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Top 9 Kayaking Fears(the list)

Fear is connected with Kayaking directly or indirectly. Plenty of risks are connected with kayaking. Here is the top 9 list:

  1. The first fear of getting capsized

According to me first fear that comes to mind is of getting capsized which is very dangerous, even it can be lethal and for an untrained person, no doubt it will be like heading towards death. To avoid such a situation,one should be trained to avoid such fears. One may take proper classes for it. One may face stuck capsized paddler. If you are not alone then it’s ok, the other paddler would come into action but if you are the only paddler then it can cause problems.

  1. The depth of the water

Naturally, we all fear the depth of water. There may unimaginable depths for kayaking along with bad weather. Therefore, for such areas, a group of 3 paddlers is always safest. In such a scenario it is advisable to travel along the sea shoreline. In case of any emergency, one can easily get to the edge of the sea. It would be a self-rescue program then, but if you train you can easily tackle such situations. It is recommended to take a pump or a drainage device if alone.

  1. Getting lost

People also fear of getting lost in the sea. As was mentioned for an unexperienced person it is recommended to travel along the bank of the water. It is also advisable to keep a compass with yourself or a GPS and you should have also a good battery for charging and keep a bottle full of water with yourself. You can also keep a map with yourself which can help you in a difficult time. If you get lost at sea it can often be a jarring and anxiety-ridden experience.

4. Getting nervous

Each one of us gets nervous when a difficult situation comes but the situation, we are discussing means kayaking it is of course may be dangerous and often the experienced and trained one becomes nervous in certain situations. In such a sort of position, one has to control his nervousness and should try not to be nervous. If you get too nervous your senses may not work properly and you may fall out of your ride. You should relax and should try to think about how to get out of this problem.

  1. Hitting with a rock

This also comes into mind that Kayak may hit with a rock or something hard like a rock. This sort of feeling can weaken your nerves too, during such conditions one cannot think properly and when you do not think properly you can be in trouble. Such situations can be treated best when you get trained by a good teacher. Thus, before kayaking one should get proper training from an expert. This training can make your nerves strong enough to tackle unpleasant incidents. Avoid traveling in rocky areas.

  1. Outside the local area

When the kayaking is outside the local area. For example, water between forests, one may be afraid of aquatic creatures. You may be afraid of an attack from the water. This is also natural we humans often afraid of aquatic animals like crocodiles etc. But relax do not worry this can happen only outside local areas e.g. traveling in the forest area or hilly area etc. This can happen to only those who perform major adventures. An untrained and inexperienced person like us can never do it alone in such areas outside the common locality.

  1. Weather

One may also consider weather issues. Weather can get worse, and if you are kayaking in sea area then it is really dangerous if weather conditions get wrong. It can create serious problems like vision issues if the weather gets worse. Bad weather can bring storm too which can be very dangerous for you especially in the sea area as it was mentioned earlier. To avoid such fears, one should not go out for kayaking in such weather or one should consult a weather forecast before going out for kayaking.

  1. Take Kayaking Lessons

For kayaking lovers, it is advisable to take kayaking lessons from a certified teacher. It will help you much and it will increase your experience. Getting the right training from the right person is essential and must. These lessons can help you in the worst situations during kayaking. Instructors can also be available online; you can search authentic websites and consult the right people to guide you. These instructors not only teach you how to be a good person but will also teach you how to hold your nerves strong.

  1. All the Right Safety Gears

One should take all the necessary stuff especially the safety tools should be your priority. Capsizing, falling overboard, and drowning are all serious scenarios that should be respected and prepared for and the right gears can help mitigate the risk to any serious catastrophe from happening to you. For starters personal floatation device is compulsory, it can reduce the risk of drowning or other major incidents. It is recommended to make a checklist of all the necessary things you need for your safety. Thus, safety should be first.

  1. Slowly Increase the Amount of Time Spent

Gradually you will learn and will gain experience.Try to increase the time of your practice. With time, you will become braver and will learn the essential skills to control various situations in a good and easy manner. As you find yourself spending more and more time training, learning, and becoming brave, you can look back at your past successes with pride. It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect and you will be trained well.

      1. Sharks – watch out.

      2. Alligators – big teeth.

      3. Giant catfish – yikes

A narrow watercraft runs by a double-bladed paddle. The word Kayak has been derived from “Qajaq”. It is made narrower to flow efficiently.

In a nutshell, fear is connected with kayaking because it is related to water and us humans generally afraid of water especially seawater or deep lake. But nothing to worry you can get yourself trained.

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