How Hot is the Water in Yellowstone?

If you have ever been interested in Yellowstone National Park, you must have heard about the exceptional geothermal features and hot springs and geysers in Yellowstone. You might wonder how hot the water in Yellowstone is. Very hot, I would say.

Yellowstone is located at a high altitude and is covered with snow for over six months every year. The average temperature in those days become nearly freezing say, 2.2⁰C. However, during summers, it can be the perfect place to witness the wildlife closely. It is an active geothermal area covering several hot springs and geysers having a temperature of 92⁰C (on average).

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) contains different water bodies, from lakes to rivers, and is considered to be a national water resource.

The water of Yellowstone also fuels the most fabulous collection of geysers on Earth. The groundwater gets so heated by the Yellowstone volcano that it bursts out on the surface in the form of hot springs, fountains, and fumaroles.

Hot springs

Yellowstone is attributed to contain the most popular hydrothermal features in the form of hot springs. You must be wondering, how does water converts into a hot spring. Well, I would like to tell you about the whole process briefly.

The water of hot spring seeps down to the Yellowstone’s bedrock and gets overheated. The open plumbing system helps the hot water to rise back to the surface. However, the convection currents prevent the hot water from causing eruption as it circulates the water continuously.

Old Faithful

Old Faithful is a cone geyser situated in the southwest of the Yellowstone Park. It is quite hot, and it erupts every 60 minutes, on average. The eruptions of Old Faithful are predictable, and a ranger station tracks the time, height, and length of the explosion.

The water of the Old Faithful reaches the temperature of 95.6°C, and the temperature of the steam is measured to be 177°C. So, if you want to enjoy the wild beauty of Yellowstone, you must keep a safe distance from these thermal features.

Acidic hot water

Some mud pots and fumaroles are highly acidic and hot. These acidic hot water bodies can cause severe damage to the skin and can also be fatal. Different incidents have been reported relating to drastic effects of the hot acidic water in Yellowstone.


Well, if by any chance, the idea of swimming in the Yellowstone’s natural water bodies comes to your mind, pull it off right now. One will get boiled if tried to jump in a geyser. Geysers are far too hot for the pleasure of swimming, and above, swimming is illegal in Yellowstone National park.

However, there are some geyser pools, but swimming can be imprudent as the pools can change the temperature and cause severe burns.

You must have come to know the answer to, how hot is the water in Yellowstone? And you should stay at a safe distance while enjoying the natural wildness of the Yellowstone.

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