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Hiking in Thunderstorms – How to Stay Safe

Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities that many people prefer all over the world.

If caught in thunderstorm, then seek shelter in house or car. If outside, avoid trees and metal.

They try to get to hiking whenever it is possible. They go to the mountains for hiking and to be honest it is a lovely outdoor activity.

People love hiking, however, sometimes, this fun sport can turn into a dangerous nightmare. This happens rarely; however, it is not uncommon to happen.

While a person is hiking, the weather can take any turn and in one moment the lovely weather that you were enjoying a while ago might turn into thunderstorm or rain. Hiking in a thunderstorm is something that nobody would want due to hail and lightning. There are many dangers and one might get serious damage if they try it hike in a thunderstorm.

If you are ever on hiking and there is a thunderstorm, then your life can be in danger to a certain extent. You should be careful and follow several survival points that will ensure your safety and wellbeing. We have listed these safety points below so that you known what is needed to be done if you are stuck in a thunderstorm while hiking. These points will make sure that you suffer minimal or no damage.


What should you do if a thunderstorm occurs while hiking?


Precaution is better than cure. This is one sentence that we have heard many times and it is always true. So why don’t we apply this statement to our hiking task? Why go hiking when you already know that there would be a thunderstorm in that area.

Nobody would go hiking if they know that the place, they are going will have a thunderstorm. The first step you should do before going hiking is checking the area where you are going hiking.

Check the weather forecast of that area and see if it has any chances of lightning or thunder. If there are chances of lightning then you shouldn’t go there. This will help you remain safe and sound in the house. Make sure to follow this advice very carefully as it can help you to get rid of many problems that you will suffer from if you go hiking in a thunderstorm. A good hiker always checks for the weather forecast before they head out. This helps them to enjoy hiking fully without worrying about anything else.


Seek protection

In case you are out on hiking and due to some reason thunderstorm occurs, then the first thing you should do is seek for protection or shelter. During thunderstorms, the best place to stay is inside the house. Seek for a shelter or a house to rest in. This will help you to save from getting hit by thunder. Seek shelter as soon as possible. You can go inside your vehicle, some house, or even a cabinet to stay safe from lightning and thunder. Staying indoor is one of the best ways to protect yourself from a thunderstorm.


Safety outdoor

Incise you are unable to find the shelter inside the house or vehicle, you are requiring to stay put door. While staying outdoor there is certain areas form which you should stay away. For example, stay away from trees. Do not take shelter under the trees. Trees are more prone to getting struck by lightning so if you take shelter under a tree there are high chances that you might get stuck by a thunderstorm. Keep all your metal things away and stay in an isolated place that does not have any tress or metal object. This will provide you safety to a certain extent. If you are in a group, make sure to stay away from each other and do not cluster around as a group. There are high chances of being struck by a thunderstorm when you are in a group.

1. Stay away from trees

2. Keep metal away

3. Do not cluster



The last thing you can do for safety is to lie down and position yourself so that you do not get stuck by lightning. Do not lie flat to the ground. You can stay in a half-bent position with your head under your arms as a means of protection. This will help your head to stay safe in case you are struck by lightning.


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