execute the task of boiling. You need to wait until it reaches the boiling point and then the bottle can be removed from the fire.

Some dedicated and professional campers prefer to carry all essential safety tools with them on the campsite. You can also use a plastic soda bottle. But if you don’t have any pliers, gloves or other tools to remove the hot metal vessel from the fire, it is possible to follow few simple hacks as listed below:

Look for a Y shaped branch in the forest whose Y shape is approximately three inches long. Put it into the water bottle and create appropriate balance inside. Make sure you secure the Y shape precisely into the shoulder of the vessel so that it can stick inside to carry the bottle.

Another possible solution to handle the hot vessel after boiling the water is using rope toggle. Take a straight stick with dimension wider than the opening of the bottle but little smaller as compared to the shoulders. Attach the rope to the middle of the stick and put it inside the bottle. Once the stick is secured on the shoulders, carry the vessel out of the fire.

Some people prefer to create a tripod for handling water vessel with ease. In this case, you can create a 360-degree rotation for the vessel by using a rope and the poles. The height can be adjusted easily by reducing the length of the rope hanging over the fire.


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One of the most important tasks you may have to execute during campfire is to purify and prepare water for drinking. You might have heard about several methods to execute this task such as using chemicals, filters; but boiling the water on a campfire is the best solution. Experts consider it a sure-proof method that is suitable for both warm and cold weather.

Boiling water on a campfire is one of the most important technique while spending time outdoors. It is one of the essential lessons taught in survival schools. This technique can help you clean or purify water collected from any random source that you find during campfire. Moreover, it is the most viable solution in the wooded areas as all resources are available with ease.

There are so many benefits of using campfire for boiling water; it does not just help you to purify the water; rather, at the same time, it provides warmth, security, and sense of enjoyment as well. You can also cook delicious food on the campfire.

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