What size generator for RV

When you’re traveling across the country, you won’t always be able to find an RV campground to rest at for the night. When this situation happens to you, it’s important for you to know what size generator you should buy for your specific RV model so that you can get maximum energy efficiency and wattage for all of your essential electronics and other accessories.

RV length Generator Size
20 foot 1500 watt
25 foot 2000 watt
30 foot 2500 watt
40 foot 3500 watt


There are several different generator sizes, power capacities, configurations, and more out on the market for you to choose from which can make it tough for you to make a final decision about which option is right for your intended purpose.

The size of the generator that you need for your RV depends on a wide range of different factors and variables. One of the first questions to ask yourself is will the generator be able to power your RVs air conditioning unit. If you purchase a generator that cannot power the functionality of your air conditioning unit, you will basically be wasting money. It’s also important to consider any other living accessories that you plan to install in your RV.

These accessories can include things like a furnace, air conditioner, small kitchen appliances, and much more. All of these small accessories will also take up certain amounts of power and amps so you need to factor their overall power rating and your expected consumption into the equation also.

Even small tasks such as charging your phone and other smart devices requires some sort of electrical input and transference from your selected generator which is why you need to factor in all of these variables before making your final purchase decision.

You also have to keep in mind that there are several different types of generator fuel out on the market. All of the various fuel options come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages all depending on the size and overall usage of your RVs electrical system. Gas is one of the most common generator fuel types available on the market right now and it can be easily found pretty much anywhere that sells grilling accessories.


Gas generators are also known for being very portable and easy to carry around which is a plus for those that change camping locations on a regular basis. Gas powered generators also tend to be more efficient than other energy sources such as propane powered generators. Propane powered generators are the next most common generator type however they are not known for being long-lasting.

In fact, propane generators have very short shelf lives however they are known to run a light quieter than gas powered generators which is one of the major bonuses to using them. Propane generators burn clean fuel so they are known to be more efficient than gas powered generator options.

The general required amount of generator power for a small to medium sized camper is somewhere around 4,500 watts to 3, 700 watts however you still need to assess how much power your RV consumes when adding in all of the various accessories and plug-ins.


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