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Are rooftop tents worth it? (7 Things to Know)

In my opinion, rooftop tents are indeed worth the investment. They provide a sense of safety, offer storage solutions, and are relatively lightweight.

One of the main advantages of rooftop tents is that they keep me safe and comfortable, away from bears, lions, tigers, or other creepy crawling creatures that I might encounter while camping. The elevated position of the tent gives me peace of mind, knowing that I’m not sleeping at ground level where wildlife might be more likely to approach.


Let tell you about the went with a rooftop tent! My friend Mike had just installed one of those hard-shell roof tents on his SUV and was eager to try out.

We loaded his mid-size SUV, a Toyota 4Runner, with our camping gear. That rooftop tent was mounted on a set of crossbars above the roof rack. It was about 5 wide, 6.5 long when closed, and popped open to about 3.5 feet high when deployed. The shell was made of fiberglass with tinted windows on each side.

We drove out to a secluded campground by a lake. Once we found level site, Mike hit the release latch and the rooftop tent lifted and swung open on hinges. We tossed our sleeping bags and pillows inside the tent, on top of the 3-inch thick foam mattress that was built-. There was enough headroom for me to sit up comfortably.

As the sun down, we built and made some food. From inside tent, we had an awesome view of the stars through windows. The tent also LED lights and power ports for charging our phones. so quick and easy to set up compared regular ground.

When it time for bed, we just had to close the outer fly to be protected from the elements. It was cool to sleep elevated off the ground and listen to the sounds of nature. In the morning, I woke up to beams of sunlight and a view of shimmering lake from big panoramic window.

Packing up was a breeze too – we simply folded up the mattresses, closed everything securely and hit the road. That rooftop tent made camping super convenient and comfortable. I’ll never go back to pitching a tent on the ground after experiencing the luxury of sleeping on top of the car! It was the perfect blend of outdoors adventure creature comforts.


Advantages of rooftop tents

Unlike the traditional rooftops, though costlier, they can quickly get set up and have a wide variety of features that come with it. They offer prime resistance to weather, impressive clearance off the ground, and they will provide you with the ability to set the camping tent wherever you park.

Truck tents are gaining popularity as of late due to their large advantages. These are much more user friendly than conventional tents and also require less work to set up. Many people are shifting over to these types of tents because of their advantages. Let’s see the advantages of truck tents one by one.

The truck tent can be set up at any time and requires only 2-3 minutes of work. A person can set up these tents on the bed of their pick up car easily. They require almost no nails, rooftop, hangers, etc and can be set up pretty easily.

The next advantage of these tents is that they can be set up anywhere easily. The protection offered by these tents is also good. Since they set up on the truck bed one can be safe from the wildlife or worms crawling on the ground. This gives people a sense of security and helps them to feel safe while camping.

Apart from being easy to set up and offering great protection, the last advantage of the truck tents is that they are weightless and are easy to buy. They are available on many online websites and are affordable. The truck tents weigh on 10 pounds are much easier to carry than the traditional tents.


Disadvantages of the truck tents

While having many advantages, the disadvantages of truck tents are also many. The truck tents have few disadvantages also that prevents them from being an all-rounder. Let’s have a look at the disadvantages of truck tents.

The main disadvantage of truck tents is their set up place. These truck tents are set up on the truck bed. The truck tent is usually used by people to carry coolers, portable refrigerators, etc. While setting up the tent, one has to unload all the items and place them elsewhere. This is one of the major drawbacks of the truck tents.

The next point of disadvantage is rain. While the truck tens protect you from wildlife or worms, you are still susceptible to the rain which can collect in the truck bed. This can cause you some sort of problem in one way or another. To overcome this problem, you’ll need to buy a bed mat to get more comfortable. This will cause you some extra money as well.


What are truck tents

Truck tents are tents that were designed so that they could be set up in the bed of a pickup truck. These trucks were invented in late 1990. These tents are the best solution for the different makeshift tents that campers generally use.

These tents open up in the back of your trunk and help the campers to comfortably sleep inside the bed of the pickup truck. They replace the temporary tents that people use to construct so that they could spend the nights of their camps.

They allow ease of movements and also helps to decrease the workload of setting the tent and then removing it in the morning. They are made out of different material and these tents have different types as well. The person can choose the one which suits them the most and use the tent next time they went on camping.


Are they worth their price?

The general cost of the truck tents is around 200$. Comparing the price of the truck tents and the advantages, disadvantages it provides, we can say that it is a fair bargain to buy the truck tents. These can be very helpful on the journey and can be set up almost instantly, anywhere without any problem.

Many people are shifting to truck tents nowadays because of their numerous advantages. If you are a camper as well and you want to have a hassle-free tent set up, then you should buy a truck tent. It is effective, comfortable, and comes in great shape and varieties as per the personal taste. They can be brought at any online e-commerce website or any sports shop easily.



  1. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent: A budget-friendly option that offers a full floor and color-coded setup. Price range: $150 – $210.
  2. Rightline Gear Truck Tent: A mid-range option with floorless design, water-resistant fabric, and color-coded setup. Price range: $180 – $250.
  3. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent: A high-quality, durable option made from canvas, featuring a tunnel-shaped design and a cab access window. Price range: $350 – $460.
  4. Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Tent: A budget option with a sewn-in polyethylene flooring and a large D-shaped door. Price range: $100 – $150.
  5. Sportz Truck Tent by Napier: A mid-range option that offers a full floor, rear access panel to access the truck’s interior, and color-coded setup. Price range: $250 – $360.


Suitable cars for rooftop tents

When it comes to rooftop tents, the basic thumb rule requires you not to use on a vehicle when the load limit of the rooftop is less than 165lbs. The SUV and trucks won’t be an issue when you use them, unlike sedans, hatchbacks, or sedans, which might pose several hurdles. When you have a car that carries your load, ensure that you raise its roof rack on top.



Hardshell vs. Softshell

Two types of rooftop tents exist, the hardshell and softshell, and both can get easily set up though it’s not as easy as any pop-up tent. The hard shells are more expensive and sturdier.


What do you consider when choosing a rooftop tent?

When you decide that you want to purchase a rooftop tent, you need to consider some key things that will help choose on for your need because even the best rooftop tents aren’t that easy to use as it may seem.

  • Storage capacity

Ensure that the tent you need can fit all the companies that you have when on that trip. It’s just like a living room of a real estate house, but it gets accompanied by other equipment with cargo boxes that you need to plan well so that everyone can fit in.

  • Weight

Hardshells particular are rooftop tents that weigh more, as mentioned earlier than the traditional softshell tents. Ensure that your car roof track can hold on to its weight because it might be more vigorous and cause a lot of damage. You need to bring an SUV probably because it can handle the hardshell rooftop tent.




  • Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland

Tuff Stuff is a tent that duly abides by your needs when you want to purchase a rooftop tent. It has an extra room that offers an annex space for you and other people that have accompanied you. It allows many people to fit inside the tent, and the extra space can get converted into a living room or a makeshift kitchen. Its quality material makes it an acclaimed canvas for many, as well as it’s affordable when it comes to pricing.

  • Tepui Hybox Tent

The following tent offers itself as a standard cargo box that has few modifications in its design. It’s a versatile piece of camping gear that allows two adults to fit in it. Tepui is a hard shell rooftop tent, and this means its advantages are more beneficial to you.

  • Front Runner Roof Top Tent

The breathable tent weighs 93lbs, but you don’t need to take this lightweight construction to mean that it is short of durability. The tent fabric is of Oxford waterproof features and its proper balances for its environmental comfort and sturdiness. It has an element of a quick-release mechanism that adds to its appealing advantages.

  • Yakima Skyrise

Yakima can hold a maximum of three individuals as a rooftop tent. It has a mesh sunroof that provides proper ventilation, and at night, you can easily view the scenes around you with ease. The rooftop tents get also designed to be waterproof, and it has a double-layer window that can withstand any weather when camping.



Rooftop tents are safe from bears as they are elevated. They were invented to keep people safe from wild animals like lions and cheetahs.


When you’re going camping, you can use a rooftop tent that you will place right at the top of your SUV or any other vehicle suitable for putting a roof rack on top.

You will enjoy your camping trip as opposed to the standard camping while using tents on the ground. As you enjoy the wilderness, you should keep in mind the danger of wild animals such as bears and crawlers that also love exploring the tents grounds.

You will highly come in contact with a bear when you camp in the countries mostly, but it shouldn’t be a problem because rooftop tents provide safety when this happens. Let’s look at how you can be safe from this wild animal while using enjoying your camping trip.



How rooftops provide safety from bears

Rooftops are usually made to provide convenience with its features that are unmatched when it comes to safety. Rooftop tents are designed to entirely prevent the animals that are dwelled on the ground from getting into your tent at night. You can easily set up your camping tent, and you will be surprised at how it is to do it without any hassle.

The bears that keep stalking people at the campsite won’t have any chances of getting to drop anxiety in your gut and fear because you have a safety mechanism over you.

You might wake up in the night and hear a bear outside sloshing around the metal boxes because they are busy looking for food to eat, which you might have sealed away. It would help if you built up fear while slithering out of the windows.

The events will make you one paranoid, but its best always to keep the campsite clean and freeze from any food while ensuring that you always carry a bear apart from going to the wilderness for a camping trip. There are also other forms of deterrents that you can use to keep the bears away and it’s discussed later on in the article.

You can prepare an RTT when going to grizzle through the countryside as you can and ensure that your rooftop is safer from any access from the ground. When you come across a bear, there is a real difference in fear because you’re face-to-face with it, unlike when you are inside your tent.

The experience is also different when you are in a ground tent. While on the rooftop, you can strategize how you can escape while under the intriguing fact that a bear is just right outside, and the heart is pounding.


rooftop tents safe from bears

Rooftops got invented across the deserts found in Africa because of predatory animals like hyenas, cheetahs, and lions. Although they don’t have a bear-proof designed structure, they can still provide safety from the typical ground base as they offer a solid side structure entirely. Bears may look cute but can be deadly so be sure to keep some pepper spray handy.



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