List of top 17 kayaking games.(ways to have fun)

The best activity to utilize leisure in the summer season is kayaking.

Following games can make your kayaking more enjoyable.

  1. Kayak Basketball

    Kayak basketball is one of the best games which can increase the enjoyment level of your kayaking. For this game, you only need a ball and two teams. The ball used in this game could be either a tennis ball or a floating squishy. With the cockpit as a basket, each team’s goal is to make a shot in another team’s basket. The team that scores first, wins the match. Therefore, kayak basketball is the most preferred game while kayaking.

  2. Kayak Polo

To start with, Kayak Polo is a famous game. To elaborate, one needs cockpits and a ball. Teams score by throwing a ball around the cockpits. This game requires immense sportsmanship, thus enhances team playing skills. To put it simply, Kayak Polo is quite similar to the ordinary Polo game, but the difference is that Kayak Polo is played in pools and ponds while the other one is played on plain ground.

  1. Kayak Volleyball

Secondly, like customary volleyball, kayak volleyball is also an interesting game during kayaking. All you need is a ball (football or volleyball) and a demarcation. Divide the kayakers into two different teams and get them placed on either side of the demarcation. Teams will throw the balls towards their opponents, over the demarcation. If any team fails to hit the ball, the other one will score a point. Similarly, after reaching a certain score, a referee will declare a team as a winner. Undoubtedly, this game is one of the most absorbing games during kayaking.

  1. Tag

After Kayak Polo, the next best game is Kayak Tag. In this type, contestants chase others and whoever gets caught, is eliminated from the round. Such type is mostly preferred by most the kayakers as this game is simple and easy to play – no difficult rules are promulgated. In addition to this, Kayak Polo increases one’s stamina and teamwork. For this reason, everyone should try kayak tag while canoeing.

  1. Kayak Frisbee

Furthermore, Kayak Frisbee has been so popular among the children, and the adults as well. While kayaking, a Frisbee can contribute to multiplying the enjoyment level. To clarify, for playing this game, one needs kayaks, paddles, a whistle, and a Frisbee or a ball that floats. It should be noted that clear boundaries are set for this game so that paddlers do not get too far apart.

  1. Pirate Ships

    Next to The lost treasure, pirate ship is also a cheerful game while kayaking. To explain, some kayakers are imaginary pirates who try to depredate the other kayaks. Likewise, the other team of kayaks tries to escape the pirates. In other words, we can call it a confrontation between police and thieves. The police try to grab the thieves (pirates), and the thieves try to attack the police. This game is very fascinating, thus recommended for the kayakers.

  1. Scenery Sums

In addendum, to play this game, pick an object that you can see frequently along the banks of the waterway you’re paddling along. Examples of objects include fish, birds, and certain species of trees. This game works best with teams of tandem paddlers. The person in the bow of the canoe or kayak can count objects off the right side of the vessel while the person in the stern count objects off the left side.

  1. Kayak Race

Additionally, another interesting game is kayak racing. In such type of racing, two or more than two kayakers try to reach a destination with no time limit. The one who reaches early as compared to the other is declared as the winner. Interestingly, one can distract the other one to reach his destiny. But the important thing is that the endpoint and the route must be the same for all the kayakers.

  1. Kayak Sprint

Along with Kayak racing, kayak racing sprint is also a fascinating game. To demonstrate, kayak sprint – as same as ordinary – is analogous to racing, but the difference comes in time compulsion. In kayak sprint, a fixed period has been given to a kayaker. He has to run fast over a short distance in that given time. If he fails to do so, he loses the game. This type of kayak game is beneficial in strengthening mental and physical health.

  1. Round and Round

Besides, Round and Round is also a famous game while kayaking. For instance, make two teams. Place a central point around which the kayakers would move. Now direct one team to move in the forward direction and the other one in reverse. Mark a reference point. The team which crosses the reference point more times is considered as a winner. Round and Round can be a good option for kids because the game is too simple to be played. Nonetheless, adults can also play this game, as it enhances teamwork spirit.

  1. Kayak Blindfold

Place a blindfold on one partner, and have him stand on one side of the playing area while the other one stands straight ahead on the other side. With buckets on both ends, each camper without a blindfold verbally instructs their blindfolded partner to pick up one ball at a time and deposit it in the bucket. Then they do the same thing going back, depositing the next ball in the other bucket. The team with most transferred balls wins.

  1. Gunwale Bobbing

Next, the gunwale bobbing is the most preferred game by the adults on kayak. This game is played with two players in one kayak balancing, and facing each other. One must be in the bow and the other in the stern. Their goal is wiggle, and to do anything else to get their partner to fall into the water, aside from actually touching or shoving them. The winner is the paddler who can remain standing the longest. This game might be risky and may be fatal. One must be cautious while playing gunwale bobbing on kayaks.

  1. Animals Galore

Besides, Animals Galore is the favorite game of today’s children. This game starts with one person saying the name of any animal. The second person must say the name of another animal that starts with the last letter of the first animal’s spelling. For example, if the first person says “lion”, then the second person must name an animal that starts with the letter “o”. The last person to name an animal is the winner of the round. Therefore, Animals Galore can be an interesting game for.

  1. The Paddle Game

The players hold the paddles at a distance of one arm length. At the command of the captain “one to the right” each player releases his paddle, rotates one position to the right, and catches the paddle of the next man before it touches the ground. If a player fails to do so, both that player and the person who released the paddle will be disqualified from the game. The game is played until there is only one person left.

  1. The Lost Treasure

the lost treasure is another joyful game. To put it simply, a treasure (it can be anything like a paddle, a ball, or a box) is hidden in a concealed place. Kayakers are directed to find out the treasure. If a kayaker succeeds to find the treasure, he has to bring it to the referee. Conversely, the one who has found the treasure can hide it in another place to make the game more interesting.

  1. Splashing and Kicking

Plus, children love to splash and kick in the water. In this case, start your water aerobic exercise by instructing your child to get a kickboard, lean on it with his upper body and see how big of a splash he can make with her legs. Or, have his kick his way across the pool. Kicking is a good cardiovascular activity and should get her heart rate pumping and glutes warmed up. This game can also be played by splashing water on your counterparts with the help of peddles.

  1. Find Me Out!

Last but not the least, ‘Find Me Out!’ is an enjoyable game for people of all ages while kayaking. This game can be played only in large areas, filled with water. In this game, one kayaker goes beyond the other kayakers so that they could not see him. Once the hidden kayaker shouts “Find me out!” the other kayakers start chasing him. When he is found, the game ends and the other kayaker is set to be hidden.

To encapsulate, the above-mentioned games can multiply the enjoyment of kayakers. Hence, everyone is advised to pick any of the games and make your kayaking more memorable and enjoyable.

Q: Can I play games in a kayak even if I’m a beginner?

A: Of course! Many kayaking games can be adjusted for different skill levels. For example, “Musical Kayaks” is similar to musical chairs, but when the music stops, you have to paddle to a buoy or marker. It’s a fun, low-pressure way to get used to being in a kayak. Just remember, everyone started somewhere, even the pros!

Q: Are there any safety concerns with playing games in a kayak?

A: As with any water activity, safety is paramount. Always wear a lifejacket, and never play games in dangerous water conditions or without supervision. Also, remember that the point of the games is to have fun, not to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in over their head, literally.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to play games in a kayak?

A: Most games require only a kayak, paddle, and lifejacket. Some games might require additional items like balls, ropes, or markers, but these are typically things you have lying around. So you see, a kayak is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a ticket to a world of aquatic fun!

Q: Can I play kayaking games alone?

A: While many games require multiple people, there are also plenty of challenges you can set for yourself, like racing against the clock or maneuvering through a set course. Remember, playing solo games is like being the hero of your adventure movie – it’s all up to you!

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