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Is Camping in a Camper Really Camping?

People may have different ideas about the camping experience but is always fun.

Camping in a camper is really camping as you are away from home and in the wilderness. You have a campfire, campsite in a park with possible lake view. You can do all the camping activities like fishing, kayaking, cooking on fire, nature watching, and getting away from the city.

Camping gives us the opportunity to spend some time in the arms of nature. The campers may need to carry so many essential things that can ensure the required comfort at the campsite. There are generally two types of camping: you can either enjoy tent camping or RV camping. But many people keep on asking whether camping in camper should be actually considered as camping or not.

Well, it is important to mention that camping can be divided into so many types depending upon the niche you use. The list includes tent camping, RV camping, hiking/backpacking, Glamping, kayak camping, canoe camping, and survivalist camping.

But many tent campers argue that real camping must include experiences with nature only without the convenience of the camper. On the other side, if we look at the trends, adventure lovers these days are more attracted to RV camping.

These specially designed vehicles allow campers to set up their camp at any location with full home-like comfort. These large camping vehicles may even carry a fridge, generator, TV, cooking arrangements, and bedding within.

What makes RV camping a more preferred choice?

RV camping allows campers to enjoy the thrills of the outside world with the comfort of home and mobility. Although this type of camping is often criticized by saying that it is not real camping. But, in actual, camping in a camper is a good choice for all those who need some luxury while staying outdoors. It is a more reliable choice for retired people and those who want to move out with kids.

If you own an RV, you may need to repair and maintain it from time to time. The vehicle must be prepared for the weather changes as well. The best thing to know about RV campers is that they can keep you safe from wild animals at night.

You can enjoy a relaxing sleep after a hiking experience or after exploring a densely wooded land. Other than this, these campers also have dedicated space for cooking, bedding, and sometimes, for a shower as well. In this way, you can ensure complete comfort during camping.

On the other side, in the case of traditional tent-based camping, you may have to compromise for comfort. You may have to make additional arrangements to stay safe from mosquitoes, bugs, and wild animals as well. The site selection must be a very careful and informed decision to avoid discomfort during such camping experiences.

The only trouble with campers is that they are a little expensive. You may have to spend more on buying them, for insurance, fuel cost, and repairs as well.

Otherwise, these specially designed vehicles can make your camping experience really amazing. You can even plan a long journey with these campers while ensuring full convenience on the way. There is no need to worry about food, sleep, and shower; everything can be managed within the camper easily.

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