Can you get stuck in a kayak?

For starters, kayak is a tiny craft to look at the first time. People, who are new to this sport, may only upon looking from the outside may find it extremely small, congested and tiny. But is it really the case?

Kayaks may seem tiny but in real are designed beautifully well to accommodate one or two people at a time, along with their tools and equipment. Upon seeing this watercraft for the first time, what question crosses your mind?

Is it too small for me?

Can someone like me get stuck inside?

Well, truth be told no matter what size you are, it is highly unlikely for someone to get stuck inside the kayak.

  • Fitting Every Size

Kayaks are portable, making them easier to carry around for entertainment purposes. These are created to fit one or two people at one time that too along with their belongings, which makes the sports much more fun.

These crafts are highly stable, but incidents to happen in the most un-anticipated hours. In case the weather gets bad, the water may get higher, causing the kayak to get unstable and tip over.

In time when your kayak capsizes, will you get stuck inside and drown?

The answer is a big NO.

Even though the cockpit of a kayak is designed to look smaller, you’ll still fall out of it once the craft capsizes. Humans are made to survive, and before anything bad happens, your brains gets into “fight mode” and commands you to push yourself out of the cockpit and reach safer ground.

In times when things are not in your favor, do not get frantic and anxious or else you may find yourself stuck inside. Slowly push yourself out of the vessel and call for help.

No matter what size you are, fat or thin, tall or short, kayaks are created to fit everyone inside with ease. The cockpit may look smaller from the outside, but once you get inside, you have ample space to breath and move your muscles.


  • The Quick Run Away

Once your kayak capsizes, you need to be quick in getting out. No matter how much you’re carrying with you, leave it all behind and slip out of it in order to survive. You may get a little wet in this case, but even in worst case scenarios, remaining stuck inside this portable craft is unimaginable.

Kayak is a fun sport to go for. People who are adventurous and do not fear water, this is one sport for them to give a try. Just remember to choose the right craft for yourself and the right conditions to go in the water for paddling. But no matter what the conditions are, things can turn quickly and go against you, thus always go prepared.

Practice paddling skills and how to get out of the kayak in case it capsizes just to feel safe and secured. Even though a millions questions may run through your mind while kayaking, but it is definitely one of the safest sports to enjoy today!

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