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Do You Need A Physical Map Anymore?

A physical printed map is not longer needed now that we have digital maps, laptops, and smartphones. You may want to take one in case out of range.

It is no lie that most people adore traveling and would catch a flight or rev up the engine if they could just so they could have a change of scenery and go away to relax somewhere.

If you feel the wanderlust too and do the same it inevitably means going to places that you are not always entirely familiar with. Though there are travel guides and signposts pointing you to safe directions, incidents happen all the time and things take a sudden unexpected twist.

You should be prepared for any and every situation that might try to confuse and intimidate you. If you ever get lost, it is best to have something to help you navigate back to familiar territory but in this modern age is that something a map?


Global Positioning System:

Before we get into whether or not there is still a need for an old-fashioned paper map lets first identify all the different alternate devices that are more commonly made use of these days instead.

GPS has been a saving grace for a great number of people. You cannot always have every road and place mapped out with perfect clarity in your mind even if you have lived in that city for years. New businesses and places keep popping up all the time and no one can keep track of them every single time they are replaced.

This is where GPS comes in to save the day to not only tell you where the exact location is but also to show you the entire route of getting there while verbally directing you.

This way your focus can only be on driving safely rather than on the screen of your car. Not only that but you can also have the handheld version so that you can carry it around wherever you want. This means that if you go hiking and stray off the trail a little you can find your way back to it with relative ease.


Google Maps:

Google Maps are another blessing when it comes to technical navigation systems. If you cannot be bothered holding onto a GPS and do not have a car, you always have your trusty phone to fall back on.

Smartphones usually have this feature that allows them to add in their location as well as the location of the place they want to get to. This helps the app direct them through the confusing maze of roads by simplifying everything as they even state the various names of roads and different places so that you can have an easier time figuring it out.


Why Maps Still Have The Upper Hand:

Just because the world has been leaning towards rapid digitalization it does not mean that old-fashioned maps will be completely put out of use. They certainly have the upper hand in certain aspects despite having some limitations of their own.

GPS screens have a few restrictions as they mostly display the very next exit that is bound to show up. However, maps provide a detailed holistic view of the place that you need to go along with any rivers and forests as well as nearby towns or such as well.

This can help you memorize the names and visualize clearly just where you need to go. Not only that but you can also have an idea about the various cycling routes and subways so that you can make your way wherever you want without any trepidation.

Other than that, there is just something relaxing about sitting on a bench somewhere outside in the park with the warm rays of the sun shining down on you, lighting up the paths on the map. You can plan for all the places you want to go to the very next day and how you can get there.

Maps have both their competitive edges as well as drawbacks. As people all rely on their own preferences there can be no telling who would like which option better. However, maps are still in use and are needed for those who prefer traditional ways as opposed to the modern ones.

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