Can a Dodge Grand Caravan Tow a Travel Trailer or Popup Camper?

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a minivan with a solid motor and is able to tow a travel trailer of 3500 lbs. It can tow a little less with a few passengers but should still be able to pull a small trailer or pop up camper.

The Grand Caravan is equipped for towing some travel trailers, yet not all. It intensely relies upon the heaviness of the trailer. It likewise relies upon how much weight is in the vehicle itself. Before endeavoring to tow any estimate travel trailer, keep perusing for tips, interesting points, and insights concerning the Dodge Grand Caravan.

Grand Caravan is viewed as probably the best van as of now available for towing. It’s likewise probably the least expensive minivan, beginning at $28k for the base model. It makes a good stealth camper.

Underneath the hood is a motor that is equipped to convey quick, effective execution. It accompanies an honor winning 4.1-liter Pentastar Flex Fuel motor. This motor brings an expected 26 MPG on the interstate with the assistance of its Variable Valve Timing; this modifies admission and fumes valve timing.

For your quality and towing needs, it likewise accompanies up to 269 strength and 259 pound-feet of force. When making a long outing and the climate or the street isn’t all that driver-accommodating, the Grand Caravan accompanies all-speed foothold and electronic strength control.

The all-speed footing control applies brake pressure at whatever point it detects that a wheel is turning to help keep up vehicle solidness and foothold. The electric soundness control watches out for your controlling and modifies the motor’s choke to keep up directional control. This guides in having the option to tow a trailer securely.

For your travel trailer, the Grand Caravan additionally accompanies Trailer Sway Control. This is a sensor that recognizes when your trailer is influencing excessively.

Before analyzing a tow bundle, you need to consider how large of a heap you might be towing. Contingent upon the heap size, there are three sorts of bundles: class one (light obligation), class two (medium obligation), and class three. There is an additional substantial class, however it won’t be usable since the Grand Caravan can just tow 3,500 pounds. The tow bundle should accompany the hitch, electrical associations (with power the trailer’s brake, sign and tag lights), transmission, and drivetrain.

In case you as of now have a Dodge Grand Caravan and are searching for a trailer, you may think your choices are restricted in view of its most extreme weight capacities. 3,600 pounds is truly not too bad, however it’s not exactly the normal load of a travel trailer, which is about 5,100 pounds dry. That implies no rigging, no water weight, and no overwhelming adornments like baggage. The normal trailer has a 39-gallon tank for water, which can add just about 400 pounds to the general weight when full. Those are on the whole normal realities about a trailer. Obviously, there are a lot of special cases.

Regardless of whether your Grand Caravan can tow a travel trailer relies intensely upon the development type, measurements, and qualities of your trailer. For instance, an outdoors trailer with pop-outs won’t have a lot of a general weight increment. Outdoors trailers with mechanized slide-outs can convey an extra 800 pounds. Odds are you’ll require a more grounded vehicle or truck to tow any trailer with mechanized slide outs.

There are two fundamental forms of trailers: fiberglass and stick-constructed. Fiberglass assembled trailers have an aluminum metal structure that is altogether lighter in weight. Stick-constructed trailers are worked with wooden 2×4’s within with aluminum creased siding outside; these weigh around 900 pounds more in contrast with fiberglass. For the Grand Caravan’s towing limit, attempt to stay with trailers made of fiberglass and with pop-outs as a major aspect of the plan.


The following are a few notes to remember before towing anything.

  • On the off chance that anything you tow gauges in excess of 1000 pounds, it needs to have free brakes.
  • Over-burdening your trailer dangers harming the trailer or the vehicle, and can cause loss of control.
  • Appropriate the weight with the goal that 60% of it is in the front of the trailer, and 40% is in the back.

To put it plainly, the Dodge Grand Caravan is equipped for towing a travel trailer. In case you’re looking for a minivan that is fit for towing, the Grand Caravan can do the activity. On the off chance that you as of now have a Grand Caravan and are on the chase for a travel trailer, keep it light. We suggest that you search for trailers that weigh under 3000 pounds so there won’t an excess of worry about weight.

All the questions about minivans answered:

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Top Class Towing

When outfitted with the best possible equipment, the 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan can get a top tier towing limit of 3,599 pounds. The accessible towing bundle is known as the Trailer Tow Group and incorporates a Class II collector hitch, a heap leveling and tallness control suspension, and the normal four-pin connector wiring saddle for the trailer. Contrasted with the opposition, there aren’t an excessive number of different vans out there that can verge on pulling that sort of weight.

The following two nearest vans are the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey, both evaluated to tow 3,499 pounds when appropriately prepared.

Alongside giving this trailer-influence rectifying highlight, Dodge incorporated some extra driver-help includes with the goal that you’re in finished control every minute of every day. For instance, dynamic burden leveling comes standard and is consistently on backup. This component changes the suspension and rides tallness dependent on the measure of weight that is inside the vehicle.

That way, you will have ideal dealing with and control consistently, paying little mind to what number of travelers or how much payload you are conveying.

Likewise standard are electronic solidness control and all-speed foothold control. All-speed footing control holds wheel spin under wraps, guaranteeing that the wheels have most extreme foothold consistently. This framework connects with when it recognizes a slipping haggle apply brake strain to that wheel so as to help recover footing. On the other hand, it may likewise lessen motor force so as to help keep up footing and steadiness.

On the off chance that the all-speed footing control is there to screen the force sent to the tires, at that point electronic strength control is there to screen the controlling information and vehicle travel. This framework will likewise recognize if the wheels lose foothold, however as opposed to concentrating exclusively on the slipping wheel, it will detect the distinction between the expected way and the way the vehicle is sliding into. After it does a few computations, it will apply specific slowing down and decrease motor capacity to help reestablish control to your controlling.

To help put things in context, the capacity to pull 3,500 pounds makes an interpretation of to having the option to tow a couple of snowmobiles, a pontoon, or even a camper. This implies it is right up there with little trucks and SUVs as far as towing capacity and adaptability. So as to make things far superior, Dodge tried to furnish the Grand Caravan with Trailer Sway Control.

There are a couple of elements that decide how much the Grand Caravan can practically tow. The greatest weight that it can tow is 3,500 pounds, is enough for a popup, with up to one or two individuals and equipment included. With three to four individuals, the greatest is 3,399 pounds. With six or seven individuals, the greatest is 2999 pounds. Consider travel trailer weight.

This number will change dependent on the heaviness of your travelers and rigging. Evade firmly suggests that you don’t tow anything with the Caravan during the initial 500 miles, or probably you hazard harming the motor. In the initial 499 miles that you do tow your trailer, drive no quicker than 50 miles for every hour. For fresh out of the box new Grand Caravans, these proposals help the motor become accustomed to towing heavier burdens.

This is a sensor-based framework that screens how much the trailer moves side to side, or influences while towing. In the event that it distinguishes any unnecessary influencing with the trailer, the framework will consequently kick in and find a way to decrease the influence.

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