What shoes do you wear kayaking?

Keeping yourself comfortable while kayaking should be made a priority. When canoeing or kayaking, one should dress up in a way to keep them prepared for unexpected swim or paddling longer distance.

When going out in the open sea for kayaking, you need to consider both the air and water temperature. Even though you might be fitted well inside the cockpit of your kayak, yet your exposure to the sun and air will remain at place. This is why, when preparing yourself, put on layers that will keep you protected from the harmful rays of the sun and cool at the same time.

Once you have gathered the right clothing and equipment, the next question arises of what kind of shoes should you wear while paddling down the sea. As important as it to have the right set of clothing and equipment in place, choosing the right shoes for paddling plays a crucial role as well.

No matter you going for a long distance paddling in the deep oceans or the beautiful white waters, here are shoes that you should wear while kayaking:

  1. Water resistant shoes(aka water shoes)

Even the most experts of kayaks know at any point of time, they could tip over in the water and have to swim their way to the shore; hence it is advisable to always keep oneself prepared for it.

Rather than choosing traditional sneakers for kayaking, it is better to opt for shoes that are water resistant. Why? This is because these shoes won’t absorb any water and keep your feet dry.

Traditional sneakers will soak up water, making them heavier and difficult for you to swim away, hence go for shoes that are especially designed for water sports.


  1. Boots

For professional kayaks who have to paddle for long and move in and out of the kayak most of the time, boots will keep them comfortable. If you visit a place that needs you to climb up slippery rocks to reach the top, these boots with rugged soles will give you a better grip, saving you from slipping off the cliff and safely reaching your destination.


  1. Sandals

Light in weight and easy to wear, sandals also make a great choice for kayaking. Even if you have to go for a swim, these won’t weigh you down and dry off quickly. The best part it, they are super comfortable when it comes to day long paddling and can be taking off easily, giving your feet sometime to rest.

Choosing the right shoes for the occasion will help you enjoy kayaking to the fullest. Remember to keep your destination in mind and the hours of paddling needed which will allow you to opt for the right footwear. Paddling a kayak requires great effort and thus, you would want to find yourself in comfortable shoes, keeping them safe and protected from getting hurt and blistered.

Like your clothing and kayaking gear, choose your footwear wisely depending on the level of protection you need and you’ll stay super comfortable all the way down to your destination.


Type of Shoe Cost Protection Level
Water Shoes $15.00 Medium
Boots $40.00 High
Sandals $25.00 Low

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