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How Long Does it Take to Float Down the Mississippi River?

It takes 3 months to float down the Mississippi. It can take longer if you do not paddle, hit bad weather, or have wildlife issues.

You can float down in raft, canoe, kayak, or boat.

The Mississippi River is ranked as the second-longest river in Northern America with an overall distance of 2350 miles between its source and the Gulf of Mexico. So many communities are living beside this river and they find river water very useful for their living. It starts in Minnesota and ends in Louisiana.

Millions of people come to enjoy camping at the Mississippi River every year and they are known to have incredible experiences. There are so many places where you can set up your camp and explore the beauty of nature around.

Some of you might be interested to know how much time it may take to float down the Mississippi River. Well, at an average, it may take almost three months to cover the entire area. However, the total time is greatly affected by a few essential factors.

The most important factor is your fitness level as it will decide how long you can paddle every day. Other than this, the journey will be highly dependent on weather conditions as well. At the same time, you may need to consider seasonal changes for the area.

People that are planning to move out for camping in the Mississippi River are advised to go through the list of challenges that you may have to face during the journey. How well you face these challenges will also affect the number of days you may need to float down the river.

Below we have listed a few such challenges that demand your attention for the journey:


There is no doubt to say that safety is the prime challenge that people may face while navigating through the entire length of the Mississippi River. In order to deal with these situations, you may need to do proper team planning. The poorly designed program may lead to failure. The inexperienced canoers are advised to follow tips from experts to make a successful attempt.

Locks and Dams:

The United States Army Corps of Engineers in the year 1930s designed several dams and locks over the Mississippi River. The main goal behind this project was to maintain a minimum water range up to nine feet so that the navigation channel can be convenient for canoers.

But these dams and locks can be a challenging hazard for the inexperienced handlers and smart craft. As per local regulations, it is not allowed to enter the water with 600 feet upstream condition and 150 feet downstream. The water in these areas can be dangerous.


It is important to mention that the Mississippi River flows through urban areas and the riverside may sometime appear a very dangerous place. Be sure to bring some defensive weapons like arrows or pepper spray.

Wildlife Threat:

Along with other safety concerns, you have to be very careful about the wildlife threat in the area. There are a variety of creatures that may attack you anywhere during this trip. Some of the most commonly found wildlife creatures in these areas are alligators, sharks, bears, and snakes.

When you are planning a journey to the Mississippi river, it is good to get some tips from experts to make your trip safe and memorable.

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