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How To Brew Coffee Outdoors (5 Methods)

Whether you love camping with your family or you are just an outdoor enthusiast, learning how to brew your coffee outdoors is essential.

Methods of Outdoor Coffee Brewing


  1. Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy coffee is one of the oldest coffee brewing methods. This name originated from the “American cowboys in the Wild West.” They loved their coffee black and strong, using a single pot to brew it. Their coffee was meant to keep them awake and alert.

Making cowboy coffee is quite easy. You don’t need extra equipment. You just need to place water in a pot and boil it. Add some coffee grounds into the pot, and wait for some time. Transfer it into a mug, and take it.

  1. DIY Coffee Bag (Tea Bag)

This method does not add any weight to your stuff. You can use it to make a cup or a whole pot of coffee. You may just need to change how much coffee you add to the filter. Come with some paper coffee filters.

When you feel now it is time to brew your coffee, put the grounds into the center of the filter, depending on the amount you are looking to add. Draw up the edges and tie it shut; you may use a string, in that case.

Boil water and drop the bag inside the pot. Wait for some minutes and have your drink.

  1. Hanky Coffee

Instead of paper filters, you can use your handkerchief. You may also use your shirt, sock, or any clean cloth you can find, and use that as your filter. Use the same process as the DIY coffee bag but without the waste.

  1. Instant Coffee

This is the simplest way to make coffee in the outdoors. You simply need to boil water over a fire, or camp stove. Add some coffee inside the boiling water but it will not taste as good as brewed. You can also use cold water for an ad hoc iced brew.

  1. AeroPress

Simply put some water into heat, add some coffee, and then the water. Stir to mix and press for about 30 seconds.


Equipment and Accessories

If you want to make the perfect coffee outdoors, you need the right equipment and the right, brewing method. Of course, you need something to energize you and keep you alert as you enjoy camping moments. A great cup of coffee will work best for you.

When you are packing for outdoors, you can pack a whole bag of beans or grind them before you pack them. Also, depending on the type of your trip, decide on the brewing equipment you will use to make your coffee.

AeroPress – this is a simple, portable, and easy-to-use equipment. It is great for all outdoor trips. It can be used at home too, try using the inverted method, traditional method, or bypass method depending on how you want it to taste. Here is a guide https://thecoffeefolk.com/aeropress-advanced-guide/

Coleman camping coffeemaker – are outdoorsy who doesn’t care about the weight of the equipment? If all you want is a great cup of coffee at the campsite, Coleman camping coffeemaker is your only out.

Planetary Designs Table Top French Press – this equipment was specifically designed for making a large pot of coffee for a group of campers. It is portable, fast, and simple to use.


What to Consider When Buy Coffee Maker

Selecting the right coffee making for outdoor use can be challenging. Although many options are there for you to choose from, picking the right isn’t that simple as you think. There are some variables you may have to consider before making a purchase.

The number of people you are traveling with should be at the top of your list of considerations. Also, consider the weight and the size of the coffee equipment you want to carry with you. This will depend on the type of trip you are going to.

It is important to check on the features of your equipment before carrying it to your destination. There are several outdoor gear manufacturers with coffee equipment designed for activities such as camping. The best models for such equipment take portability, usability, speed, and efficiency into account. So, check on the features and pick equipment that best suits your needs.


To make a great cup or a pot of coffee in the outdoors, you need the right equipment as well as use the right methods for coffee brewing.

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